Because He Lives!
Jesus Christ lived.  He walked the Holy Land, working miracles and teaching truth.  Then He was crucified.  But His death was not the end.  Because of His Resurrection, we will live again.  Because of His sacrifice, we can rise above sin to experience true joy.  Because He lives, we can find His help and healing every day of our lives.

The LDS Priesthood session of General Conference is coming up this Saturday.
I love that Kevin and my boys look forward to this every six months and go together.
This year they are including Danielle's boyfriend in the group, which is great!
Love that!
After everyone will be coming over here for a game night.
Fun Times!
This quote is dedicated to those who hold the Priesthood......
From the Boy Scouts of America Program to the Priesthood

Preparing, Passing, and Blessing the Sacrament

Collecting Fast Offerings

Home Teaching

Serving a Full-Time Mission



Priesthood Blessings


All are Priesthood Responsibilities.
Be all YOU were sent to be!

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