Saturday, July 1, 2017

DIY Copper Hose Pot and Rambling Thoughts

As many of you know I've been working on our front lawn trying to keep it green and just get the grass to grow.  Well, little by little our grass is lush and green and I'm loving it.  I've made sure that lawn was watered every single day, even if I couldn't do it myself someone in the family was doing it.  (Lexi was always my helper).  As time went by I found myself wanting to trim bushes and I still want to dig up the planter by the house, but I'm saving that project for cooler weather.  Well, as I would water the lawn the one thing that always stood out as an eye sore was our hose.  So I started to hunt for a place to store our hose and I really liked these....

They are copper hose pots and they are pretty pricey too!  The cheapest one I could find was $65.00 and the most expensive one was $250.  Trust me, I searched everywhere.  Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sears,, Wayfair, Big Lots, and even some specialty garden shops too.  I couldn't find one cheaper anywhere.  All in all this was still way more than I was ready to spend.  So, I set out to find a way to make one that looks pretty darn close to the original.  Here's what I did.

First I found a huge pot at Big Lots for $25.

This isn't the exact pot, but mine was similar and looked like concrete or some kind of stone.  It's pretty, you'll see it once it's all done.

Then I headed over to Home Depot for some metallic spray paint.  I bought two cans of this....
This paint cost $3.59 a can, I do believe.

And then I went to town on my back porch spraying the outside and the inside of the pot.  I'm also going to have to drill a hole down towards the bottom so the hose can be attached to the faucet, but that will have to wait until later.

This is my pot, upside down after I sprayed the inside and outside.  I went back and turned it upside down so I could spray it again to make sure I didn't miss any spots.  I only needed one can of paint, so I'll just hang on to the second can just in case my hose pot needs any touch ups down the road.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with several things about this project.  1). It didn't cost a ton of money.  2). It took less than half an hour to spray paint it, especially in the 108 degree Arizona sun.  3).  Now I have a nice place to put the eye sore I call the garden snake and my new little creation adds a bit of curb appeal too.  

Now to get the hole drilled in the lower portion.  Like I said, that will need to wait a bit until I can get my hands on a drill bit large enough for the size hole I'll need.  I'll have Kyle or Curtis help me pick out the right kind next time we're at Home Depot.  Shoot!  For all I know, we already have a drill bit large enough, but I'd rather wait for help to do the drilling part.  

In other news:

1).  My "friends" the hives are finally going away.  They were all over my face.  I've had a few on my face before but I've never been covered.  Even around my eyes.  It was crazy.  I still have a couple of places with them, but noting like the past three days.

2).  Kevin is hurting a lot today.  He's been laying down watching the Nascar race this afternoon trying to take his mind off of his pain.  Another friend of ours who is also paralyzed from the waist down went to see an acupuncturist the other day.  He said that was the first time he has been completely pain free in a very long time.  I guess he has been approved for eight visits so we will see how long they last.  I'm not sure acupuncture is something Kevin would ever consider though.  When I told him about our friend and his first impression Kevin just said, "There is no way someone is going to come at me with all of those needles.  With my luck they'll have to put them in each nostril or right between my eyes or something to relieve my pain".  Oh that man!  He cracks me up sometimes.  I just thought this would be a great alternative to prescription pain meds.  

3).  Well, we are moving right along with our friends from Maryland.  They have sought out several groups here in the valley to help us along the way.  Now comes the fun part.  All the testing and appointments Kevin will have over the next few months to evaluate and determine long range needs.  I have to say, I'm very grateful for all of their help and I so appreciate all they've done to get us some answers so far.  I'm so glad I stumbled across them when I did.  Such a huge blessing!

4).  Tonight Kyle is at work and the rest of us are home just hanging out and watching some flicks on Netflix while Curtis plays a video game.  I guess he and Lexi do not have plans tonight which is a nice change.  Last night he went tubing down the river with some friends from school.  It was good for him to get out with a different group of friends than the same group he's been hanging out with lately.  Curtis makes friends pretty easily.  He always has.

5).  Kyle is going with one of the officers to a WWF fight on Monday night.  The to of them, Kyle and this officer, are determined to one day become WWF fighters and call themselves the preachers.  They will wear white shirts and ties and share scriptures.  I about died laughing when I heard this crazy idea.  He really enjoys working with this particular officer.  They have a lot of fun together.  Kyle also got his latest evaluation and scored really high.  So high that when he tests again for the police academy he won't have to take the oral boards.  That's a big step to be able to cut out of the process.  Anyway, we are very proud of him.  He likes what he does and hopefully he will buckle down and become an officer soon.

Take care my friends.  Talk to you soon.

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