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A few months ago I purchased five posts from someone on one of those Facebook groups.  Three of them were actually part of some kind of partition or half wall and were held together with boards on the top and bottom.  Well, I finally decided to try to separate them and to my surprise they came apart quite easily.  For a while now I've wanted to make a sign post for my front porch and I picked up four wrought iron brackets a few months back when I also bought a door knob for my screen door I have hung up in my dining room.  The post had that square portion at the top and I needed something to add to the top.  Years ago I purchased several very large finials and so I went to work to paint one.  I also repainted the post so the whites would all match.  You can see the finial at the very top of the sign post I made.  

Originally I purchased a hook to affix to the top of the sign post so I could hang a wreath or a sign on it, but it was to big.  When I was looking for my white paint I found some wrought iron pieces I have had for several years and I decided it would be perfect at the top.  Below is the photo of the top piece I will use as a place to hang things from.

Then I decided I needed a sign.  Well, I found a little kit to use and a stencil for the "welcome" I wanted to put on the sign and I went to work.  Below is the welcome sign I made.  

And there you have it!  My latest project.  I'm quite pleased with it and can't wait to use it.  I plan to make four more and will hopefully be able to sell them on one of those Facebook groups.  What do you think??

My crackled door!

Primary Pin - Christmas Gift

Primary Theme Book
Quote about your calling in Primary

Message from the Ward Primary Presidency

Tips on How to Give a Good Talk

The Yearly Theme

The Monthly Themes

Vintage Sign w/ Schmidt Name

Name & Est Sign

Custom Eye Chart

Favorite Quote hidden in the letters

Photo that inspired Christmas Centerpieces for Ward Party

Quilt Danielle and I made for my neice & her husband - wedding gift

Wedding Bouquet for Desi Whetten (now Webster)

Wedding Bouquet for Jessica Schmidt - (now Stewart)

Wedding Bouquet for Kristi Schmidt (now Hand)

Doors used at Jessica's Wedding - converted to living room decoration

Wedding Bouquet for Stephanie Schmidt (now Curry)

Wedding Bouquet for Kyrsten Duke (now LeSeuer)

Valentine Door Decoration

Ward Bulletin Boards

this is a photo of a board someone else did, BUT we did this one too, with a white background.

Wedding Bouquet for Amanda Schmidt (now Johnson)

Junior College Graduation Announcement for Danielle


Valentine Banner Made for home says Love at Home

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