Sunday, April 9, 2017

A "to do" list and a few rambling thoughts.

A few rambling thoughts this Sunday evening...

  • Our church meetings were wonderful.  We heard some awesome testimonies and talked about the foundational records and revelations of our church, as well as talked about what it takes to have and keep your own testimony.  I so wanted to bear my testimony however, my emotions are so raw and near the surface right now that I decided that it would be best to wait until next month because I would have just gotten up and sobbed instead of sounding rational.  It was the best Testimony Meeting that I recall in a few years.  Lovely.  I did, however, thank my dear friend Bev in person for remembering me and her sweet surprise gift you left for me yesterday.  
  • Curtis and Lexi stayed up all night last night and actually woke me up this morning as they were getting ready for church.  Lexi only made it through Sacrament Meeting, but Curtis went to three hours of church with me and then another three hours at the Singles Ward.  Crazy kid!  While he was at his second round of meetings he ran into an old Bishop of Kevin's.  Curtis introduced himself to him and this Bishop immediately asked how Kevin and both of his brothers were doing.  Then he said, "Curtis, are you looking for a job, you could come work for me."  To which Curtis said, "I already applied and I have an interview tomorrow".  When Curtis told his Dad what had happened he spent a little time sharing stories with Curtis about this man.  I guess this job just might be meant to be for Curtis.  
  • The rest of us stayed up pretty late last night too.  Only 2:30AM for us though.  When I asked my family how long they thought it would take for me to feel caught up on my sleep, they said, "If you were thirty-five, a couple of naps would do it.  But at forty-five, no forty-six, no wait, forty-sev.....Mom. (as if they just realized it for the first time) You're almost fifty!  Ut-oh."  Hardee-har-har, family!  
  • I was greeted by the new Relief Society President and one of her counselors as soon as I sat down in Relief Society today.  We talked for a bit and she immediately hugged me and asked me if I could lead music.  I can but I've never been trained properly to do it.  I just wing it most of the time, and if the song is something more that 4-4 time, I get a little uncomfortable.  I told her I didn't know how.  She then asked me if I wanted to learn.  I do, but the words did not come out of my mouth.  Simply because I knew I would be getting a super quick lesson and then asked to lead the music in Relief Society today.  So, I'm going to have to "come clean" the next time I see her.  She is a wonderful lady and I know she won't hold my not wanting to lead the music today against me.  
  • Yesterday was my oldest daughter and her new husband's first wedding anniversary and I totally forgot to mention it here.  I called them yesterday and I wished them a Happy Anniversary on Facebook, but I wish I would have remembered to do that here as well.  It sounds like they were enjoying their day together.  When I called they were shopping and had plans to go out to dinner that night.  I'm glad they had a good day together.  The two of them sometimes have to work on Saturdays.  So, I'm glad they took some time off to be together.  I also know exactly where I was one year ago today.  Recovering from pulling off their wedding reception the night before.  I was SOOOOOO tired the next day and my feet were so sore and swollen too.  Below are a few photos from the wedding reception. 
      I think this is one of my favorite photos because it shows just how much Chance loves our daughter and he really does treat her like a queen.  What more could a mother and father ask for?  Well, the only thing I can think of is a Temple marriage.  Oh wait!  He did that too.  Right after these two were married, keep in mind they both are in their mid- twenties, Danielle mentioned a comment on of her Young Women's leaders said to her at Girl's Camp years before.  You see, our daughter has had a testimony and gained her own testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon at the age of nine when she read that book and decided to pray and gain her own witness that it was true.  Danielle was always a good girl but she liked to wear dark eye make-up so some people considered her an "alternative" girl.  (Frankly, I never thought twice about her make-up.)  Well, this YW's leader said that she would probably get asked out on a date if stopped looking so alternative.  I  never knew about this comment.  Danielle never told me until after she got married in the Temple, but I know that comment really hurt and effected my daughter.  It's probably better that I didn't know then.  Danielle still likes to wear dark make-up and she has even had blue hair and black hair since she got married.  Frankly, I don't care what color her hair is or how dark her make-up is.  What matters most is that this girl has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, cares about people - especially those that are a little "different" than the rest of us and goes out of her way to befriend them and help them feel loved and appreciated in spite of their differences, and she is smart, determined to do whatever she sets her mind to do, and loves the Lord.  One day she will make an excellent Mother.  

      Just look at those smile!  Love it!  

    I had to include this photo of all of our partners in crime.  Meaning, those that helped me pull off the reception.  

     This is what my front yard looked like after everything was dropped off at our house after the reception.  It took me weeks to get it all put away.  I certainly would do things a bit differently if I had it all to do over again.  Live and learn.  It's probably going to be a while before I get the chance to do this again since Lexi isn't even eighteen yet.  
  • Today we were all asked to keep a couple of women in our ward in our prayers.  One is in the hospital being treated for Leukemia now.  This lady has known my husband since he was a very little boy.  Kevin's father served in the Bishopric with her husband as well.  Her son was and still is one of my husband's best friends.  She is family to us.  She is family to a lot of people in our ward.  She is an awesome lady and it saddens me to hear that she is going through so much right now.  BUT.  She is strong and I know she can do hard things.  We will pray for her and her family because we know there is power in prayer.  The other dear sister is younger than me and has little children.  She is my neighbor and my Visiting Teacher.  She has always been the one person I feel I can go to if I just need to talk and/or ask questions.  Well, tomorrow she goes in for surgery to have a double mastectomy.  Her battle with breast cancer has just begun.  I'm worried about her and I'm worried about her family.  Especially her kids.  One of her boys is a good friend to our son Curtis.  In fact, Curtis has spent several evenings with their son since he has been home from his mission.  The "Carol Crew" is back together again.  Meaning:  Curtis, Spencer, and Jed.  The three of them just spent a late night out on our neighbor's lawn talking just like they use to do.  Really they were plotting their next prank.  Look out everyone.  ~smile~smile~. JK!  Anyway,  we are very sad to see this sweet sister also go through hard things.  BUT, we also know she can do hard things as well.  She has tremendous strength too.  We love her and will keep her in our prayers too.  In fact, knowing that this sister will be having surgery tomorrow I plan to offer up several prayers throughout the day.  
  • Today, I made chicken fajitas for dinner.  Curtis came home from church and the first question out of his mouth was, "what's for dinner?"  So, I started trimming the chicken that I already had cooked (baked the day before yesterday) previously, so trimming and cutting the chicken up was the hardest part of preparing this meal.  By the time the chicken was done and it was time to serve up the fajitas Curtis was sound asleep in his church clothes on the sectional in our family room and he is still there.  It's now 8PM.  I sneaked this photo of the dear boy.  Shhh!!!  Don't tell him.  LOL!  
    (Dinner is in the fridge waiting for him.  He will be able to warm it up when and if he wakes up later tonight.)
  • It's been a little over one week since my last visit with my doctor and the nutritionist.  I've have made some very simple changes to my diet and added some exercise to it as well.  When I got dressed today to go to church I could see a noticeable difference already.  
  • This week, I've got to be on top of things.  I've got a lot to do throughout the week.  It's all good.  Change can be a good thing.  Frankly, I'm glad to be back to normal again.  Lot's to do!   
Things to do:
  • Exercise every day.  (This shouldn't be too hard.  Thank goodness!)
  • Make sure Lexi is ready for her dental appointment this week.
  • Call and postpone Kevin's doctor appointment until after a test is done.
  • WORK!  Yay, back to work.  I am so happy.
  • Make sure Kyle has everything he needs for his big day this week.  (He really doesn't need my help, but I like to make sure he knows I'm here if he needs me.)
  • Check in with our friends back east to make sure they have everything they need and where we are in the grand scheme of things.
  • Get a new shower head for our bathroom.  Kevin really needs one that allows you to hold the shower head in your hand.  It would make things so much easier for him.
  • Laundry.  There never seems to be enough time to do all of the laundry at my house.
  • Paint some picture frames for my gallery wall.  
  • Hang everything on my gallery wall....finally!  I've been waiting.
  • Get my eyebrows waxed
  • Send a few thank you notes to a few people.
  • Remember my Mom's birthday not this week, but the next week.
  • Clean off the front porch and label a few things as we go.
  • Spring clean the laundry room
  • Call the City to set up a bulk pick-up
  • Re-arrange things in my bedroom for Kevin.  We just need to make it easier for him to get around in there.
  • Mow the lawn
  • Catch up on a couple of TV shows I have missed
  • Run to the bank
  • Figure out what to have for dinner when the missionaries come over.
  • Plan the menu for Easter Sunday, that way all I have to do is clean a bit and cook, cook, cook!  
  • Find some time to catch up on sleep and rest for what lies ahead this week.
How's that for lots on the brain?!  The hardest part about spring cleaning and rearranging my bedroom is that those areas have to be disassembled before it's all ready to be put back together again.  I hate having all that stuff all over the place.  Craziness!  Never a dull moment!  Sometime in there, we'll make time for Bull, Designated Survivor, and Scandal, spending time with the kids having a little fun, catching up on my neighbor friend to find out how everything went during her surgery, hopefully get in some nice weather walks and a nap or three!  Can you hear the roller coaster yet?

I can't remember if I shared this already, but look at these cute little dolls my SIL made for me.  They are missionaries.  (See the little white name tags on them.)  They are only about 5 inches tall.  One is sappose to be Kyle and the one with the glasses is Curtis.  I love how she made the head of Kyle just a little bit bigger and rounder.  So cute!  I love them.  

Well, time to get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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