Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nothing Much To say.....

I like to try and blog every day.  I really do try.  It's a place for me to vent.  But this week for some reason, I got nothing.  I'll start posts and then I end up deleting them just as quickly as I start them because, really, there's nothing there.  I think it's all part of the ebb and flow of my creativity, I guess.  Here are some of the things I thought about saying:
  • The other evening I ran out to pick up yet another prescription at the Pharmacy.  When I pulled back into our driveway I noticed a CenturyLink salesman down the street going door to door with his clipboard in hand.  We never got a knock at the door, so I think my new "No Soliciting" sign is actually working!!!  I can hear The Hallelujah Chorus being sung even as I type.  Yay!!
  • I love getting free stuff in the mail.  About a month ago Danielle turned me on to this app or site called Influenster.  I signed up and got my first box of goodies around Mother's Day.  Now to keep up with all the reminder emails and all the little things you have to do to keep the freebies coming.  I haven't been doing much while being sick, I need to get better and get back on track.  -smile-smile-. 
  • I found this cool website that submit a sample of your own handwriting to and get it back in font form to use anywhere you can upload the digital file.  The sites called  I tried doing my block letter printing, but I didn't like the way it turned out.  Then I remembered Lexi has cool handwriting so maybe I can get her to let me submit her handwriting to the site.  Fun Fun! 
  • Tracking down old tax returns is not easy!  We've filed our taxes online for several years now and I thought the one site kept copies in their archives so we could print them out.  Apparently I was wrong.  Their site refers you to the IRS.  You can print or have the last three years mailed to you, but if you need more than that you have to submit a form and pay $50 per year for copies of those records.  I did request what I could get for free from their site.  It's easier to just hit print on the website instead of rummaging through our Schmidt archives sometimes.  Yikes!!!  I know I've printed all but last year's out and filed them away.  I always keep copies.  So, off to the Schmidt archives I go.  I need to go back to 2010.  Wish me luck.  And, No, we are not being audited.  We need them for something else. 
  • Tomorrow is Father's Day!  I've ordered my Dad's gift and it's being delivered.  (I'm not sure I'll be making a visit since I'm sick right now.  It might end up being a telephone call.  I hate that!  Being sick sucks!!!)  Now to figure out what to do for Kevin.  Kevin's pretty easy to please so I'm not worries.  We'll get it all worked out.
  • My SIL sent us a little clip of a Home Depot commercial my father-in-law was in.  He was in two, I believe and I wish we could find the second  one because I believe he has a bigger speaking part in that one.  We could only find he one on YouTube.  My father-in-law is the guy talking about flooring and he say,"we have ceramic tile, we have wood, we have carpet, we have vinyl".  It was just nice to hear his voice again, even if it was just a few tiny words.  It was really hard for Kevin to hear.  He couldn't even talk about it.  I know he misses his dad a lot and it gets harder and harder during times like Father's Day.   Well, here is that clip.....
Happy Father's Day Gene!  We miss you more than words could ever express!!!  'Til we meet again.
  • I totally missed our Ward's Relief Society Super Saturday today.  I was bummed.  For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a giant crafting party with a bunch of women and a bunch of different crafts being made all at once.  You sign up to make whatever you want, pay a small fee, and you come home with some fun new things.  I wanted to make one of these.  
    My plan was to learn how to make one and then make another one like this...
    For 4th of July.  I'm sure I could figure out how to make one on my own if I really want to, but I'm still not feeling well and I'm suffering from a huge case of "the dumps" right now.  You know, that feeling you get as you start to get better when you still have absolutely no energy or desire to do anything but binge watch TV and you still sleep a lot.  Sometimes it lasts for a few days and sometimes it lingers around for several weeks.  Well, I have a nice case of "the dumps" going on right now.  I'm hopeful it will disappear soon, because every once in a while I get these twinges or bursts of energy and I want to get up and organize and clean the world, but my body always slows me down to remind me I'm still not better yet.  That's right folks, I'm on the roller coaster ride to hopefully a FULL recovery.  Or at least I'm hopeful.  The doctor told me the steroids he prescribed will help keep this stuff away.  If I would have known that before (the first time) I would have insisted on the steroids back then, hives or no hives.  Thankfully they think they figured out that I was allergic to the additive in the previous inhaler I was using so I can have steroids now.  So far, no hives!!!  I am a happy girl.  I'm still going to see a dermatologist and have those lovely allergy tests done, but for now I am thrilled no hives!!  Yes!!!
  • I watched a movie this morning called The Impossible.  It was about this family that took a vacation in 2004 and got caught up in the tsunami in Asia.  It was heart wrenching and really made me realize that my little problems in my own little corner of the world are not that bad, and what really matters is the love I have for my family and the love they have for me.  So, when I get frustrated that my children ignore me when I ask them to lend a hand around the house now, I can't help but think, at least for today, that at least we are all together and have the blessings of being sealed in the house of the Lord as a forever family.  I don't know if I we could have survived something as crippling and tragic as a tsunami.  There are times when I really am grateful we do not do a lot of traveling.  (Not often) After seeing this movie, I'm more grateful than ever.  I love my family!!!
  • Lexi's has been doing a lot of photography lately and has gone out with several of her friends to take pictures of them.  One friend even had Lexi take her Senior portraits.  Lexi did a great job!  I wish she'd let me post a few of her pictures.  She really has an eye for this.  Now she wants to get a few new lenses, a new laptop so she can edit her photos, and get a subscription to one of the photo editing sites all the photographers use.  The costs of all of this adds up fast.  But, Lexi is being smart about it and has decided to save her birthday and graduation money and get a job so she can get the money she needs.  She wants to eventually start charging people to take their photos and take a few classes when she signs up for school too.  She's excited and I'm excited for her too.
  • Lexi also completed all the requirements to receive her Young Women's medallion.  Yes, nothing like getting it done at the last minute, but hey,...who cares.  So, Lexi will meet with our Bishop soon to get that ready.  Then she's also going to see about getting her Patriarchal Blessing as well.  We've been trying to get her to do that for a while now.  I guess she's finally ready.  Yes!!!  The girl graduated from high school and now all of a sudden she is on fire.  Go Lexi Go!!!
  • That reminds me.  Lexi turns 18 in a few days.  That means she will be old enough to start going to the singles ward.  Do you know what that means?  That means Kevin and I go from being a family of 4 (Kyle's records are in the singles ward already) on the records of our Ward, to a family of 2 on the records of the ward.  That's kind of tough to take for this Mom.  Curtis just received a calling in the singles ward so his records are being moved as we speak.  His boss happens to be in the bishopric of the singles ward and pulled him aside the other day.  More to come on his new calling once they announce it over the pulpit.  I think it's funny.  You've gotta be careful what you complain about because sometimes the Lord has a sense of humor and calls you to fix whatever you don't like.  Ha ha!  Not really fix.  More like help and gain a better understanding of things.  And I thought I was the only one that got those kinds of callings.  Ya gotta love it!!! -smile-smile-
  • I want to try making my own shredded beef taquitos.  You know, baked of course, not friend.  Don't these look good, minus the guacamole.  (Yuck!  I'm not into food that looks and feels like something from inside of a baby's diaper!  No, not this girl!).   I'll let you know if I get that adventurous.  My friend at work says her family makes them all the time and it's not hard to do at all.  They don't look difficult to make.  I think it's just finding the right combination of seasonings for the shredded beef.  Yum!!!
  • Today it's 109 degrees here in Arizona.  It's hot!  BUT, the 10 day forecast is predicting 121 degrees for Tuesday.
     This is where my family just might find me next Tuesday.  Chillin' in the fridge.  I better be careful and keep this idea to myself.  They might try to steal my spot.
     Another Facebook friend shared this a few weeks ago.  I'm thinking this is appropriate for this week, don't ya think???

    The caption in says, "Arizona? No, it's one floor down.". 
    I keep telling Kevin we need to move.  He wants to move to The Poconos in Pennsylvania and buy some lake front property.  I keep telling him that's too far away, but he has his heart set on it.  I keep telling him someplace up north would be perfect.  Ideally I'd prefer the 70-80 degree weather of California with the beach front property there and the cool evening breezes, but who can afford that?  I miss the beach.  

  • Fall cannot get here soon enough!!!
See!  I got nothin'.  Whatever!  I've been busy as a bee being sick, talking to my family and our friends back east, I just don't have anything interesting to say about it, or I can't say anything about it.  Let's face it, sooner or later one of my children or husband is going to do something to really mess something up or do something totally goofy and then we'll all laugh again.  Tomorrow is a new day.....

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