Monday, June 19, 2017

Monsoon Season Has Begun!

Bring on the Monsoons!!  It's official.  Arizona's monsoon season has officially begun.  It starts on June 15th and continues right up until September 30th.  We kicked off the season with record heat and if that's any indication of the kind of storms we are going to receive come mid July to mid August, then we just might be in for some crazy stuff.  Time will tell.  

Today it's 117-118 degrees outside. (Depending on which weather forecast you check)  It's HOT!!!!!!

I turned the air conditioner to 80 degrees because I don't want it working double time while it's so hot here.  So, we've got all the fans going in the house and my cool mist humidifier runs none stop wherever I am.  It makes the summer heat so much easier to endure.  Its great!!  I wouldn't survive without it.  
I let Kyle take my car to work today so he wouldn't have to drive his black car without air conditioning to work.  He'd be a giant sweat ball by the time he got to work if he would have taken his car.  He's gotta get that fixed soon.  Then, Curtis got home and ran out in Kyle's car to run an errand or two and then head over for FHE with some friends from one of the singles ward he has been ward hopping to.  It's fine.  I'm a-okay not having a car.  Where am I going to go?  I've got no where to be or that I need to go to.  Dinner is done.  I put french fries and chicken strips in the oven, and that was dinner tonight.  Super simple.  Stress free, and everyone was happy.  I did turn the oven on though.  Probably not the best time to do that, but it was the easiest option.  Plus everything was baked, not fried.  I'm loving that.  For dessert we have a big box of otter pops we will all partake of.  Super simple.  That's my kind of easy dinner, especially when I don't feel well.  

 Besides, with all these antibiotics and steroids running through my system right now, I'm better off staying put.  I kid you not, these meds are working on my illness, but they are also doing some other things to my body right now,....well, we'll just leave it at that.  It's not pretty.

You should see me around here.  If I'm not wiping up one end of me, I'm wiping the other or swabbing the deck, so to speak.  I'm spending so much time in the bathroom these days my kids think I've moved in.  Being a girl is no fun.  Being sick is no fun.  I'm so over it all already!  Go away and never come back, please.

I've got one more full day of these torture pills and I am done.  Thank goodness!!!! I also have another doctors appointment to get paperwork filled out, get released for work (crossing my fingers), and to get set up with the meds for a nebulizer.  (I'm starting to feel much better, finally!!  Let's hope that all the other side effects of these pills will stop as soon as I stop taking them.  Crossing my fingers and toes.)  I don't need a doctor to receive a nebulizer.  I can actually order one on Amazon for less than $30 and it's Prime too!!!.  And I can even order all the tubing on Amazon as well.  I love Amazon!  You can get anything there.  And then I don't have to fight or wait for insurance approval for medical equipment they don't cover and pay an arm and a leg for it through some third party medical equipment company that will charge an arm and a leg.  I'm so glad I checked Amazon.   

Well, that's all I've got for you tonight, but I will leave you with some funnies.....Enjoy!!

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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