Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Around the House

This is from a website called, Around the House, which hasn't posted anything since sometime in 2014, so it's obviously pretty old.  It asks us to look around our house and answer a few questions.

Bedroom - what's your sleep schedule?
It can vary.  During the week I'm up around 4:30 and I try to be in bed by 9:30-10:00PM.  During the summer it's harder to get to bed on time simply because it doesn't get dark until at least 7:30.  That combined with the excessive heat makes it very difficult to fall asleep sometimes.  That's why we love it when the weather is cooler on rainy days.

Kitchen - favorite comfort food?
It all depends.  It use to be pizza but our entire family is sick of pizza.  So, I guess it's just anything with gravy.  (KFC Mashed Potatoes and Gravy are perfect!!!). Gravy is always a good thing to drown your troubles in.  Ha Ha!

Bathroom - Showers or baths?  Bubbles?  Bath bombs?
Lately I'm partial to showers.  I just don't enjoy a bath like I use to anymore.  I'd rather not wash my face in the same water my bum has been soaking in.  So no bubbles and no bath bombs, but I have a couple favorite shower gel I love.  

Closet - sum up your style in a few words
Relaxed, casual, classic-ish, spring/summer colors.

Parlor - favorite party or board game?
Right now, I have two favorites.  Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, but we've also been playing Sushi Go and that's a fun quick card game the entire family loves.  We like to play board games from time to time.  In fact, the other day Curtis begged me to let him stretch out his new board game across half of my dining room table.  He wants to leave it there for a while.  Normally I don't go for that. 

Living room (I think they mean Family room here) - what do you like to do with your family?
We watch movies here.  All though when our kids were little we'd have camp out nights with them on the floor.   Lately I think my kids are reverting back to their childhood one or two at a time because I find them in that room asleep when I wake up in the mornings.  In fact, that's where they all right now, are since they are all sick.  So far the kids are the only ones sick, which is strange to me,  I'm use to catching everything and anything right away.  I'm hoping this means my allergy drops are working and they are he!ping to keep sickness away.  Time will tell.

Dining room - favorite special occasion food?
I'd say a Thanksgiving turkey or my beef brisket.  We rarely make a turkey except on Thanksgiving and it's been years since I've made my brisket.

Garden - Favorite tree?  Flower?
In our yard right now, I don't have a favorite tree or flower.  In fact, I'd like to pull everything out and start from scratch.  First, I'd pull out all the grass, the rose bushes, and everything out of the planter.  Then I'd replace the grass with either rock or that really nice fake grass that looks real.  Then I'd plant a few things in the planter that is low maintenance but pretty.  I'd do the same thing to the back yard too, except we'd have a small patch of grass for the dogs.  That is, if we have a dog by then.

Attic - what's one thing you have a sentimental attachment to and you will never throw away?
Honestly, I don't know where to start.  My house is full of things that I'm sentimentally attached to.   Pictures, books, movies, things made for us, things I've made.  However, I can't say I'd never throw some things away.  I could really learn to  LOVE living with a lot less stuff.  

Library - favorite book genre?
It's probably something like ex-military crime fighter,  thriller, drama types.  I like the Jack Reacher series of books but still have yet to finish them all.  I just don't have time to read.  I'd do better with an audio book that I can listen to in the car. 

Office - if you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
I'd say, stay at home wife and mother.  Especially now that Kevin is paralyzed.  

Guest room - have you been to a sleepover?  If so, when was your first?  Do you like them?
I think my first sleepover was at a neighbor's house when I was little.  I loved them as a child, but I'm not so keen on them as an adult with children of my own now.  I know first hand what can happen and I didn't want those kinds of things happening to my children.  I think now that I'm older, I could really enjoy a sleepover at our house with future grand kids.  

Foyer - do you like small gatherings, large parties, or one-on-one meeting?  
I like the all, but the large parties I prefer them when I know a good number of the people in attendance.

Pantry - favorite meal to cook?
Probably a pot roast with roasted potatoes and carrots, a toss salad and homemade rolls on the side, and a wonderful gravy.  I make a mean pot roast!  I find peeling and cutting up all the potatoes and carrots soothing and is there anything better on a Sunday afternoon than the smell of a simmering pot roast?  Yum!  I prefer to roast mine in oven and not in a crock pot.  Everything just turns out better that way I think.

Laundry - favorite or least favorite chore?
My favorite chore would either be laundry or moping and vacuuming the floors.  I love the satisfaction of seeing my clean clothes all folded and hung up just right on hangers and I also love the smell of fresh clean laundry.  Moping and vacuuming is also an instant gratification thing as well.  I love a newly mopped floor and newly vacuumed carpet.  Frankly, I'd like a house without any carpet except maybe a throw rug here or there.  Least favorite chore, dishes and toilets.  

Garage - favorite mode of transportation.  Favorite car?
I like to drive myself in a car.  But, I don't mind riding in a car if the one driving is a good driver.  Favorite car - I really don't have one.  Although, if I were to go out and buy a new car right now I think it would be some kind of SUV.  It would have to be something Kevin could get in and out of, so nothing to big.  I like my Mom's car.  She has a new Nissan Murano.  It's pretty.  I think that's a perfect size.  I use to like the Cadillac Escalade in silver or that Sandy tan color, but that might not work for Kevin.  Ideally I'd like to have a truck and a car.

Panic room - what was the most nerve-racking experience you've had?
I remember lining the hallway in our home in Big Spring, Texas with mattresses and opening all the windows as a tornado touched down.  Then the next day I remember walking to school and seeing all the telephone polls down on the ground and several trees uprooted.  And these were huge trees too.   I'd say, having our home broken in to twice was nerve-racking as well.  That violated feeling was awful and it consumed me until I went to work the next day at our church distribution center/beehive clothing and we has our daily morning prayer together.  As soon as that prayer was said that violated feeling went away never to return, until we were broken in to again.  

Powder room - do you wear makeup?  If so, what one item can't you live without?  What's your favorite look?
I don't wear as much makeup as I use to wear.  Now, I rarely wear eye makeup as it tends to irritate my eyes.  For the most part, I wear makeup on the day's I work and to church.  When I'm here around the house I don't wear any at all.  I'd say my favorite look is makeup that looks natural.  I think concealer would be my one to thing I couldn't live without.  Although, I have a hard time also going without my lipstick lately too.  I'm still trying to find my favorite primer.  I used one but it seemed to make everything just slip off my face quicker.  Lexi tells me I just need to use less of it.  My oldest daughter seems to have found some nice primer and foundation I think I need to try sometime soon.  

In other news....

* I've got a house full of sick kids.  Kyle and Curtis stayed home from work yesterday and today and they haven't moved from the sectional in our family room.  Curtis has already called out for tomorrow too.  It's bad! They sound awful!  I so hope I do not get it.  That would be a miracle.  I can't afford to get sick anymore.  I need to quarantine my children from Kevin and I.  However, having the boys home has been a blessing in disguise.  They have been here to keep an eye on their dad.  That's a good thing.

*  Work has been good.  Since it's summer we have our super busy moments and then our slow times.  It goes in spurts.  You just never know what you're going to get from day to day.  I like it busy because the days go by faster.  I also like it a little slower because then we have a chance to breathe and talk a little with co-workers.  It's been nice to be able to ease back into things after being out sick.  That has been a blessing.

*  Today is my mother-in-law's birthday.  Happy Birthday Vera!  

We hope you have a wonderful day!  

* Danielle and Chance found a house to rent in East Mesa.  Out by where we use to live.  In fact, it just might be in one of our old wards if the boundaries are somewhat like what they use to be.  They will find out soon enough.  They start moving this weekend so we will help them in any way we can.  I'm excited for them.  

* Curtis went tubing down the river with friends on Saturday and the one friend ended up going to the ER because she blistered bad.  Well, today Curtis is also blistering.  He has a patch on his left upper arm about 3 inches in diameter that is filling with fluid and a patch on his right lower leg too.  I'm guessing by Friday all of his limbs will have blistered because you can see them forming.  Crazy kid!

* I think I'm getting the sickness everyone has.  I have a little cough and a runny nose and my throat is scratchy.  I really don't want it.  I can't deal with getting sick again.  So, I'm hoping it will go away by tomorrow.  Let's hope things are much better tomorrow.

Well, I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  
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