Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th! A Meme and a Gallery Wall Project in the Making

Happy 4th of July!!!!

1.  When and where were the best fireworks you've ever seen?  Speaking of fireworks....do you know your hot buttons?  The things people can say and/or do to set you off?  When was the last time someone pushed one of your hot buttons?

In El Paso of all places.  There was an entire strip of road that the city blocked off and had the fire department patrol up and down because they would let everyone come and let off their own fireworks.  We did it with friends and the street was packed with people and cars and it was awesome to set off our own fireworks and watch everyone around us set off theirs.  It was incredible.  Some people had huge fireworks because they took a trip into New Mexico to purchase these amazing this.  It's was so awesome!  

As far as hot buttons go, lately it's been listening to some of the things people say or do to my oldest daughter.  I turn into "Momma Bear" and say things I probably should keep to myself.  I can't help it.  It makes me nuts.  I never wanted my daughter to have to go through some of he things I've gone through.  Shoot!  Some of the things she's going through are worse and I don't want that struggle for her.  It makes me sad and makes me want to fix it for her, but I know that's not right either.  Its just hard to watch and I know that's why she tries to not tell me things, but I'd rather know and be there for her than the alternative.  She just called me the other day to vent because something came up.  

Let me ask you something.  Who comes around after a family member has passed away with the intention to see what they can get from the surviving spouse?  Who does that?  Talk about kick'em when they are down!!!  Not to mention an awful (tacky and heartless) thing to do.   It's just sad.

2.  Have you hosted and outdoor summer parties this year?  Attended any?  What makes for a great outdoor party?

Not yet and I kind of doubt we will at all this summer.  Attending....that might happen.  Time will tell.
As far as what makes a great party, good food, music, swimming, and fun people.

3.  What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom to worship, speak, and live how and what I want and in the way that I want.  (Thank you to those men and women who serve to defend all the freedoms I currently enjoy.  I appreciate all you do and all of your sacrifices)

4.  July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month....what annoys you most about people's cell phone habits?

Oh, we had to go here today.  I hate driving behind people talking on their phone who clearly cannot do two things at once.  They drive slow and change lanes without looking or signaling.  I also hate people who are talking on their phone at the check out in any store.  If I was he cashier I wouldn't ring them up until they got off the phone.  It's just rude.  I also dislike those people talking on their phones loudly as they enter a doctor's office or a store.  Or they do not turn down their ringers while they are in the doctors office or hospital.  Very annoying.  I get it if you are expecting an important phone call, but for everything else, turn it down.

5.  What's your current summer anthem?

Stay cool!  

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Today we are roasting two pork roasts.  Almost 16 pounds of meat!  I know it's a lot.  Trust me, it will get eaten.  I'm sure my family will have lots of barbecue sandwiches and burritos over the next week.  Plus I'll take some into to work to share with my team too.  I'm loving that I only have to cook once.  

This is what it looks like all shredded up.  

While we wait for the roasts I've been busy working n my gallery wall.  I picked up a couple cool frames.  What do you think?

Both are really big and chunky.  The top one will hold an 11x17 picture and the bottom  one holds an 8x10.  I picked them up from a couple people on one of the many Facebook groups I belong to.  I got both chunky frames for $30.  Not a bad deal, right???  It beats paying hundreds of dollars that's for sure!  I plan on pairing them up with a total of about 11 different frames of all different sizes in three different colors.  I also plan to incorporate a few letter "S" pieces that I have as well.  I've also been looking around at all the family photos we have trying to find he right ones to have reprinted to the new frame sizes so I can display them.  Eventually we will get a new family photo too, but for now I'm liking he idea of some of our photos too.  Kevin wants to wait to get to the dentist first.  The doctor and the anesthesiologist chipped one of his front teeth when they intibated him during surgery and he is a little self conscious about it.  I've tried and tried to get him to the dentist since we've all been going several times over the past few months but he isn't ready.  Anyway, I'm excited to show you all our new wall.  Even if we end up with one or two frames empty until we take a new family photo.  I can't wait to share my wall with all of you.

This past Sunday I put out my new American Flag on the new flag pole.  Kyle helped me attach the bracket to the house and I was thrilled that I would be able to display a flag for the 4th!  Well, I put out he flag and then Curtis and I got into the car and we were gone for about half an hour.  When we returned the flag and half of the pole was gone.  I searched the neighborhood and couldn't find it anywhere.  So it must of blown or flown away somewhere.  I was crushed!  So, I ordered a new flag, but it won't be here until tomorrow.  So much for hanging a flag out on the fourth.  

This afternoon Lexi and I (Kevin and Curtis too if they want) are going to go see the new Wonder Woman movie.  I hear it's excellent.  When older ladies at work are talking about how awesome that movie is, I know it must be great.  So we have to go see for ourselves.  Can't wait!  

Take care my friends.  Hope you have a great fourth!!!!  Talk to our soon.

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