Friday, June 9, 2017


Lexi received her diploma!!!!  That's right.  She has officially graduated high school.  I'm so excited and happy for her.  She has worked very hard and now all of her hard work has paid off.  

There is only one problem.... Lexi won't let me take any pictures of her with her diploma or in her cap and gown. 

She said she doesn't want me to take any photos of her diploma because people will see her full name.  She doesn't want anyone knowing what her middle name is, i think because of her initials.  Frankly, I think her middle name is pretty.  Of course I do.  I had a hand in naming her.  

Like I said, I think the real issue is her initials.  They are A-S-S.!  I know.  You're thinking Yikes!!!  And normally I would agree.  Let me explain.      So,  this, the name issue,  was a very big topic of discussion before Lexi was born.  I wanted to name her Lexi, but Kevin thought Lexi sounded like a little girl's name and he thought Alexis was more appropriate.  I didn't necessarily disagree.  I thought he had a valid point.  Then when it came to middle names we both loved Shea and as soon as we heard the two, Alexis Shea together, we knew that was the name for our new little girl all those years ago.  Then when she was born those feelings and thoughts about our decision to give her this name were reconfirmed as soon as we saw her adorable little baby face.  She was our Alexis Shea without a doubt!!! 

 Kevin and I thought long and hard about the issue with her initials when we were picking out names, and we decided that her last initial could or would change as soon as she married someone with a different last name than ours. 
 Of course, that's easier to see from a parents perspective and less easy to see as a teenager growing up and having to deal with this through those school age years.  So, we totally get that and even considered all of this carefully.  We just could not pass up giving our little girl what we thought was a beautiful name.

.  I tried to convince Lexi that her and I both have the same problem.  My initials are S-A-S and if I were to ever get anything monogrammed my initials would spell S-S-A,....... which is the bad word spelt backwards.  But that didn't seem to help matters.  (Nice try Mom!)

 Lexi has been a little self concious of her initials for a while now.  I guess maybe we should have never pointed  out what her initials spelled out all those years ago, but we didn't want her to grow up not knowing, and we wanted her to know our reasons for giving her the name she has.  It was completely done with careful consideration and with love for a pretty name for our beautiful daughter.   

And so,......

I tried to convince Lexi to just let me take a few nice photos of her so we could send out a few announcements, but she doesn't even want me to do that.  Shoot!  She didn't even want to celebrate the end of school.  It wasn't until she actually received her diploma that she even thought about celebrating.  She just won't let me go all out with all the fun decorations and things.  I'm telling you I'm really having a hard time with this child.  Ha Ha!!

Talk about stubborn!  Lexi is totally crushing my big proud Mom moment and I'm a little sad about it.  I just want to celebrate with her and the rest of the family.  Nothing too big.  Nothing fancy.  Just us, a nice dinner, and maybe a little cake.  That's not too much to ask is it?  

I thought I finally had Lexi convinced to let us have a party and she changed her mind again.  I guess I just don't understand. At the same time it's her decision to make so we will do what she wants.  I don't exactly like it.  I think milestones like this need to be celebrated and recognized a little.  But, I will learn to live with Lexi's decision.  I sure do love that not so little girl of mine!  

So, when it comes to graduation photos, it looks like these are the only kind I'm going to get......


Enough said.

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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