Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Special Gifts.

I promised to share my Mother's Day gifts with you, so here we go!

As many of you know, I have a small collection of piggy banks.  It all started when my youngest son found one, literally rolling down the street, and brought it home.  It was a Spiderman head piggy bank.  From there my collection began.  The first piggy bank purchased for me was a green dinosaur.  Kyle bought it for me and that is how my piggy bank collection got started.  

A few fun facts about piggy banks.

Did you know the piggy bank gets it's name from an orange-colored clay called pygg.  Pygg was used in the Middle Ages to make jars for storing staples like salt in, and then in the 18th Century the jars morphed into hollow containers with coin slots, and were often shaped like a pig to make a visual pun on the name of the clay.  Now a days it's hard to find a piggy bank made out of pygg clay, and if you are lucky enough to find one you'd better hand on to it because it just might be worth a lot more than just pennies.  

So, was that a big enough hint?

That's right, I got not one, but TWO piggy banks for Mother's Day!!!

Curtis made the tiny little pig/bumble bee you see below.  In fact, it's already full of coins.  It's the first piggy bank I've completely filled.  LOL!   Isn't it cute?

Then Kyle got me another very "boyish" piggy bank.  I now have a Batman piggy bank.  Isn't he cute?

For several months now I have been using Kyle's portable speaker to listen to be able to hear movies on Netflix or Hulu because I think I blew out the speakers on my notebook.  Kyle was kind enough to let me use his all this time, but it was time I had my own.  Besides, his wasn't loud enough for me.  I think I might be losing a little hearing, just so you know.  LOL!  Well, my kids got me this portable speaker and I absolutely LOVE it!!  It's super loud and I can't wait to try it out sometime when we are out in the pool this summer.  

I also got the one thing I actually requested.  I've been wanting a pair of grey Chuck Taylor's to wear with jeans.  Well, I have a "fitting" with our local Famous Footwear in the next couple of days to make sure I will get the right size for me.  Then I told my kids to order them online from, you guest it.....AMAZON!!  I found then for $24 and I can have them delivered to my door within a couple of days.  I can't wait to get them and wear them.  Yay! 

Then, do you remember me telling you all about how Chance's (my son-in-law) Mom had requested a letter from him that basically told her what a wonderful mother she was, and then she gave him detailed information that she expected him to include in the letter.  Well, do you also remember me saying that I didn't think it was the kind of thing that should be solicited from your kids if you really wanted it to come from the heart and truly mean something.  I'm sorry.  I just don't understand.  I would NEVER place those kinds of expectations on my children.  EVER!  So when my daughter told me about her mother-in-laws demand I couldn't help but think that the only reason she wanted the letter was so she could have it for bragging rights.  Nothing more.  ANYWAY.  To each his own.  Long story short.  I got a very nice letter from my daughter that not only included reasons why she appreciates me, but it included a little bit of her testimony.  I will not share the entire letter because I feel it is a very personal and intimate letter.  Not meant to be shared with the world, but meant to be cherished and preserved so I can look back on it from time to time.  Below is a photo of the letter and the pretty card it came with.  I know I am not the "perfect" mother, but in spite of all of that, the one thing I am most proud of has been being able to influence and help build and strengthen each of my children's testimonies.  Sometimes through example, sometimes through discipline, and sometimes through the sharing of my own testimony.  That to me means more than anything else I have tried to share with my children over the years.  As I type this this scripture keeps coming to my mind.....3 John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."  What a blessing it is indeed!!!  

Then today I treated myself to this lovely wreath.  I've been searching high and low for the right wreath to hang on my door through the summer.  I had found one that I absolutely LOVED online, but after I placed my order the company returned my money because they were out of stock.  I was so bummed.  The wreath was so unique and pretty.  I was so looking forward to it.  Since the cancelled order I've gone back several times to the website in the hopes that they would get more in stock.  It's been a month and nothing.  I'm so sad.  Anyway, someone was selling this wreath that is filled with flowers made from wood shavings.  It's one I've seen before and I liked it.  So, when this person was selling it for well below the normal retail price I jumped at the chance to get it.  (I love a good bargain!)  So, now this wreath is hanging on my front door.  

I did a quick sweeping and clearing off of my front porch so I could make room for my sign post.  I attached something to the back of the sign so it could hang from the sign post and it's now on the porch right next to the front door.  I would have posted a photo of the sign post and my wreath, but by the time I was done watering the lawn and pulling a few weeds on the side of the yard it was to dark to take the pictures.  Maybe tomorrow though.   That is, if I remember.  

These past couple of weeks have caused me to spend a lot of time in deep thought and prayer over a few things that have had me worried and a bit stressed.  In fact,  I found myself sitting in my doctor's office praying to my Heavenly Father with both eyes open as I waited for my name to be called last week.  I'm sure anyone looking at me could tell I was in deep thought and I just might have mouthed a few words to myself as if to seem as though I was talking to myself.  I'm sure I must have looked ridiculous, but I don't care. In those moments personal covenants were made with my Heavenly Father.  I made a promise with Him and He promised to keep up his end of the promise as well.  The only one that can break this type of promise is me.  That is the wonderful thing about a loving Heavenly Father.  Once He agrees to do something He is all in and will never go back on his word.  Isn't that awesome?  So, as long as I continue to keep up my end of the agreement then I have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to know that I am entitled to receive answers in the form of personal revelation anytime, even in a busy doctor's office.  I am so grateful that I was able to hear and receive the answers I needed.  And they were received in the most amazing ways.  Over and over again.  In fact, I never would have believed it unless I had not saw it with my own eyes!  Honestly.....right there in my doctor's office.  I feel so very blessed and humbled.  I love my Heavenly Father more and more each day.

Funny story.....

Several years ago we lived in another stake that had just gone through a boundary change and a new stake presidency was called.  Well, at one stake meeting our stake president shared a story that I will never forget.  He said he had been in his car praying to his Heavenly Father while driving.  He said he was speaking out loud as he prayed and he realized when he pulled up to a stop light that people in the cars around him might think he was a complete crazy person, so he pulled out his cell phone and put it up to his ear so he didn't look crazy.  He said he kept on praying to his Heavenly Father and didn't miss a beat.  Then when he was done praying he put the phone down.  Talk about a long distance call.  ~smile~smile~

Well, I should get going.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

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