Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Wonderings

Does your mind ever just wonder, wander, and ponder things?  Mine certainly does all the time, and I thought it was time I share a few of my most recent wonderings.

There's so much hype these days over "This Is Us" so I watched it on Hulu and I got through a few episodes and I still don't understand the hype.  Well, at least, not yet.  I keep wondering when it's going to move me, maybe it will and maybe it won't.  I guess time will tell as I continue to watch.

I wonder if all the bantering back and forth between the coaches on The Voice is scripted?  I'm pretty sure it is, but don't tell my husband I said that.  He loves that show and watches it all the time.
I wonder if President Trump has moments when he wonders why he ever thought about being President of the United States.  I feel for the guy sometimes.  In some ways I believe he is the first President to do exactly what he said he was going to do, and he has made huge progress in only 40 days time.  I also think he has been very honest with us on his intentions and has kept his word.  Sure, he has come up with some opposition, but who doesn't in politics?  I also wonder if he will ever get the credit I personally think he deserves.  At least he is trying to address our concerns.  Sure, it's hard to watch families being pulled apart when their family members are being deported, but I would expect to be deported if I broke the law in another country.  I do not know of any other country that would not do the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot.

I wonder why there isn't a way for remaining family members to cash in on the dental work done on their loved ones.  No joke!  Some children would get quite an inheritance if they could.  Mine, on the other hand, wouldn't get much.  (Remember, I'm going to be 50 soon and I still haven't had a cavity)  ~chuckle~chuckle~

I sometimes wonder why there is a passing lane or a turning lane as most people apparently do not know how to use either of them.  Do they know they could cause an accident by doing some of the things they do?  

I wonder how we would ever survive without computers and cell phones.  It seems as though most of us have forgotten what life was like before we had them.  I personally do not care to actually find out, but I do find it interesting that no one actually makes a phone call anymore.  I think that's sad.  Sure, I love the convenience of sending a text, but to do away with actually speaking to people all together is wrong.  I think the key to
all of it is finding a balance in our use of them.

I wonder if the Sharks on Shark tank have a preview of what's coming up on the show before the actual contestants are brought in to do their presentations.

I wonder if our country will ever be unified again.
Now for some of my more serious wanderings.....

I sometimes wonder how my life will end.  Will I suffer an illness, die in an accident, or will I just die of natural causes?  Of course, my desire is that I would live a very long life and then just go to sleep and wake up with my Heavenly Father.  But, that's what we all would desire, but that's not always the way it happens.  

Then,  going hand in hand with my wonder above, I wonder how my husband and my life will be after one of us dies.  Chances are we will not die at the same time, so one of us is going to be left to adjust to life without the other.  
I also wonder how will our children feel once both of us are gone from this earth?   Will they remain close to one another?  Will they be there for one another if ever they need help?  I just remember how lost and lonely my husband felt and still feels from time to time after his Father's untimely death.

Added note:  I do not dwell on any of this, but sometimes my mind just wonders.  I'm sure yours does as well from time to time. 

I have decided that if and when I do die, which we all know will someday surely happen, I've decided that if I have to have a funeral, which I guess we do have a choice in the matter, I want mine to be happy, positive, and filled with joy and laughter, stories that will have everyone laughing, remembering my spirit and hopefully admiring our family for our strength and faith.  I want it to be beautiful and touching and if possible I would love for each of my children to speak and share memories about the kind of woman I am.  I of course have visions of a perfect funeral, but that doesn't really matter.  The
 one thing that I love most about the LDS faith is our belief in eternal families and that life continues on after death, which brings so much peace and comfort at the time of death that a funeral truly is a celebration of the life of the deceased person, not so much a time of sadness and mourning.  I'm sure no matter what kind of funeral my family decided to have after I'm gone, I will be pleased and proud of my family.  

I know this is such a strange thing to talk about, but if there is anything our family knows better than most people is that life can change quickly.  Last night as I was turning off lights and making sure doors were locked I peaked outside and saw the night sky.  It was amazing to see the stars in the sky.  It was the exclamation point on my day.  For that one moment,  I was able to glance at my own life...I hope that it will be said that I made the moments count.  If so, I will have succeeded in this test called life.  Enough said.

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