Project Gallery

My crackled door!

Primary Pin - Christmas Gift

Primary Theme Book
Quote about your calling in Primary

Message from the Ward Primary Presidency

Tips on How to Give a Good Talk

The Yearly Theme

The Monthly Themes

Vintage Sign w/ Schmidt Name

Name & Est Sign

Custom Eye Chart

Favorite Quote hidden in the letters

Photo that inspired Christmas Centerpieces for Ward Party

Quilt Danielle and I made for my neice & her husband - wedding gift

Wedding Bouquet for Desi Whetten (now Webster)

Wedding Bouquet for Jessica Schmidt - (now Stewart)

Wedding Bouquet for Kristi Schmidt (now Hand)

Doors used at Jessica's Wedding - converted to living room decoration

Wedding Bouquet for Stephanie Schmidt (now Curry)

Wedding Bouquet for Kyrsten Duke (now LeSeuer)

Valentine Door Decoration

Ward Bulletin Boards

this is a photo of a board someone else did, BUT we did this one too, with a white background.

Wedding Bouquet for Amanda Schmidt (now Johnson)

Junior College Graduation Announcement for Danielle


Valentine Banner Made for home says Love at Home

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