Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Meme, and other Rambling Thoughts

Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post.  It's taken me several days to put this post together.  One day I could only jot down a few thoughts and then other days I could finish one thought, it seems it took forever to come to this.  First a Meme, and then a few rambling thoughts.....

1.  Tell us about a time you felt like you were "flying by the seat of your pants".  

It's hard to thing of a specific example, but I do know I feel this way pretty often....ha!!  One instance that comes immediately to mind was when Lexi had open heart surgery and with Kevin's spinal cord injury.  OR anytime I was asked to sub a Primary class just minutes before the class was about to start.  

2.  When or where would you most like to be "a fly on the wall"?

In the minds of some of the people that post on Facebook.  Some people really think a lot of themselves!  

3.  "Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder."  -Henry David Thoreau.   Would you agree?  Why or why not?

I have always liked this quote ever since I first heard it way back in Junior High.  BUT, I have come to realize that although there are certain times when this may be true, we do need to stop and smell the roses sometimes, and in the slowing down we will sometimes find happiness had been sitting on our own front doorstep all along.  It's surprising.

Also, there are times when the chase itself makes me happy.  

4.  Share a favorite movie, book, or song with flying in it's title, lyrics, or theme somewhere.

I'd have to say, "Let's Go Fly a Kite"  from Mary Poppins.  (Now I can't get the words out of my head.)  It's such a happy song.  

5.  What is one task or chore you tend to do "on the fly"?  Is this something that really needs to be done another way?

Cleaning out the fridge.  I hate it!  AND it always seems to happen at the very last minute late on Thursday evenings which is the night before the garbage man comes to collect the garbage from our cans.  

6.  What was happening the last time you thought to yourself or said aloud, "Wow, time flies when you're having fun", and you meant it.

While Curtis was away on his mission.  It went by so fast!  

7.  Today is National Garlic Day.  Will you add garlic to your menu on Thursday?  Do you like garlic?  What's your favorite dish made with garlic?

I love garlic and cook with it fairly often.  As I type this I remember the tossed salad we had with our meal on Easter.  Everyone LOVED the garlic salad.  It's become my favorite!  

8.  Insert your own random thought here...OR should I say, in other news.......

***We did something we haven't done in a while and called in an order to our favorite Mexican Restaurant so we could pick it up through their drive through pick-up window. We opted to bring it home since no one was up for going out to eat.  We aren't celebrating anything special.  I wish we were celebrating my hives going away, but we aren't.  I'm so over it.  I went back to the doctor and she did a blood test to check my histamine levels and gave me another medication to take that should help, but last night I started getting more hives.  This time they were blotchy and all were bigger than a quarter on both arms and my chest.  So, the food was just because we all needed a "pick-me-up" and Matta's always makes us happy.  

The photo below is the location we visit the most.  There are now four locations in the valley.  Three in Mesa and one in Queen Creek.  We miss their old location in down town Mesa before the original owner's retired. 

***It's official!  My cell phone has kicked the bucket.  I can't answer calls, make calls, text, or access any of the apps on it.  So, I ordered a new phone and it will be in tomorrow.  I decided to go with an Android phone.  We have always had Straightalk service for pretty much as long as we have had cell service.  We tried Verizon for a while years ago, but went back to Straightalk.  Back then you use to pay for all of your minutes and we didn't want to risk having a super huge bill when our kids started sending messages.  The service we have is a pre-paid service and it has saved us tons of money over the years I'm sure of it!  We could make the switch now to Verizon, but it hasn't been an issue until my phone bit the dust.  Now, I'm wishing we had Verizon for their replacement plan.  Oh well.  We may think of switching in a few months.  My options with Straightalk were to buy another iPhone with 16 GB of memory or switch to the Android and have 32 GB of memory.  So, since I use my phone for everything and need the extra memory, I went with the Android.  I can't wait to get it.  I was able to access my phone last night and get all my notes and contacts written down.  I started to move my photos as well and will continue to do that over the weekend.  I have LOTS of photos to move.  So, by this time Monday I will have a brand new phone.  I am so excited!!

***Like I mentioned before, I had another doctor's appointment this week.  They gave me a new medication for the hives I've been having.  I explained that I needed something that wouldn't make me sleepy, but when I picked up the medication from the pharmacy the notification on the side of the bottle indicated that the new medication could cause drowsiness and dizziness as well.  So, I checked into that with the pharmacist.  It sounds like I should be fine with it, but I should stick close to home until I know for sure that it does not cause dizziness or drowsiness for me.  From what I understand, some people have side effects.

This is just one of the blotches or hives I've had.  It's a big giant oblong circle on my shoulder.  The others are in places I'd rather not show you.  This particular blotch started out about the size of one of those plastic Easter eggs you see in bags at the stores.  It seems to be growing larger and larger.  

***When I got home from the doctor I realized I never completed our taxes.  Months ago I entered all of the information into the Turbo Tax website, but I never completed everything and finalized things.  I had to locate couple things for medical expenses before I could finish them.  Well, at 8PM on Tuesday night it dawned on me that we needed to get those done.  So, I logged into their website and proceeded to double and triple check all of our entries.  When I got to the end and was ready to e-file both our Federal and our State taxes I realized I didn't have our AIG from the previous year ready and available, so I had to actually print and mail the forms.  Well, my printer has been acting up and does not print dark enough.  I don't know what the issue is but I can't just turn up the darkness with the touch of a button like you can on most printers.  I need to read up on how to fix the problem.  The other issue I was having is that when I hit print I could only get a blank Federal form and the State form couldn't be seen at all.  So, I called my Dad and he agreed to print out a couple blank State forms for me.  All I had to do was fill both forms in and get them in the mail.  I was so glad it wasn't any more intense than that, otherwise I would have tried for extensions for sure, even though we are getting money back for both State and Federal.  I should have filed months ago, but with me being sick, Kevin being in the hospital a few times, and Curtis coming home it totally slipped my mind.  I'm starting to learn the hard way that I can't leave things for the last minute anymore.  Things like, I can't whip the house into shape in one day anymore, especially after my family has hit it hard.  I can't stay up late making 12 gingerbread houses for centerpieces for a work Christmas party the next day like I did years ago for Kevin's work.  I can't sew a dress in one day for my daughter.  I can't wash all the clothes, fold, hang up, and put them all away in one day when my kids decided to pull everything out of their drawers and closet so they have something to land on when they jump off their dressers.  Not that my kids are pulling everything out of the drawers and closets anymore, but they sure can produce a lot of laundry in a short amount of time.  There's just too many clothes now.  I can't crochet a detailed baby blanket with different cross stitched animals on several of the blocks for my new nephew in two days anymore.  These are just a few examples of the things I use to do all the time.  When they say "fly by the seat of my pants"  I did that a lot more when I was younger.  Now a days, it takes a little longer and with all that has happened in our lives, I have to be a little more organized and plan things out a little better.  It hasn't been easy, let me tell you.  I'm learning though.  I'm not liking this sudden change in how we use to do things at all.  I've had to learn a few things the hard way when I can't get something accomplished at the last minute.  It's frustrating.  ~wink~wink~

***I am so grateful that I can pay most of my bills online and then the ones that can't be paid online can be paid over the phone.  That is so convenient.  I love it!  I'm still waiting for payments from my work for the time I've been out.  I can't believe it is taking so long.  Sheesh!   Once that comes I plan to pay for our car tags.  It's been a rough month.  I was beginning to think we would never make it, but my parents helped out quite a bit and we were able to get through it.  I am so grateful to my parents and that I was able to pay them back, pay rent, the electric, the water, phone service, medical bills, car insurance, Internet service, and get my back off my back for my small balance too.  The only thing left are the tags on my car and once that's done I can breathe a sigh of relief until next month.

***Danielle gave us some good news this weekend.  Some time ago you may remember me mentioning that she has decided to change her career goals.  Since she was in Junior High she has always wanted to be a High School English teacher until she ran into a few roadblocks with the teaching program and decided to rethink her major.  At first she thought she would become an English major but that didn't feel completely right.  Well, since she has been married she has been working as like a respite care provider for two autistic boys (twins) and she absolutely LOVES it!  While working with these two boys she has had the chance to talk with a few of their therapists, one being an occupational therapist.  Well, the occupational therapist mentioned to Danielle that all the work she was doing with the boys basically was exactly the kinds of things an occupational therapist does and they wanted to know if she had ever considered becoming one??..  Danielle thought about it and then started to look into it.  In fact, she took all the tests required at one school and was all set to start their program until another occupational therapist suggested that she go back to ASU and take the couple of classes to complete her degree and then get into the Masters program to become an occupational therapist.  They also suggested that she make sure she gets trained in a certain thing, and I can't remember what that was right now, but this would ensure she always had work because everyone needs this kind of therapist.  So, Danielle starts classes soon and once she is done and through the Masters program she could start making a six figure salary.  That's a huge jump from a teacher's salary for sure and she will still be doing something she loves, teaching and working with kids.  

***My new purse came today.  I was so happy and it came so quickly!  As I mentioned before, my purse was out of stock in all the online stores, believe me I checked, even Nordstrom's and Macy's was sold out of it.  So, on a whim, I decided to reach out to the designer and low and behold they happened to have it.  Not only did they sell it to me for a considerable discount (only $29.99) they included a free key chain as well with my order.  How cool is that?  I am one happy lady!  Especially because I didn't think I'd ever find a purse I liked as much as this one and I was sad it was out of stock everywhere.  From now on I'm going to check with this designer and her website first before I go any other place.  I can't get over how fast they responded and how fast my new bag was sent to me.  Love that!! It pays to do a little research and send an email to big companies.  They really do car about their products and their customers.  

***It's been pretty quiet on our street this past week.  The city resurfaced the streets with new black tar.  It looks so nice now.  It needed to be done.  It was so weird not hearing any cars race down our street the day they came to do the resurfacing.  It was nice and quiet.  I secretly wish they'd block off the street every single day.  
We were suppose to have the missionaries over for dinner this weekend, but I think we are going to have to have the boys drop food off to them instead.  I'm still not completely better and Kevin hasn't been feeling well and he can't be up and about a lot when he isn't well.  So, I'll have to call them later tonight to set up that up.  

***We received a voicemail message the other day telling us they received the approval for Kevin's MRI.  He called and scheduled it yesterday.  They can't get him in until the end of May.  His MRI has to be done with sedation and they only do that kind of MRI on Mondays and I guess those appointments fill up quickly.  Kevin really needs to get in as quickly as possible so we can get a move on with his pain doctor and Ortho rehab doctor as well.  I'm hoping for a cancellation in the next few days so Kevin can get in sooner.  

***Lexi has decided to take a couple tests at the local community college to get a jump on school.  She was able to get signed up and she is now ready to start those tests next week.  She's excited and nervous at the same time, but most of all anxious to get all of this done so she can move on to the next step.  College.  Kevin and I are excited for her to move on.  Kevin reminded both Lexi and Curtis that they will be freshman in college together since Curtis didn't start school before his mission.  It will be good for Lexi to have her big brother around for a little bit anyway.  It's hard to believe she will be in college soon.  My baby is all grown up.  I'm getting old.  ~smile~smile~

***Curtis came home from work today with brand new work shirts that had his name on them.  Before, he was wearing old shirts with the name Dave or Service technician on them.  So Kyle and Kevin kept calling Curtis by whatever name was on his shirt that day.  Silly family.  Curtis seems to really like his new job.  That's always half the battle.  It's weird thinking of my son with his own work truck, company credit card, and a company cell phone.  It seems like just yesterday we sent him out on his mission as a boy and he came home a man.  It's so strange and I'm having to stop myself from holding him back by putting any restrictions on him in anyway.  He asked me the other night how late he could stay out.  I told him he didn't have a set time to be home, but we do expect a courtesy call if he is going to be out super late.  Well, that night he was home 15 minutes before midnight, which surprised me.  When he asked me that question, I was expecting one or two in the morning.  Curtis has always been pretty respectful and has never advantage of his freedom.  In fact, none of our kids have.  Sure, they have been out late, but we usually always got a phone call and an explanation.  Kevin has always had this keen sense for knowing when our kids are trying to pull a fast one on us.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure our kids have some stories to tell.  I'm not trying to tell you they are perfect children because they are not, but they have never taken advantage.  We could trust our kids and that has always been a comfort to Kevin and I.  

***We've decided that we won't be buying anymore movies now that we can access digital movies on VUDU and Amazon.  Frankly it will save us a ton of space here in the house so I'm okay with that.  (I'm taking this idea with a grain of salt, until we actually try the digital options out for a while.)  I'm sure there will be something we will want our own copy of eventually.  Time will tell.  Have you had the chance to see that movie, Hidden Figures, yet?  It's really good.  I reserved a copy and it was delivered to the house the other day.  I loved it!  I'm glad I bought a copy because that is a movie we will watch over and over again.  Plus it's all about the space program and Kevin loves that kind of thing.  So, he liked the movie too.  

Tonight I'm still scratching my hives, watching TV, and typing trying to keep my hands busy with other things.  So frustrating!  Even after I've taken all the medication the doc gave me.  Lexi is snapping pictures of various books to share, and concerned about the bands on her braces.  Let's hope we don't have to go in for another emergency visit to the dentist.  Kevin is resting in the bedroom and watching TV.  He's pretty worn out and hurting a lot, I seriously doubt he will be going to church tomorrow, but he might surprise me.  (I'm hoping to get there if I can.)  Kyle is working.  We usually hear something from him at some point during the night.  So far, nothing. AND Curtis just got back from a Young Single Adult Luau and is out with friends now.  That kid never stops.  

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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