Friday, July 28, 2017


So I've been sick, right?  Nothing new, right?
I've been coughing so much and so hard that my ribs hurt and it hurts to breathe.  No fun.  

Well, when I coughed a few times yesterday and the day before, I'd cough so hard that I actually saw stars.  You know like in the cartoons when one of the cartoon character would get smacked on the head and stars would actually circle their heads.  (That's the best way I know to describe it).  

Last night I was sitting up on the couch coughing and the next thing I know I'm waking up on the floor with the left side of my face planted in the carpet.  I even wet my pants.  Not a pretty sight for sure.  However, I'm  glad my boys were home to actually see this.  They think I had a seizure but I think I just passed out.  Now I've got a fat lip and a scrape on my forehead and a nice bruise on my right arm.  I must have hit the coffee table with my arm as I went down.  So, I'm off to the doctor again today.  

I have to admit this scared me and now I'm worried about what the doctor is going to want to do.  I see an MRI in my future and I don't think I can handle the tube.  Yikes!!

All in all, I know I'm very lucky I fell to the ground from a sitting position.  This could have been a lot worse if I fell from a standing position.  (I'm trying to see the positive here.)  

I'll let you know what the doctor has to say.

UPDATE:. I saw my doctor.  He was pleased that I was taking the Mucinex DM because that was keeping things from getting worse in my chest, but he wants me to see a Pulmonologist for the passing out thing.  He also liked that I started seeing an allergist because he also feels that some of this could be allergy related.  I agree.  I'm not happy about seeing a Pulmonologist, but I'll get over it.  It's not the tube of doom (MRI) like I thought it would be.  Yay!! At least then I'll know if the issue is related to my lungs.  So, I'm certain we will figure this out soon.

Kevin has a new pain doctor that he will be seeing next week.  Then once we get his pain under control he will be able to get a couple other appointments out of the way.  These two appointments are good things for Kevin's long term care.  He has a four hour evaluation and testing appointment and then we will do an in home evaluation.  The guy coming to the house is doing what's called life care.  He also happens to be a medical doctor and an attorney too.  Talk about a lot of schooling!  (I think the years of schooling impressed me the most about this guy).  All in all, I'm just glad we are moving forward to help Kevin get to a better quality of life.  I think that alone is the most important part of this whole thing, not to mention, help him with his self image.  More to come on that.  

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