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A Few YUMMY Recipes.

Since I'm not up for a long detailed post, I found a bunch of recipes I want to try and I thought I would share them with all of you too.  

Cheesy Morning Pizza
1 lb. Pizza dough (made from scratch or store bought)
1 Tbsp. Olive oil
1 1/2 Cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 tomato, sliced or diced (whichever you prefer)
1/3 Cup sliced green onions
6 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled 
4 eggs

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.  Pat and stretch pizza dough into a circle on a pizza stone or baking sheet.  Brush pizza dough with olive oil.  Top with 1 cup of cheese and half the green onions, creating four Wells to contain the eggs.  Crack eggs one at a time into a small bowl and then slide them onto the pizza in the prepared spots.  Top dough with remaining cheese, green onions, tomatoes, and bacon.  Try to avoid topping the eggs.

Note:. I sometimes prefer to add all the toppings first and then crack all the eggs into a small bowl together and mix in a splash of milk, salt, and pepper.  Then I whisk all this together and then drizzle the egg mixture over the pizza topping and bake.  I also sometimes use crescent rolls for the pizza crust instead of actual pizza dough.  The flavor is more breakfast like then.

Bake 23-25 minutes, until crust is golden brown and eggs are cooked.  It will look all bubbly and yummy.

Mini Quiche with RITZ Crackers Crust 

1 C. shredded cheddar cheese
1 C. shredded pepper jack cheese
2 T. flour
4 eggs, slightly beaten
1 C. milk
1 small can green chilies
pinch of salt and pepper
non-stick cooking spray
RITZ Crackers
chives (for garnish)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Toss shredded cheeses with flour in mixing bowl to coat.  Add eggs, milk, green chilies, salt and pepper to bowl and stir to combine.  Prepare a 9x13 baking dish by spraying well with non-stick cooking spray.  Pour the egg mixture into the prepared dish.

Bake for approx. 30 minutes, or until top is golden and middle is firm and not runny.   Remove from oven and allow to cool until it has set and feels firm.  Use a small round cookie cutter (approx. same size as cracker) to cut out individual pieces of egg, or cut into small squares using a knife.  Carefully remove each piece from the pan using a small spatula and place on top of crackers.  Garnish with chives and serve while warm.

Herby Ham Salad

1 lb. Chopped ham (I recommend a good smoked ham)
1/2 Cup mayonnaise
1/2 Cup sweet pickle relish, drained from the jar with a slotted spoon
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
1 green onion, minced
2 Tbsp. Minced, yellow onion
2 Tbsp. Minced red bell pepper
2 Tbsp. Minced celery
2 Tbsp. Minced parsley
2 Tbsp. Fresh chives
1 Tbsp. Minced fresh dill (use more if you really like dill)
1/4 tsp. Cayenne (this gives the ham salad a nice kick - if you don't like heat, try just a pinch to start out with)
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Using a food processor, pulse the chopped ham until you have very small pieces.  Take care to not over process.  Transfer ham to a medium bowl and add the rest of the ingredients, folding to combine.  Serve chilled.

Serve as a sandwich spread or a topper to crackers or cucumber slices.  Also good served on a plate with fresh greens.  You can also place a small piece of green leaf lettuce underneath the salad on a cracker do the cracker stays nice and crisp, and doesn't get soggy.

Salami Rolls

Use thin sliced salami from the deli and 8 ounces of softened cream cheese.  Lay the salami slices out, overlapping edges, to form an approx. 11x14 inch rectangle.  Carefully spread softened cream cheese to form an even layer on top of salami.  Beginning on one long end, carefully roll salami and cream cheese to form a log.  Wrap the log in plastic wrap and refrigerate several hours or over night before cutting into thin slices.

Cheese Ribbon Slices

1 - 8 ounces package of cream cheese, softened
1/2 tsp. Hot pepper sauce
1/4 Cup chopped pecans
1/3 Cup dried cranberries
2 - 8 ounces packages deli-style cheddar cheese slices (about 3 inches square)
Assorted crackers

1.  Mix cream cheese, hot pepper sauce, pecans, and dried cranberries.
2.  On a piece of aluminum foil place one slice of cheese and spread one cookie scoopful of cream cheese mixture to the edges of the cheese.  Repeat layers six times.
3.  Gold foil around cheese and seal tightly.  Refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight.  Trim edges, cut in half lengthwise and then side wise into 1/4 inch slices.

Note:. Makes 4 dozen
Garlic Parmesan  Crispy Chicken Strips

Crispy Chicken Strips (3.5 lbs)
1 stick butter (1/2 cup)
1 Tbsp. garlic powder
1 Tbsp. chopped parsley
Parmesan Cheese (the powder variety in the can)

Cook chicken strips according to package directions.  While chicken is cooking, melt butter in a small sauce pan.  Add garlic powder and parsley, stirring until combined.

Dip each chicken strip in the warm garlic butter and place on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle a generous amount of Parmesan cheese on both side of each chicken strip.  Transfer to serving tray and serve while warm. 
Delicious Dipping Sauce

1 C. mayonnaise
1 C. milk
1/2 envelope of Ranch dressing mix
1/2 envelope of Italian Dressing mix

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk together until smooth.  Allow to set up in the refrigerator for several minutes before serving.  It will be very runny until it sets.  

This dipping sauce is fantastic with all three flavors of chicken and makes an awesome dip for veggies, as well.

Teriyaki Marinade

1/4 C. oil
1/4 C. soy sauce
1/4 C. honey
2 Tbsp.  vinegar
2 Tbsp. finely chopped onion
1 lg. clove garlic, minced
1 tsp. ground ginger

I like to put my meat in a zip-loc bag then dump the marinade ingredients in on top, seal the bag, and squish it all around to combine.  If you poke holes in the meat with a fork ahead of time it helps the meat to really soak up the flavor, but sometimes I forget to do that and it still tastes great.  Marinate in the refrigerator over night before cooking.  

Nutty Toffee Popcorn 

3 bags Pop Secret Home Style popcorn, popped
1/2 C. butter
1/2 C. light corn syrup
1 C. brown sugar
1 tsp. baking soda
1 bag white chocolate chips
1 bag Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds

1. Pop the popcorn and remove all unpopped kernels.  Place in a large bowl.  Heat butter, corn syrup, and brown sugar in a saucepan over medium heat.  

2. Stir mixture constantly until boiling.

3. Remove from heat and stir in baking soda.  This will make the mixture "frothy" and help it to coat the popcorn more easily.

4. Pour hot toffee mixture over popcorn and stir to coat evenly.  Spread popcorn onto two baking sheets and bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes, stirring midway.  Remove from oven and spread out on parchment paper to cool.  
F do
5. Melt white chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave.  Drizzle half of the white chocolate over popcorn.  Sprinkle almonds on top of popcorn and white chocolate, then drizzle again with remaining melted white chocolate.  Allow to cool until white chocolate hardens again.  Break into small clumps and serve.

Monte Cristo Waffles

(makes 3 large sandwiches)

6 Krusteaz Belgian Waffles (mix batter according to package directions)
18 slices Swiss cheese
9 oz. thin sliced deli-turkey, divided in thirds
9 oz. thin sliced deli ham, divided in thirds
Powdered sugar
Jam or Berry syrup

Butter one side of each waffle. Place one waffle buttered-side-down in a hot frying pan over medium heat. Layer 3 slices Swiss cheese, deli turkey, deli ham, and 3 more slices of Swiss cheese. Top with another waffle buttered-side up. When bottom gets golden brown and crispy, flip sandwich over. Continue to cook until bottom is golden and crispy and remove from pan. If center of sandwich filling is not warm enough, microwave on HIGH for approx.. 1 minute. Repeat the grilling process with the remainder of ingredients to make two more sandwiches. Dust with powdered sugar. Serve while hot with jam or berry syrup.

And there you have it some delicious recipes guaranteed to ruin your diet for sure!  Sorry folks, I couldn't help it.  Besides, it's all about portion control.  So you can have some of these things just don't over do it.   Enjoy!  Take care and we will talk again soon.
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