Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Meme and Rambling Thoughts

It's meme time again.  What can I say?  A meme is just a way to keep me busy while I'm sick.  It gets my mind off of the coughing and breathing.

1.  Pool, lake or ocean?  I LOVE the ocean, especially listening to the waves.  It's very soothing.  BUT, I haven't been to the ocean in years so I'd have to say pool since that's as close to water as we ever seem to get.

2.  Camping, cottage or hotel?  I'm not a big fan of camping, so it's a lovely cottage or hotel room for this girl.  I like to be able to shower and have air conditioning.  What can I say?  I prefer the comforts of home.

3.  Favorite ice cream flavor?  Mint chocolate chip or almond pralene.  Although, I do enjoy a vanilla cone from Dairy Queen from time to time too.  -grin-

4.  PJ's, nightgown, t-shirt/shorts or Birthday suit?  In the winter it's PJ's all the way!  But in the summer, I prefer a below the knee, t-shirt style nightgown.  The softer the better, but NOT with any fuzziness.  I found some really nice v-neck t-shirts from an online store that I just love.  If they would make these t-shirts into a nightgown option I'd probably buy a few.  These t-shirts are my favorite!

5.  Fave Summer beverage?  I'm slowly becoming a big water drinker.  I've kicked all caffeine, now to kick all soda.  Although, I do enjoy a nice cold fountain drink Sprite with the crushed ice in a Styrofoam cup from time to time.  It stays nice and cold for hours that way.

6.  Would you rather be hot or cold?  Well, I can warm up easier than I can cool down, so I'm going to say cold.

7.  Sandals with heels or flats?  Heels always.  I do like flats from time to time, but a lot of my sandals have a slight heel.  I only wear a moderate heel but I love wedges that are basically elevated flats with just a slight curve.  Great description, don't you think?

8.  Shorts or skirts?  This would be a tie because I like them both.  Shorts for around the house and skirts for out and about.

9.  Sit in the sun or the shade?  It would be SHADE with a capitol "S".  Sitting in the sun in Arizona could cause serious health issues both immediately and long-term.  

10.  Water, tea or soda?  Water and soda.  Nothing quenches my thirst like a nice cool glass of water in the summer, unless I'm sick.  Then I need a ice cold Sprite.  

11.  Favorite summer fruit, vegetable?  Watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries!  Yum!!

12.  Sunrise or sunset?  I would have to say a sunset, but we have some pretty amazing sunrises here in Arizona too.

13.  Bike ride or walk?  A bike ride all the way!!  Although, I haven't ridden a bike in years.  I do enjoy a nice walk from time to time too.  Especially when the weather cools off a bit.

14.  Winery or brewery?  Neither!!!!

15.  Garden or no garden?  I have mixed emotions about this one.  I wouldn't mind learning to garden but I'm so afraid of messing things up.  I'm sure it can't be that difficult, right?  Eventually I'd like to try it.  You know, maybe when I retire and have a little time on my hands.  Right now I just don't have the time.  

16.  Big summer concert or music in the park?  I'm not much into big crowds anymore so I'd choose music in the park on a nice cool evening.

17.  Fave cookout food.  It would have to be grilled hamburgers.  They are the best!  Although, I do like a nice grilled hot dog from time to time too.  They have to have grill marks and it doesn't hurt if they are a little bit burn too.  I know, I'm a weird-o, but I can't help it.  The burnt ones are the best.

18.  Dine indoors or patio?  95% of the time we eat indoors, but we have enjoyed some nice back porch dining on those particularly nice days a few times.  

19.  Fave summer destination?  I would have to say some place with lake front property.  Kevin and I would love to own a place on the lake.  Of course it would have to have a dock and be wheelchair accessible too.  

20.  Big theme park or local carnival?  Big theme park.  I never trust the safety precautions at those pop up carnivals.  Although I would LOVE to go to the state fair sometime to see all the exhibits.

21.  Drinks blended or on the rocks?  I like my soda over lots and lots of crushed ice or that lovely ice from Sonic, but my water I prefer cool without ice.  Both with a straw.

22.  Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice.  Popsicles have become my new favorite treat.  I buy these cherry-pineapple ones.  We get 24 for like $2.  I like to let them set out for about 10-15 minutes before I eat them.  That way they don't get me in trouble with my Orthodontist.  They are so yummy and less calories than ice cream, cookies, or chocolate.  And they are great when you aren't feeling well too.

23.  Hot dog or hamburger?  I'm going to have to say hamburger with cheese, bacon, and ketchup.  There's nothing better!  Makes me want to fire up the grill, but there's no way in this heat.  

24.  Do you have Freckles?  No, no freckles for this girl, but I do have skin that scars very easily.  

25.  Do you sleep with your closet door open or closed?  Technically, I don't have a closet.  I've pretty much been displaced and have been sleeping on the couch since Kevin's injury.  (The last two years plus).  I toss and turn to much at night and that would hurt Kevin.  Plus he leaves the TV on blaring because his sleep is all messed up, and that keeps me up.  So, it was just easier  for me to relocate myself, so I moved everything out because inevitably I'd try to get showered and dressed for work and that would wake Kevin up. So right now, my clothes are hung on a rack tucked in a corner of our dining room.  Everything else is either in the bathroom or tucked away.  We need another master suite and maybe another bathroom.  That way Kevin can have his space equipt just for him and I can have a room again with a bed.  Sad that my biggest dream is to have a bed again.  

26.  Can you whistle?  I used to be able to.  Not so much anymore, probably because I haven't tried or felt the need to whistle.  I guess I'll have to try.

27.  Did you wake up cranky today?  No, I wouldn't say cranky.  More like frustrated because my coughing wakes me up.

28.  Zodiac sign.  Taurus.

29.  What is your eye color?  When you first look at my eyes they appear to be brown, but they are actually hazel with green in the middle with brown one the outside.  

Basically the opposite of this eye where the brown is in the middle and the green on the outside.

30.  Take a vitamin daily?  No, I do not. 

31.  Do you sing in the shower?  No.  But I sing in the car a lot.

32.  What did you have for lunch?  Nothing.  Food doesn't taste very good lately.  

33.  Do you watch the Olympics?  Of course I do.  We never miss.  I remember watching them as a little girl growing up with my Mom.  Now Kevin and I watch the events with our kids, depending on who is awake or home.  Besides, anything they keep score on Kevin watches.  I tease him all the time that he will watch anything just as long as they keep score.  I kid you not!  That's why he watches Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.  They keep score and there is a winner at the end.  

34.  Bottled water or tap water?  Bottled to drink and cook with, but tap for everything else.  

35.  Do you work better with or without music?  It all depends on what I'm working on.  If it's something I really need to concentrate on I prefer quiet.

36.  Can you curl your tongue?  Yes I can.

37.  Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?  Yes there is.  Pink t-shirts in the laundry basket on the chair in the dining room.

38.  Have you ever caught a butterfly?  Sure I have, as a kid.  

39.  Are you easily influenced by other people?  No, not really.  I'm an independent thinker, especially when I believe in something very strongly like my religious beliefs or my personal opinion about something.  

40.  Do you have strange dreams?  Sometimes, but not very often.  Some of the strangest ones happen when I'm sick.  

41.  Do you like going on airplanes?  Yes, I love to fly.  After all, I'm the daughter of an Air Force flight instructor, at least for half of his military career.  So it's in my blood. 

42.  Name one movie that made you cry?  Oh, there are many, but right now I can't think of any of the names.  

43.  Peanuts or sunflower seeds?  Either one.  I like them both.  

44.  If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want the performer to be?  Seeing as how Depeche Mode and U-2 are coming in concert to Arizona soon, I'd say either one of those.  

45.  Are you a picky eater?  All signs point to yes.

46.  Are you a heavy sleeper?  Usually not unless I'm very tired or sick.

47.  Do you fear thunder/lightening?  Not at all unless it's accompanied by a sky ripe for a tornado, but I haven't been around those since we lived in Texas when I was a little girl and then again when Kevin and I moved to El Paso for about eighteen months.  Believe it or not the southern part of El Paso was hit by one while we were there.

48.  Do you like loud music?  No I do not!  In fact, I remember growing up my Dad use to remind me how delicate the hairs in our ears are and once they bend you start to lose hearing so you have to be very careful to preserve them.  I've never been one for loud noises.  After a while it hurts my ears.  In fact, one of the noisiest places we've ever stayed at was my in-laws home.  They have ceramic tile in every single room and that place could get very loud.  So, if we ever decide to put down tile or wood floors we will use the thickest padding possible and have a few area rugs for sure!

49.  Would you rather carve pumpkins or wrap presents?  Wrapping presents!  I hate the mess and the feel of the pumpkin guts.  Yuck!

50.  What's the next movie you want to see in theaters?  I wanted to go see the new Beauty and the Beast, but it's out on DVD now.  So, I'm not sure.

51.  Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?  Every day at work.  It's exactly five hours from the time I start to the time I take my lunch, except for a teeny tiny fifteen minute break in the middle somewhere.  

52.  Do you like meeting new people?  Sometimes.  It depends on the situation.

53.  What are three things you did today?  Went to the doctor.  Had a breathing treatment.  Went to the pharmacy to pick up three new prescriptions.

54.  Do you wear jeans or sweats more?  If I'm home, I'm in yoga pants (essentially sweats) then when I'm out and about it's jeans.

55.  Name something that relaxes you?  Playing Yahtzee on my phone.  I love that game. Kevin and I use to play Triple Yahtzee for hours together on the computer several years ago.  It was fun entertainment and a cheap activity we could do together, especially when money was tight and the kids were little.

In other news.......
* I saw my doctor again today.  He saw my husband about two and a half weeks ago and I took the day off to go with to that appointment. That's the day I started getting sick.  Our doctor was awesome with Kevin.  In fact, my doctor remembered me pulling out my rescue inhaler to use while we were talking in the examining room.  I couldn't breathe.  Well, today he was just as amazing for me too.  (I usually see the physicians assistants anytime I go into the doctor)  He didn't mess around and he ordered three new medicines for me.  He said I needed a higher dose daily inhaler so he gave me several samples of that.  Then he showed me why I really needed to get on some steroids to kick this bronchitis out of my system.  He got out the online photos of what was happening with my lungs and after that I agreed.  So we talked about me possibly being allergic and he prescribed one and told me to stop it immediately if I get hives again.  Then he ordered a prescription cough medicine so I could sleep.  He said he could hear it in my voice when I talked.  He just knew I was having trouble breathing and he could hear the raspy sound I make when I talk.  Then he gave me a breathing treatment while I was there in the exam room and he filled out all of my paperwork while in the room with me.  It's been a long time since that's happened.  Usually everyone wants me to leave the paperwork and I pick it up later.  Then we went over my pending approval for a CT Scan and my upcoming appointment with the Pulmonologist.  I explained I can't get in to see them until the end of the month and I can't be home from work that long.  We talked about that upcoming appointment and He said do not let them put me on any new inhalers that are considered powders.  Especially if I was possibly allergic to the previous one.  He loved that I saw the allergist and he said as long as I take my antibiotics and the other meds he gave me, and can kick this bronchitis out of my lungs I can go back to work at the end of this week.  He said if things do not improve by then come back and see him.  He was awesome!  I really felt that he cared and took the time to do everything he could to help me.  I'm so glad I saw him today.  So, we are crossing our fingers and hoping for the best so I can't get back to my normal life.  I'm so tired of being sick!!!

* We got some very sad news today.  A member of our church leaders was released and excommunicated today.  This man was my bishop when Kevin and I were getting ready to be sealed in the Temple.  My dad was his executive secretary at the time and later served with him in several other callings before he left to serve as mission president of the Washington DC South Mission (same mission Kyle served in just before Kyle's time serving in that mission) and eventually as an area Seventy.  My heart goes out to him and his wife and family.  I'm still in shock.

That's about all for now.  Take care and we'll talk again soon.
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