Saturday, May 13, 2017

Just the Facts Meme

Before this entry, I'm asking for some good thoughts and prayers.  These hives are incredible.  That's right folks, they are back.  Yesterday I came home from work and I had hives in one patch on my upper arm, a giant area covered on by belly, and the backs of both thighs were covered as well.  I had another doctor's appointment, so after that was over I came home took my medication and was fast asleep.  I didn't wake up again until after 9:30PM.  This morning the hives were still in the same areas and seemed to stay where they were until I got home from work and after we made a quick visit to our neighbor's wedding reception.  When I got home Kyle, Lexi, and I made a few last trips to the giant dumpster in front of our house.  When we were done I noticed I now have hives all over both arms, down both legs, and all over my body.  Thank goodness they haven't spread to my face.  Needless to say, I am not amused!  This has gone on for way too long.  Enough is enough.  Arg!  What is it I'm suppose to learn from this?  I'm sure patience ranks right up at the very top of the list for sure.  LOL!  I'm done with my rant.  I have another blog meme for you today.  I know so soon after the last, but hey, give a girl a break, please.  ~smile~smile~

Here we go......

  • What zodiac sign are you?  I'm a Taurus.

  • Do you regularly read a horoscope?  Nope!  If not, why not?  Two reasons, I only read other blogs or the news websites from time to time.  We don't take the paper.  AND because I don't believe in it at all.  If I have questions about my life, prayer works better for me.

  • Married or Single?  I am very, very married.  AND very happy!  

  • What do you like to do with your spare time?  Spend time with my family playing board games, swimming, spending time with my husband, Reading, Blogging, Doing something craft related, Re-decorating, watching movies, and believe it or not, CLEANING!  There's nothing quite like having the house completely clean.  It's a great feeling.

  • Is your life worse, better, or about the same as you imagined it would be someday?  VERY different than I'd imagined but most definitely better than I dreamed.  

  • Is your family larger or smaller than you expected?  Ha!  It's a little smaller than I expected it to be.  I always had the number five in my head when I thought about having kids.  We have four.

  • What do you collect?  Piggy Banks, decor items....I'm addicted to all those Facebook groups, and hives.  ha ha!

  • What are three major turning points in your life?  Funny you ask because I was just talking to Lexi about this.  When I  had just started high school (9th grade) I had no intention of going to Seminary.  At the time I was spending all of my free time with some non-member friends and it just never crossed my mind.  My parents were a little inactive at the time.  Well, one Sunday my Dad had a meeting with our Stake President at the time and he asked about me and Seminary.  In fact, he made arrangements for me to start the next day.  He even got me lined up with a permanent ride.  It was early morning Seminary.  Well, I went the next day not to sure I was going to like it at all.  But something happened that day.  That Seminary room always receive the morning sunlight as the sun came in.  That first morning I went and about 10 minutes into the Seminary teacher's lesson the room began to glow as the sunlight poured into the room and it continued to glow brighter than I ever saw it glow again.  Then this calm, peaceful, happy feeling came over me and I knew without a doubt that I had made the right decision and was in the Right place for me.  Later I also became the Seminary President and I LOVED Seminary.  Then when our family moved to Arizona  between my Junior and Senior years of high school, Seminary changed for me and I could take it during school with release time.  Most of my Senior year I doubled up on Seminary.  I took it through my normal release time and then I went back again and went to another class of it with some friends so I could wait for them.  They were my ride home then.   When my Dad asked me to go to Seminary at first I had every intention of saying no I didn't want to go.  BUT there was something about how he asked me and I found myself saying yes simply because of the way my Dad asked and because for some reason I just could not say no to him right at that very moment.  It was as if the Holy Ghost was right there working to soften my heart and restrict me from speaking the work no.  This same thing happened again when it was time to move back to Arizona.  You see, I didn't want to move and I had set up a place to live with another member family in the ward.  i was determined to not graduate in the dessert.  BUT, again my Dad sat me down and talked to me about wanting to see my graduate and that was all he had to say.  The Holy Ghost was in our living room again and I simply could not say no again and my bad attitude about the move was completely taken out of the equation.  Well, I moved with my family of course and I ended up graduation from Mountain View High School in Mesa, Arizona.  At the time it was ranked as one of the best high schools in all of Arizona.  It was a good school, but not my school.  I still wished I could have graduated with my friends at my old school.  BUT, if I would not have moved I know now that I probably would of made some bad choices living there without my parents around to guide me, and I know those choices could have changed my life forever, and not for the better I might add.  Plus, I met my future husband during the last couple of month of my Senior year of high school.  We dated off and on a couple of months from April to July before he left on his mission.  Get this,....his mission was in California, where I use to live.  Well, as soon as he returned home from his mission and three days after being home he asked me to marry him.  So, there you have it my three turning points in my life.  Seminary, Moving, and Meeting and Marrying my husband.

  • What do you think your greatest talents are?  I'm told I have a smile that radiates.  Does that count as a talent?  I''m creative.  I'm a good cook and a good decorator.  I'm a loyal friend.

  • What do you think your greatest weaknesses are?  I'm impatient.  If I don't write something down, I won't remember a thing!  I procrastinate.  And food.

  • What books have affected you the most?  The scriptures, obviously.  Especially the Book of Mormon.  There is power in reading that book and I feel it every single time  I read it still.   

  • Are you left- or right- brained?  Oh, right brained all the way.  No question about it.

  • What magazines do you subscribe to, if any?  LDS magazines, the Ensign and the New Era.  We use to also get the friend right up until just a couple years ago, but I've cancelled it.  We don't subscribe to any other magazines.  Once in a while I pick up a magazine I find that I like.  Magazines like beading magazines.  Always ones with cool patterns in them.  

  • What's playing on your CD player/iPod/Cell phone right now?  Absolutely NOTHING!  I don't have any music downloaded yet.  BUT I have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, CBS, and ABC networks downloaded so I can watch all the shows I like to watch.  Right now I'm watching all of Downton Abbey since I have never seen it and everyone has raved about it.

  • What are some of your accomplishments you're most proud of?  Being married for 30 years this year and still being in love with my husband.  Being a Mom to four amazing children.  Working for an amazing company that treats me well.  Being a member of the church.  

  • What are some things you still want to accomplish?  I'd like to have the time to finish school.  Right now that's just a dream.  Learn to knit.  (I've tried, but I need to keep practicing)  I would love to be a great jewelry maker.  And I'd like to have what I call a beautiful singing voice, but no one will let me practice.  LOL!   I don't want to sing anything like opera I just want a pretty voice with a decent range.  AND last but certainly not least, I want to know the scriptures like I know how to cook!  I want to be the best wife, mother, and friend I can be!

  • What kind of athletic activity do you like?  Walking, swimming, hiking, and biking....just to name a few of the every day types that I like.  (Volleyball and tennis are fun too.
I think that I've done this meme before and it's interesting to do it again since we change every day and hopefully for the better!  ~wink~wink~

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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