Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our Little "Moments"

I truly believe that the Lord knows when you're doing the very best you can and He picks up our slack more times in my own life than I can possibly count.  Such was the case this weekend.  This past weekend I ran to the store, picked up a bit around the house, watered the lawn, took care of the pool, cooked several meals, did laundry, and did a few dishes.  It was all I could do.  Really.  I felt kind of bad that I didn't accomplish more, and that I didn't have a planned family night ready to go, but we had an entirely unplanned experience that taught us all more effectively than I could have ever done.  As many of you know my kids have bought me piggy banks for my birthday and Mother's Day for a few years now.  Well, I decided to gather up all the change in those banks and around the house.  And in the car.  And in my wallet.  It nearly half way filled one of those gallon sized zip-lock bags.  Lexi and I went to the store intending to use the CoinStar machine but it was down.  We had counted up all the change and we ended up with a whopping $35!  So, those small insignificant pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters along with the few bills I had in my wallet, and the credit I had on my savings catcher bought us food for the next three days.  You should have saw us standing at the self checkout at Walmart loading $35 in change  into the machine.  That was a sight!  We tripped up the machine and the head  cashier had to come over to fix it three times while we were there, but again the CoinStar was broken.  Having the head cashier come over three times embarrassed Lexi a little, enough that she took over loading the coins into the machine.  She was sure I was loading too many at once causing the jamming of the machine.  Looking back, Lexi was probably right.  I  was.  Then, it happened again, the finding of unexpected money, when I remembered three t-shirts I needed to return to a store.  The money from the t-shirts, plus a couple dollars in my wallet again bought meals and a couple snacks for the next two days.  I got $16 from the t-shirts, and I had $7 in my wallet.  Because of all of this, we will make it to my payday.  (Paychecks haven't been what they normally are and don't come as regularly scheduled with me being out sick lately.)  "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.". And my kids GET it.  I must be living right.  
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