Wednesday, May 31, 2017

She's Done!!!

This morning I had intended to drop Lexi off for her final tests for school and then head over to the imaging center for another chest x-ray, but I got really sick to my stomach and came home right after dropping Lexi off.  I drank a little water and went back to bed.  With how I was feeling I changed plans and decided to wait until after noon to get my x-ray done.  In my defense, I haven't done any kind of driving for about two weeks now.  My family  has run all the errands and I really appreciate them for that.  I dozed off as soon as my head but the pillow and when I woke up my stomach was a bit better, but as soon as I got in the car to pick Lexi up and head over to the imaging center my stomach was at it again.  Not fun.  I got my x-ray and now we are home and I'm resting again.  I have absolutely no strength.  I guess it's just going to take some time to get completely better.  I feel a bit better.  Tomorrow I see the doctor again.  Let's hope all goes well and he can release me.  

It's official!   This girl has taken all of her finals....all five of them and passed with flying colors.  She has officially graduated!!!  No more high school for Lexi!!  Sure, it's a couple days after all the other kids at her old high school, but who cares. 

As soon as she was done with her last test the lady in charge of the testing center, I guess, pulled Lexi aside and gave her some information about another scholarship that will pay 100% of college for the first two years.  Not bad.  She plans to submit all the needed documentation today or tomorrow for that.  Go Lexi!!!!  We are very proud of you!  Congratulations!!!!
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