Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Fun Day!

It's been a while since I posted anything.  I've missed you all.  I went back to work after being out again with Kevin.  Kevin had another episode and I thought for sure we were in for another inpatient hospital stay.  Instead he messed up his foot pretty bad and I was home to help him get around.

Work was busy, yet totally amazing at the same time.  We had  couple people out with things like Hawaii vacations, jury duty, and out on a medical leave, so we were down a few.  Even so, work was also amazing as I mentioned before.  I had a few meetings with my manager and our director.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I received my annual review and was pleasantly surprised.  I received a raise and a bonus.  I honestly didn't expect anything with the kind of year I had last year.  I have to say it was a wonderful blessing!  I can't wait to see how that affects my paychecks going forward.  Yay!  

I will say this, Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers.   In fact, I am always amazed at how he answers each and every prayer in such profound and personal ways that always reminds me just how much He loves me and is aware of me and the things we need on a daily basis.  What a blessing it is to know my Heavenly Father is always there for me and will never let me down.  I don't know what I'd do without Him in my life.  
Lexi and I got up and got ready so we could run some errands together.  The first stop was to my bank to get a few things taken care of.  One thing I needed to do was to get a brand new debit card for myself.  I got a new card in the mail a few months back but it's splitting down the center.  The bank added that new little chip to the card and the split runs right next to one side of the chip.  I think that chip is more trouble than it's worth.  I know some day I'm going to leave my card in the card machine at some store one day.  I no likey the chips!  
After we were done at the bank we went to Discount Tire.  I needed new tires, but I had no idea they were as bad as they were.   The guy helping me checked all of the tires and got me all set up to get four brand new tires.  I even got a factory rebate which was great!  We also always get their lifetime guarantee on each tire so they will replace them if something happens to them.  That is always a nice thing to have because usually when a tire issue happens we are always tight for money.  So, having their replacement guarantee really comes in handy for me.

While we were waiting for the tires to be put on the car Lexi and I walked over to Tuesday Morning and walked around.  We found a couple of things I thought would be nice to have.  I really like those ceramic knives for the kitchen and they seem to have them in all sizes and shapes so we picked up a set of two.  I think it's a good thing I don't get into that stop very often because it could become very dangerous for me.  I have a decorating addiction and the less time I spend in stores like Tuesday Morning the better.

When Lexi and I walked back to Discount Tire they were parking our car in the parking lot and we were handed the keys and the paperwork for my rebate and we were on our way.  On our way home we stopped by Walgreen's to pick up two of the many prescriptions Kevin has.  These were not the super expensive ones.  We went home and got the prescriptions to Kevin because I knew he needed them and then Lexi and I were off again.

This time we went to the grocery store.  I think everything we at the grocery store had to go in the refrigerator.  It's always a trick to try and make room for things in our fridge.  It's a side by side and I'm not a fan of those types of refrigerators but I'm not complaining.  We picked up a lot of fruit and veggies.  Lexi and I plan to make some smoothies tomorrow.  It should be fun to try out a couple recipes we have.

Once everything was put away we took a little break and had some lunch.  After lunch we pulled out the lawn mower and I mowed the lawn and Lexi helped me sweep the sidewalks.  The lawn was getting pretty long so it was time.  We still need to weed eat to trim up a few things but it looks a lot better.  I think having me do the lawn is the hardest thing for Kevin since his injury.  He was always the one that did the lawn and had to have our lawn just so.  He would spend hours in the yard every week.  I know he misses that.  I wish there was a way for him to still be able to do his lawn but there really isn't.  I feel bad.

Once the lawn was done I came inside and  picked up around the living room and family room.  I still need to finish that and vacuum, but I will get that done in a bit.  When Lexi and I ran to the grocery story we forget a few things on my list.  I had to try to remember the things on my list from memory since my cell phone has been acting up this past week.  It's pretty much a brick, so I'm going to have to get a new phone.  Kevin gave Kyle his old one and the same thing happen to it last week.  Kyle ended up borrowing an old phone from Danielle and he transferred everything to that.  Kyle plans to buy a new phone when he gets his tax return and I will either take the phone Kyle borrowed from Danielle or Kevin will give me his new phone and he will get another one.  I want to stay with an iPhone of some kind so all of my stuff will transfer nicely, but if I have to I will take Kevin's new fancy phone.  I also don't want Kevin to be without a phone.  He was without one for quite a while there last year.  We just couldn't afford to put service on more than one phone during that time, so he lost his old number and we used mine.  So, if I go with his phone I may have to get a new number as well.  I don't know if I want to do that.  It all depends on the SIM cards and if they will work on Kevin's new phone.  Kyle and I will check it out tonight when he gets home.  Then when Curtis gets home we will get him set- up with a new phone too.  Nothing fancy just something he will be able to use until he is ready to buy his own .  In the meantime I am still mourning the loss of my phone.  I've only had it for about two years (maybe a little longer) and it's dying on me.  Sadness!

Last night before Kyle went to hang out with his Uncle and cousin to play games he and I ran out to look a suits.  He needed a new suit he could wear for work.  It also happens to come at the perfect time for Curtis to come home, so at least Kyle will look beautiful!  Speaking of Curtis, we received a letter from his mission president last week.  The letter mentioned a few of the things his mission president admired about our son and how much he trusted him.  (That was my favorite part.)  The letter thanked us for raising such a fine young man, mentioned how much their appreciated our son's cheerfulness and he mentioned that Curtis was always smiling and happy every single time he came in contact with him.  Then the mission president said he loved our son as if he was their own and said he would love to meet us, the parents, some day.  The second test was a very nice letter.  The letter also included a copy of our sons travel plans for the day he comes home and another letter asking us to have our son checked for tuberculosis as soon as he returns home.  It did not say anything about Curtis being exposed to it at all.  I think it's just a precaution.  From what I understand from other missionary parents there has been an upswing of tuberculosis cases all over the world.  So, I scheduled his appointment with our doctor for the day after he returns home.  Better safe than sorry.  I was also encouraged to get him tested twice if he happens to come back with a positive test.  One mother said her daughter's first test came back positive and then they started her on all kinds of medications until they tested her again.  The second test came back negative.  So, their daughter ended up taking medications she didn't need to take.  If someone comes back with positive Tb it means 6 to 9 months of medications.  Not fun!

I was telling my boss about the letter we received from the mission president and as I was telling her I realized how serious positive Tb could be.  Frankly, we just can't deal with anymore medical stuff.  We are at our max.  So, we are praying for negative results and I am confident my Heavenly Father knows what we can handle and what we cannot.  I'm leaving it all in his hands.  That's all I can do.

I rescheduled my Orthodontist appointment for next week.  I can't wait to see what the Orthodontist has to say.  I talked with someone I know at work had braces a few years back and she was in her 50's.  She said she always wanted them and she was very glad she did it.  That made me feel better.  I'm just a little nervous about how braces will effect speaking.  My SIL tells a story about saying her name to customers when she worked in a bank.  Let's face it I don't have the easiest of last names to say.  Schmidt comes out bad sometimes.  I don't know if I'm ready for all of that.  LOL!  It will be good.

Tonight we are just doing laundry and watching a little TV.  I still haven't made any dinner.  Kevin was asleep when I thought about dinner and Lexi and I were not hungry so I didn't cook.  I did pick up a lot of sandwich stuff so we will see if he is hungry and get him something to eat if he is.  He still isn't eating much.  He averages about one meal a day.  Trust me, I've been keeping a close eye on him and pushing food every chance I get.  When I ask him questions about food I seem to hear my Grandmother.  No one every left her home hungry.  She was an amazing cook and could get anyone to eat.  I could use her around here right now.  I think I need to pick up some Ensure or some kind of protein shakes for him.  At least them I would know he was getting some kind of nutrition.  The man makes me worry and he knows it, but he can't help it.  I love him.  ~smile~smile~

Well, I should get going.  We need to get our clothes ready for church tomorrow.  Take care and we will talk again soon.  

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