Tuesday, August 1, 2017


  • A is for August!  
    I can't believe it's August first already!  Where has this year gone?  Seems like we were just getting over the holidays and celebrating the new year yesterday, doesn't it?
  • B is for Big Mistake.  I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out who we've been around lately that was sick with this "crud" we've all had, and I've narrowed it down.  The last time I bought deli meat from the deli counter at our grocery store the guy behind the counter was sick.  That has to be it.  I knew I should have refused to let him serve me when I found out he was sick.  I thought most deli counters do not let their employees work sick?  Arg!  That's the only person I remember being around that was sick.  Sure, there could be others but this one stands out in my mind for some reason.  
  • C is for Car.  They are redoing or relocating the sub-station where Kyle works so for the next couple of weeks no one has access to the locker room, which means Kyle has to leave home completely ready for work.  Yesterday he went in uniform  and about melted in his  car.  So, today he might take mine so he doesn't melt since the air works better in my car.  He doesn't like driving to work in his uniform.  He'd rather no one know where he works for safety reasons.  Frankly, in the world we live in today, I can't say that I blame him.
  • D is for doctors appointments.  Arg!  I'm so tired of them.  Tomorrow I've got a couple of them and I'm not looking forward to any of them.  I just want to be better and back to my normal routine already. 
  • E is for Ellsworth Road.  I had no idea just how far south that road goes until I checked it out on Google maps the other day.  It goes all the way down to Hunt Highway right where you make the turn to go to San Tan.  I wanted to buy something from a lady off of Ellsworth the other day.  I'm so glad I didn't because she lives to far for me.  Live and learn.
  • F is for fast food.  Let me tell you, fast food sucks!  I hate it! About the only think I want that can be ordered through a drive through lately are chili cheese fries from Del Taco, a large sprite from Sonic, or a strawberry banana smoothie from McDonald's.  I'd prefer a Jamba Juice smoothie, but I'm not up for walking into any place right now.  I long for a home cooked meal, but it's better that I not cook right now so Kevin doesn't get sick.  He's been lucky enough to not get this yet.  Yay!
  • G is for grass.  It's time to mow ours!  Holy cow it grows fast!
  • H is for home.  I wish I felt well enough to get in and do some deep cleaning.  There's so much that I want to do.  I tried to pick up just my own mess in the living room and I end up coughing me head off.  So, no lawn mowing or deep cleaning for me yet. Frustrating.  
  • I is for I Love My Husband.  Need I say more?
  • J is for Just fascinated, by the fact that kids today use words that we never dreamed of using years go.  I've heard the word "image" instead of saying "picture" or the word "delete" instead of "erase".  I've also heard nine year olds talking about "pixelizing"???  How crazy is that?  When you'd think they were talking about balls or bikes.  The digital age is upon us.
  • K is for Kettle corn.  The other day one of my co-workers brought in a bag to share with the rest of us.  Normally I'm not to keen on kettle corn, but this was pretty good.  It was sweet and salty.  Just enough sweet with a hint of salty.  It was really light and yummy.  I wish I would have got the brand name.  I'll have to ask her next time I see her. 
  • L is for laundry.  With five people living in this house there seems to always be a huge pile of laundry to be done.  Thankfully, that's one thing I can actually do right now.  That's right folks, I can turn on a washer and turn on a dryer now.  That's improvement, let me tell you!!!
  • M is for Monsoon.  We are right in the middle of Arizona's monsoon season right now.  This is the time of year we can see some incredible dust storms like this....
    Some amazing light shows like this.....
     as well as see some major flooding in areas you'd never expect to see it, like this.....

     One minute it's sunny and super hot, and the next we are seeing dust, rain, and lightning and thunder.  It can be incredible to experience and very scary at the same time.  
  • New TV show on ABC called Doubt.  Starting Katherine Heigl.  I like pretty much anything with her in it.  I think I like her because her entire family converted to be Mormon after a traffic accident that killed her older brother.  Plus she lived in New Canaan, Connecticut which is one of the places where Curtis served while on his mission.  The show is pretty good.  It started out rough and then disappeared for a month or two.  I HATE the way the TV seasons run.
  • O is for Oh no!  I can't think of a thing for O.
  • P is for phone calls.  I received a call the other day someone at work leaving me a message to call them back.  Today I've tried and tried to call but I can't get through.  There's something wrong with the phone lines.  Luckily they called me about an hour ago.  Yay!  One thing I can check off as accomplished today.  
  • Q is for QT.  I haven't been to a QT in forever until my braces got tightened about a month ago.  I stopped one morning for a drink and to find something to eat that wouldn't hurt biting down on it.  Well, I settled for their chicken taquitos.  They are usually soft and hot so I at least felt like I was getting something decent.  I'm craving a taquito right now.  
  • R is for reporting.  As in, reporting and doing my visiting teaching.  I did much better when I was able to email my sister's, but now that the email address is null and void it's harder now.  What can I say, I'm a creature of habit.  My calling at church is Visiting Teaching Supervisor.  You know, nothing to crazy and nothing to difficult.  Yet, I struggle with bothering people about visiting teaching.  I know how difficult it can be to report that it isn't done, but at the same time I also know I don't want to make it difficult for someone to report no it wasn't done either.  Trust me, I totally understand how life can be!  It's hard enough to take care of myself and my family most of the time, much less reach out and check up on someone else too.  That's why I'm so grateful there are options when it comes to visiting teaching.  A text message can be counted now a days.  It's awesome!  Now to find out the best way to get a hold of the sisters I visit.
  • S is for School.  I have to admit, it's a little weird not trying to get kids ready for school this month.  In a sense I'm still "helping" to get a couple kids ready, but it's very different when the kids are in college.  It's more like creative persuasion instead of motherly advice or help.  -wink, wink. I'm still trying to get use to having four adult children.  Can you tell?
  • T is for tithing.  I feel so much more "protected", if you will, once it's paid.  
  • U is for umbrella.  Do we need one or not is always the question these days??  Today it's cloudy and it looks like it should be a lot cooler.  I keep getting weather alerts and I'm hoping it rains again.  Time will tell.
  • V is for vehicle.  Curtis still doesn't have his own work truck yet.  They had him take a truck and do his own job Monday and he was hoping he'd get to keep the truck he used that day, but it didn't happen.  Kevin and I think they are waiting until his birthday next month.  That way he's a little bit older and it's easier on the insurance too.  Either way, and no matter what the hold up is, Curtis enjoys his time working with one of the other guys so he is okay with it taking some time.  They seem to have a lot of fun together and they get along really well too.  It's all good.
  • W is for water.  As in, the dog water dish seems to get filled up at least 100 times a day lately.  It's amazing how much a dog can drink.  You'd think we had camel's around here or something.  
  • X is for eXcited!  To get better and back to work.  Come on sickness, just go away!!   I'm so over being sick.  Danielle just text me asking if his all started with a sore throat and it did.  Sounds like she has it now.  I knew we never should have let her stay for that hour.  We should have made her leave her key and go.  I feel bad, but we did warn her before she came over.  She knew what she was dealing with.  So, I can't be held completely responsible for this.  
  • Y is for "Y".  As in, Y is it so hard for me to find a decent PG or PG-13 movie on Netflix or Hulu that I haven't already seen a million times.  You know, something without so much language.  I think the movie industry must get points for every f-word and every gay sex scene in a movie these days.  It's awful!  And I'm SO over it!!!  Clean up your act Hollywood.
  • Z is for Zimmerman.  Our niece, Ashley, (we have two nieces by this name) is expecting the first great-grandchild and her first child.  Kevin was teasing our daughter (who happens to be the oldest grandchild on my parents side of the family) telling her that she's let us down because we weren't the first with a great-grandchild.  He is totally teasing, of course.  We aren't pushing for grandchildren or even great-grandchildren until she and her husband are ready.  We want them to be ready, who cares about when the grandma and grandpa are ready.

I found this little illustration on Instagram and just loved it so I had to share.  Enjoy! Take care and we will talk to you soon.

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