Thursday, June 22, 2017

They're Back!!!

Well, my friends "the hives" are back with a vengeance.  I'm covered!  They managed to get every spot on my body but my lower legs and the bottoms of my feet.  As soon as they started I began taking bendryl.  It worked pretty well, other than making me sleepy, until around midnight last night.  I went to bed around nine last night and I tossed and turned pretty much most of the night.  At midnight I got up to go to the bathroom because I was pushing the water pretty hard as soon as the hives kicked in again.  Well, I could tell my throat and tongue had swollen because it was hard to swallow and my lips and eyebrows had begun to swell up too.  So, I got dressed and barely ran a brush through my hair and Kyle took me to the Emergency Room.  I saw the triage nurse within two minutes of arriving and I was back in a bed within five.  I saw the doctor as soon as I was changed into the hospital gown.  He looked me over and went to work immediately.  I got hooked up to an IV, they took blood work and then they began pushing medicine in.  I got a big dose of bendryl, a shot of pepcid (it and the benedryl work on H1 and H2 hystimine inhibitors.  I've learned a lot about allergic reactions and a little bit about how they are treated over the past several months.  I had no idea pepcid or even zantac helped with this kind of stuff) another steroid shot, and s shot of epinephrine to stop the reaction.  Then they hooked me up to all the monitoring, of course.  My blood pressure was high and they even commented about that.  (I'm not use to being the patient in an ER setting so I think I was a little freaked out about that)  As soon as they gave me all the meds I must of visited their bathroom about four times right in s row.  I even pulled my IV out all by myself somehow too.  The ER tech had to start another one and let me tell you, she is not good at starting IV's!  She poked and manipulated that needle for about what seemed like an eternity and for the first time ever I did not like that.  I had to make another run for the bathroom because I thought I was going to get sick.  She needs practice, but I would have preferred it not be on me.  I ended up staying in the ER all night last night and got home in time for my alarm to go off for work.  I'm still covered in hive and my face is still swollen, but I am feeling somewhat better than I did last night.  The doctor sent me home with another steroid pack and told me to not do z-packs anymore because he thought I could be more allergic to that med.  He also ordered an epi-pen for me.  They said if I'm going to have severe reactions like this I need to be ready to save my own life in the future.  Wow!  That comment really hit home for me!  What a night.  

I took a few photos of the hives yesterday afternoon of a couple places on my body that we're appropriate for posting.  They don't look very bad in these shots and they seemed quite manageable then.  I didn't have time or even think about photos when 
 the hives went completely wild late last night before my ER visit.  I took these photos primarily to show my doctor, but anyway, take a look.  

You should have saw them when I went to the ER.  There wasn't a blank spot on me, they spread like wildfire.  All in all, I'm so glad I woke up when I did and got to the ER, even though I hated everything about being there.  They were great and they took excellent care of me and I could not thank them enough for all that they did.  I'm very grateful.  

When Kyle and I left last night Kevin was sleeping so I didn't even wake him up to tell him we were going.  He was still asleep when we got home.  So later this morning I told him what had happened and he was upset that I didn't tell him last night.  He said he didn't care if he was sleeping in a case like this.  He would have wanted to know.  He said, "when it's your health Sondra, wake me up!". That man.  I sure do love him.  All in all, my life is crazy and completely full of surprises.  Not exactly the kind of surprises I like, but surprises none-the-less.  Today we are still taking massive amounts of bendryl, drinking lots and lots of water, taking the steroids, and resting.  I already called my doctor and scheduled another appointment since the ER wanted me to follow up as soon as I could.  So much for getting back to my so called normal life today.  I'm trying not to dwell on that.  I just want to be a normal human being again.  I don't think that's too much to ask for.  I'm not complaining.  Just stating facts and trying to stay positive.  Thats  all I can do as I roll with the punches.  The bendryl puts a whole new spin on remaining calm through all of this.  I think I've got a nice little medically induced buzz going on today.  (Arg!!  I hate that) 

Take care and we will talk again soon.

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