Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Kevin and Curtis were the only ones that ended up going to church yesterday.  I spent the day home suffering with more hives and a few other side effects that we won't go into detail about here.  Kevin was determined to get to church no matter what anyway.  He said he was glad he went because he really needed to hear the talks that were shared.  I'm glad he went and I'm glad he heard the words that were spoken and felt that Spirit shared.  If nothing but Kevin getting to church yesterday was all that happened all day then I can say it was well worth it and it was a great day.  He needed to hear what was said.  

I spent the morning reflecting on my Savior, his time spent in Gethsemane, his crucification on the cross at Calvary, his ressurection, and ultimately his life and the blessings of the Atonement in my life.  It was something I could do to keep my mind off of my rash.   

Later we had Chance and Danielle over for dinner yesterday afternoon.  We had a nice dinner with ham and all the trimmings.  I was grateful the meal pretty much prepared itself.  As it turns out Curtis was a huge help with getting things prepared.  I put the ham in the crock pot.  Kevin and Curtis did everything else.  Lexi set the table, she asked questions about placement of certain things, but she did it all.  Take a look below.  I think she did a pretty great job.  

I'm back at the doctor today.  I'm so done with all of this!  Most of all, the itching.  I know this is nothing compared to some of the things others I know are dealing with and I really have a lot to be grateful for.  I just can't stand the itching or the hives that others can see on my face or arms if I'm wearing short sleeves.  It's easier to suffer in silence if I'm not scratching and itching like a crazy person.  AND I can't stay on Benadryl forever.  It makes me to sleepy.  I need to be able to function and take care of my family.  (I'm sitting here in my doctor's waiting room with an itch in a place I can't scratch in public).  

My doctor reviewed my hives, prescribed a new medication that should allow me to function and work, then she ordered some lab work to check a few things.  She said my histamine levels could be higher than normal.  While I'm not sure whst they do for that, I guess we'll find out.  

I did the lab work right after my appointment and came home to scan and download a document to my employer.  When I logged on I found that they had FINALLY approved my time off and issued two checks today.  I was happy to see that.  My cell phone (an iPhone 6 Plus) has pretty much become a brick.  I can't access anything, it sends text messages on its own, calls people on its own, and accesses apps and websites all by itself.  It's possessed!  I looked up the prices for a replacement and the Android is $50.00 cheaper and I think I'm gonna make the leap to an Android phone.  Kevin, Danielle, and Kyle all have them and seem to love them.  I'm also going to back up all my contacts and notes with paper records as well.  You should have saw me stressing out trying to figure out how to contact work this morning.  Holy cow!  I have been using Kevin's phone temporarily until I figure out what to do about my phone and I feel crippled without "my" phone.  It's driving me nuts!  I will say this, texting and calling on the Android has been awesome.  I've loved it.  So, I think I might be sold.  😀 

Well, I've gotta run to go pick up my new medications.  They are re-paving our street in the next day or two.  Time to make sure  I all the errands are taken care  I of until after that's done.  Take care my friends and we'll talk again soon.  
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