Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Allergists, Accidents, and an American Flag

This afternoon has been a busy, whirlwind kind of afternoon.  It started with a trip to an allergist to finally be tested so I can try to figure out these hives and allergies once and for all.  I found out I'm allergic to three things and could be allergic to more, including some foods.  So, for the next six weeks the allergist wants me to hit it hard and start on their sublingual drops (that's right no injections) and come back to see them after the six weeks to evaluate everything and move on from there. One thing hat surprised me about these drops though.  The doctor said many of her patients that suffer from asthma and allergies notice a huge difference and their asthma is well controlled with these drops.  She said these drops are the long term solution for both and as things progress they will start taking me off some of the other medications I'm on for both my allergies and my asthma, but we will do it all gradually.  She also made sure I knew that if I needed to talk to her or something comes up to call her.  She said if it's an emergency get to the ER, but still call and let her know.  She even said that the dark circles under my eyes will eventually go away as well.  She also said when she examined me that something in my nasal cavity was completely closed off.  She said she could tell just by looking at me I was suffering.  They also did a pulmonary function test like the one they did in my PCP's office but his time I actually past with flying colors.  I was so happy.  The one I did in my PCP's office I failed badly.  The only drawback to the drops is that they are not covered by insurance.  They said hey keep trying and trying to get them covered but not yet.  Go figure.  Something that could potentially work and that isn't controlled by big pharma isn't covered.  Frustrating!  So my drops will cost $225 every three months, but I say if I can eventually get off all these other medications, and I'll feel ten times better, and even look better it's well worth he price.

  The M.D. in the office use to be our primary care physician before we moved to El Paso so I know I'm not dealing with some fly-by-night group here, he's LDS, and his whole reason for getting involved with sublingual drops in the first place is because he grew up on a farm in Idaho and suffered miserably as a kid.  When he grew up he set out determined to find a solution that actually works.  Well, as things progress with his research he found out that sublingual drops were Europe's number one method for treating allergies.  He then eventually became the first doctor here in the states to be able to offer these kinds of drops to is patients.  He's been treating patience with these drops since the 80's and has had many patients with success stories to tell.  In fact, the doctor recently retired as I found out today, but the doctors they have taken over his practice have worked with him and one even did her dissertation on sublingual immune therapy.  I saw her today.  She said she decided to change up her dissertation after working with our old doctor and seeing so many patients telling her these drops changed their lives.  She won an award for the top dissertation too.  Anyway, you get the idea.  This impressed me and has given me hope, not just to cure my hives, but my allergies and even my asthma too which thrills me to no end.  I receive an email from my director work today.  He was asking me about how I was feeling and things.  When I replied to him I told him I was tired of doctors and paperwork.  He agreed.  Oh!  And the best part about these drops is that I can take them from home.  All I have to do is keep them I'm my refrigerator.  Yay!

Once I got home from my appointment I had to take off again to go to the bank and drop off some movies we rented from RedBox.  While I was out I ended up in a little car accident.  I had just crossed over the big intersection and found myself stuck behind a bus.  I was right behind the bus and about two car lengths away from the crosswalk behind me.  Well, as I pulled left to get away from the bus I felt my back tires lift and I ran over something with my rear right side tire.  As I moved back in front of the bus to turn into the gas station (cuz I still had to return the movies) this guy comes running after me.  So, I pulled over and rolled down my window to talk to him.  He then said I ran over his skateboard and nearly ran over him too.  He screamed at me telling me he just had the axles fixed and it was a $300 board.  He then proceeded to tell me that if I didn't want my insurance rates to go up then I needed to give him $80 right now.  I told him I didn't have any cash and he said there's an ATM in the gas station.  I told him he wasn't even in a crosswalk so he clearly had to be in the intersection where he shouldn't have been.  

The guy was no Tony Hawk that's for sure.  For all I know, the guy can't even ride s skateboard and lost the board from under his feet.  He was at least 30 years old.  He said nothing about my comment about where he had to be in order for me to be anywhere close to his skateboard.  He just kept yelling and when I told I'm to stop yelling he said...."are you threatening me?". I told I'm no, but I was going to roll up my window while I called the police and that's exactly what I did.  By this point I'm freaked out and crying now.  When the operator on the non-emergency number for the police answered she was so nice and even offered to stay on the phone with me because she could tell I was upset.  The police arrived within five minutes.  They took my driver's license and took down a little information.  Then when I offered to give them my insurance information they refused it.  Once they ran both of our names they walked over to the 30 year old skateboarder and gave him his license back and told him to leave.  He walked away fuming mad.  I asked the police officer what they said to him because he sure had a lot to say to me.  They said they just asked him to leave.  

When I got home Kyle and Kevin said the guy was probably trying to scam me for drug money or something.  I saw him get off the bus but he was on the sidewalk then.  I even noticed him walk past my car so he must of came back when he saw me pinned in between the bus in front of me and the white Tahoe behind me.  Kyle also thought he might have had a previous record and they threatened to ticket him or even take him in if he insisted on pursuing things.  All I know is, I am so grateful I didn't get a ticket and I didn't have to produce my insurance and was able to drive away with nothing but a nice experience with our local law enforcement.  I am so glad they came to my rescue quickly and I'm so glad they were able to defuse the situation so quickly.  I have to say, the guy scared me.  I'm glad I was smart and stayed in my car too.  

Once I was able to pull away and finally drop of my movies, I was so ready to go home, but I had to run by the pharmacy.  Needless to say, I cried the entire way there.  I finally collected myself as I pulled into the drive up window.  As soon as I got home I went in to talk to Kevin.  He was relieved all was well too.  I called Kevin and Kyle once I was off the phone with the police, so they knew what was going on.  Kyle wanted to come down and punch the guy for me.  Of course I'm glad he didn't but at the same time I'm glad my family has my back.  Being a parent to adult children is a experience all on it's own.  Some days I think I'm completely worthless because I think they think I can't do anything right.  Some days I wonder if I will even be a thought in their minds once they have spouses and families of their own.  Or, I wonder if I were to die today  would they even care or notice?  Of course them telling me they won't care or notice doesn't help my thought process here, but then things like this happen and I'm reminded that when push comes to shove my children (and my husband) have my back and they really do love me.  They apparently just don't show it as often as I would care for, but hey, that's okay.  The important thing is that they care.  (I also got a hug from Lexi when I got home too)  Enough said.

Kevin did suggest that we pulled the police report just in case this guy tries to take me to small claims court since he couldn't file a claim on my insurance since that information was never provided to him.  I'll call the police department tomorrow to find out how to get that.

Since my nerves have had a good work out today I'm taking a break from pretty much my entire normal routine.  I'm not cooking or watering the lawn.  I sent the kids out for yucky Little Cesar's pizza.  We all have it, but they agreed to choke it down one more time so I could calm down.  

I did put out my new flag this afternoon.  I ordered the flag and those clips to keep it on the pole too.  Before I left for the bank I made Lexi promise to watch the flag to make sure this one didn't fly away.  Thankfully it was still there when I got home.  Yippy!!!!  I was so happy.  I may not have been able to hang a flag on the 4th of July, but I can put this new one out any time I like now.  I'm a happy girl!!

Moral of the story: Beware of the Skateboard scammers.  

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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