Monday, July 17, 2017

Top Ten

Hey all!  Another month has come and gone (well, almost) and you all know what that means......

JULY 2017

10.  Danielle and Chance have been looking for a house to rent.  They found one that is pretty close to us and they put in their application and we have our fingers crossed that they will get it.  Well, as soon as they decided to start looking Danielle announced to me that if they can they intend to take her dog with them.  This is huge!  Bentley really misses his Mom. It's going to hard to see him leave us.  He's been here since he was just a puppy and he's a really good dog.  We love him and we will miss him.  
9.  Lunch dates.  Is there anything more wonderful than meeting someone for lunch?  Husband, girlfriends, kids, parents, I don't care.  The food is cheaper, the restaurants less crowded, and,in my opinion, the sun shines just a little bit brighter when you're done.  I live for the occasional lunch date.  Life never seems quite as good as it does over lunch with the people that you love.
8. Kyle's dog actually barked.  He use to try really hard to bark, and he sounded so pitiful.  Then the other day he actually did it!  We were all surprised.  It was awesome.  He's a big mean pit bull that loves people.  Then whenever he hears a noise he comes running to us.  He's supposed to be protecting us and we end up protecting him.  How funny is that???  He's a sweet dog and we love him. 
7.  Curtis spoke in church today and then right after he spoke his friend sent him a text while he was still sitting on the stand and told him to leave.  I couldn't believe it.  First that Curtis was texting while sitting on the stand and Second that he left the stand while another speaker was just starting to speak and without telling anyone and never went back.  He,also exited the chapel through the side door that leads to outside.  I was mortified when he shared this with us.  He was too.  How rude is that?  I was so disappointed with him.  Then when he came home he talked his little sister into going to the singles ward for the first time and promised to come pick her up.  (Curtis ended up going to another ward with the friend who told him to leave the stand)  So, Lexi got her hair all fixed and it looked really pretty.  Then her big brother text me asking if I could drop Lexi off at the ward building instead of him coming to pick her up.  By then Lexi was really annoyed and decided she wasn't going.  I told Curtis that Lexi just needed her big brother to walk in with her for the first time and he bailed on her.  I was even more disappointed with him because he kept bugging Lexi to go and then he bailed on her when his friend had a better offer.  So frustrating!  I was not amused at all!
6.  PSSSSTTT!!!!!  I've saved $387.89 using my Savings Catcher App on my phone.  I love that because I am not a coupon clipper.  I tried doing the AdSense when it was all the craze a few years back but it would stress me out trying to keep track of prices and coupons and stores to shop.  I seriously had a tiny anxiety attack while standing in the checkout lines.  I loved the savings and the thought of getting an entire cart full of groceries for less than $20 but I cannot handle all the stress.  So, I can only imagine how stressed out I'd be if I were to try that again now.  Holy Moly!  Not this girl.  I'll stick with shopping ads and using my Savings Catcher.  That seems to work best for me right now.  
5.  Kevin had the first of many appointments today and one of the questions they had for him was does he use illegal drugs and has he tried medical marijuana?  To which Kevin said no to both.  Then there was a little discussion about if Arizona has legalized medical marijuana.  Kevin, of course, gave them the run down on it.  Then he said he can't be on medical marijuana and be under the care of a pain doctor.  He failed to mention that he will NEVER be able to take medical marijuana as long as it's a word of wisdom issue.  That man!  If he would have said it's not something he will try because of his values and beliefs they would have stopped asking.  Silly man.   (Trust me, I know my husband and he will never try it.  He may joke about it, but I know he will never do it.  1) because he values his beliefs more.  2) because I would never go get it for him.  Not this girl.  
4.  Sunday I set my alarm to go off about two hours before church started so I could do a quick load of laundry.  Well, I woke up around 5:30AM on my own, then about ten minutes before my alarm was set to go off I got really tired and was second guessing my decision to go to church.  I had even stretched out and put my head back down on my pillow.  Then something strange happened.....the fire alarm in our hallway went off.  Twice in a row!!  It's a darn good thing we don't have sprinklers in the ceiling too.  We weren't cooking or anything.  It just went off all by itself.  So, I guess that was the little nudge I needed to get me to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.  I'm just glad the adversary didn't try to work on me to keep me from going...that happens sometimes.  I'm glad I went.  I know that's where my Heavenly Father wants me to be, but it's very difficult for me to go.  It's going to get harder when the kids are all in the singles ward in about a month, and Kevin can't go.  I dont want to go alone.  I think I may need something that forces me to go.  Sad but true.  I can't help it.  I admit it's easier to stay home and take care of my husband and things around the house or just relax while all the kids are gone sometimes.  What am I going to do in a month?  Yikes!  That thought scares me a bit.
3.  The sound of video games being played loudly at 2AM is not something I like being woke up to, especially on a work night.  My boys can play for hours.  I don't get it.  Just the sound of some of them gets to me.  How can they do that?  
2.  The severe weather alert has gone off consistently on my phone the past few days and we actually received lots and lots of rain.  So much that instead of triple digit heat it was actually in the high 90's.  That is amazing!  But the humidity is not a friend to my asthma.  I woke up and had to use hm the inhaler right away.  Thank goodness I didn't have to do a breathing treatment too.
1.  Lexi:. "Mom, our house is cluttered.  Even when it's perfectly clean I feel like it's cluttered.  I think it's because your decorating style and my decorating style are completely different".  Really?  Really?   Are you sure we just don't need a bigger house?  Hmm.  Note to self:. It's time to declutter big time!
This is what I call clutter.....
And there you have it.  A month worth of our particular brand of madness.  Hope you are all well and happy.
In other news....

I ran out of episodes of that show Fixer Upper to watch and I'm frustrated.  I want to start from scratch and redo pretty much every wall in my home, but realistically I'll stick with the wall in my family room.  I just absolutely LOVE all the ideas that show gave me and I'm ready to hop on a plane (or drive) down to Waco, Texas to visit all of their shops.  I totally understand how Joanna's obsession for all of her decor finds has turned into a full blown business.  I think a lot of us would love to do what she does.  I'm telling you, I could really enjoy that kind of thing.  So, I showed you the frames I found a while back, right.  Do you remember these?

Both are chalkboards right now, but I originally had planned to change that and put photos of the family in them, but now I just want to take the chalkboard out and hang them with a couple other old frames I've got.  I've got a super large bulky frame, another one that is slightly bigger than the ones in the pictures, and then several smaller frames.  Here's a couple of pics of what I kind of want to do.  I know, I keep changing my mind.  I can't help it.  I know I'll settle on something eventually.  

But, I think I prefer it when all the frames match like this...

Which means all the frames I painted black with now need to be painted the same color as the other white frames.  Since I have to paint again, I think I'm going to antique the black frames and make them all a little chippy and old looking.  That way they are all a little different and not to matchie matchie.  

What I really want to do is tear out all the tile and the carpet and put in hardwood floors.  Knock out a couple walls and relocate the family room and expand the kitchen too.  (That would require a LOT of money because we'd have to put in new trusses too.  I want to redo two bathrooms making the one just right  for Kevin with a special tube so he can soak in a hot bath like he use to, and redo the kitchen and add a lower counter so Kevin could use it and not have to feel like a little kid in the kitchen all the time.  I want relocate the washer and dryer to a brand new location.  Add a space for all of Kevin's wheelchairs, seats, and other paraphernalia.  Not to mention a few other things, and get this house set up better for Kevin and for me.  The kids to, but they won't be with us forever...we hope.  I'd also like to relocate the pool to the other side of the yard and make it a zero depth pool so Kevin can get in and out of it by himself.  Right now the stairs are not set up so he can get himself in and out of.  I also want a new pool pump.  One that doesn't have to run all night long in the summer.  (Our electric bill is $400 every summer because of that pool pump).  I think a pool would be a great way for Kevin to get some low impact exercise and would be great for him.  I just don't like the pool right outside my back door and it needs some work to be ready for my husband.  Kevin says it may not be able to be moved to the other side of our yard because of all kinds of things.  At this point all of this is just a pipe dream.  It's just something we think about from time to time.

I've gotta get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk to you soon.
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