Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ten, Nine, Eight.....

Ten things I'm thankful for today:
  1. It's Saturday.  
  2. The Internet and the ability to see certain things with just a few key strokes.  
  3. My husband and the Priesthood that he holds.
  4. Priesthood blessings.
  5. Cooking Light popcorn!  Love it!
  6. my husband's appetite is coming back. Yay!  It's still not what it was but it's improving.
  7. A vacuum that works really well.
  8. A roof over our head.
  9. Food on our table.
  10. The gospel of Jesus Christ.
Nine things I accomplished today:
  1. made it to the grocery store and only got the things on my list, even after the list disappeared from my phone.
  2. three loads of laundry.
  3. cleaned the family room or should I say, picked up my own mess.
  4. cleaned the bathroom
  5. Only spent $26 at the grocery store.  Big accomplishment if I do say so myself.
  6. hung a banner that I had tucked away for St. Patrick's Day.  (Kyle gave me a hard time today for celebrating a Saints day since we aren't Catholic and St. Patrick's Day is just an excuse for everyone to get drunk.  I told him, St. Patrick's Day doesn't mean that for us.  It's just a day to have a little family fun.  He didn't have anything to say to that.)
  7. fed the dogs
  8. Managed to wake Kevin up right after he had just fallen asleep.  The poor man hasn't been sleeping well for the past week and here I go and wake him up right after he finally drifts off to sleep.  I felt so bad.  Poor man.  
  9. Does a nap count for me?  I did manage to fall back asleep after I woke up around 5AM this morning.  I slept until 7AM.  I call that a nap.  It counts, right?
Eight things I will do tomorrow:
  1. Go to church.  I'm loving the earlier schedule.  
  2. Get ready for work the next day.  My clothes have been laid out for a while now all ready to go.
  3. Make a nice dinner.  I'm hoping Kevin's appetite picks up again.  We are going to try out our Omaha Steaks we received as a gift from Kevin's Aunts.  Thanks again Yvonne and Patsy.
  4. Feed the dogs
  5. Bandage up Kevin's toe again.
  6. Empty out some of the things in my purse.  
  7. Send an email to our missionary.
  8. Get a blessing.
Seven things I need from the store:
  1. paint to paint a few picture frames.  I haven't decided on a color yet, so I've got some time yet.  It's for the redo of my gallery wall.  I'm hoping to get it done before Curtis comes home, but if I don't that's okay too.
  2. a few plastic totes
  3. Lexi needs new tennis shoes - the dog chewed hers up.
  4. this pair of shoes I've had my eye on for the past couple of months. (Okay I don't really need them.)
  5. a stand alone freezer.  Ours is too small.  
  6. salad fixins.  I totally walked right past them today at the grocery store.  Oh well, dinner tomorrow will not have a salad I guess.  No biggie.  
  7. Dog food.  Let's hope there is enough food in the bag to get through until Monday, otherwise the dogs will end up getting some table scraps and that's not good for them.
Six people I talked to today that I normal do not talk with everyday:
  1. An old friend I use to work at AT&T with.  I ran into her at the grocery store.  I'm still not sure why she was at the grocery store near my house since she lives in Apache Junction.  Oh well, it was nice to see her and catch up a bit.
  2. My oldest son right after he got to work today.  Normally I don't get to talk to him at all on the days he works because we don't see each other.  If he isn't working he is sleeping.  He works some crazy hours and they are about to get even crazier.
  3. a telemarketer from Washington DC.  They have been calling and calling for several weeks now and I normally do not answer their calls.  Well, today I did. 
  4. A friend on Facebook that I haven't talked to in several years.  Isn't technology amazing!
  5. My friend Heather
  6. My friend Bev
Five things I did today that I always do:
  1. made dinner
  2. fed the dogs
  3. did laundry
  4. Cleaned the bathroom
  5. Cleaned the Family Room
Four things I said far too often today:
  1. asked Kevin how he was doing and if he needed anything.  I seem to be asking those questions of him about every few minutes.  I think we both are tired of hearing me say the words.  LOL!  
  2. "Leroy, stop it!"  That darn dog keeps jumping on me first thing in the morning.  He's that excited to go outside with our other dog.  Silly dog.
  3. "Lexi, can you let the dogs in?"  I think she got asked that about three of four times today.
  4. "Kyle isn't here.  He left for work."  Kevin seems to always ask for Kyle when he isn't here.    
Three things I ate today:
  1. a donut from Hurts Donut Company.  Yum!  They are very rich and I could barely eat the one.  They pack a LOT of sugar in every donut apparently.  No joke.  I've never had a donut quite as sickening sweet in all my life.  Even our oldest son only ate one and I would say he is the one person in our family that always goes for the sweets.  Not with these donuts.  To be frank, I couldn't handle it.  So, if that's why they call themselves Hurts Donuts then they are true to their name.  The sugar shock alone will hurt!  Wowsers!
  2. Popcorn.  I love the Cooking Light Popcorn you can find down the chip isle at the grocery store.  It only has 35 calories per cup and it tastes really good! 
  3. Lots of water!  
Two things that made me laugh today:
  1. Kyle called me after arriving at work today to tell me he couldn't get into their locker room to get into his uniform because someone had got their key stuck in the door and it broke off.  So, Kyle was waiting for a locksmith to arrive to fix the lock.  He had to have dispatch swipe him in.  
  2. Kevin wanting to tease Curtis.  He said that I should tell him that the Bishop gave us the topic he wants Curtis to speak about in Sacrament Meeting.  Kevin wanted me to tell Curtis the topic was gay marriage.  Of course, I refused.  That man!  Of course Curtis would know it was a complete joke and of course he'd realize who's idea it was eventually.  And we wonder where Curtis gets his teasing attitude from.
One thing I want to remember about this day:
  1.  A conversation I had regarding the accidental death of a friend of a friend this past weekend that was enlightening to me and reminded me that life is short, life is precious, and that my faith and beliefs are the greatest blessing.
In other news......

These past several days have been a little rough.  Kevin hasn't been eating much and he hasn't been able to sleep at all either.  It's the pain is what he tells me.  He has all of his medications yet the pain just gets so intense that sometimes his stomach gets upset and he cannot sleep.  I believe the weather changes have something to do with his pain levels.  Kevin doesn't want to believe that but I do.  I remember when my grandparents would talk about the weather changes affecting their aches and pains.  My parents feel it too from time to time.  

It wasn't until yesterday that Kevin actually ate more than a bite of something.  I had everything but enough cheese to make enchiladas so that's what we had for dinner.  When I told Kevin my plan he perked right up.  I thought for sure he would turn them down since they are on the spicy side.  Kevin ended up eating about half the amount he would normally eat.  BUT, this morning he had some for breakfast too.  Lexi was up super early this morning and Kevin had Lexi heat up a plate of them first things.  By 9AM this morning all the enchiladas in my large roasting pan were gone which makes me happy.  Especially in a situation like this where Kevin has refused to eat anything for so long.  All I can say is thank goodness for the original green Gatorade!  There for a while that was the only thing, other than water, he was taking in.  The not eating scares me. 

Kyle is working hard to get ready for the next testing dates with a few local police departments.  He is determined.  I sure hope it all works out for him.  He is ready and we are all ready for him to just get it done.  Honestly, I think he has held off until Curtis gets home because he didn't want to leave me here without any help for Kevin.  I have to say, I have some of the most amazing children.  Kyle is a very quiet kind of guy but he really does care probably more than anyone would ever know.  I have to say, if we were the reason he put his dreams aside I feel bad, but at the same time I am totally amazed as well.  I love that young man!  He's ornery and gives me a hard time all of the time about anything and everything, but there isn't anything I wouldn't do for him and I know he would do anything for me or his father as well.  

Lexi has some big tests coming up soon with school in the next couple of months.  She has been studying and studying her little heart out and I hope all goes well for her.  She'll take a series of tests over the next little bit.  We know she will do well. 

For me, not much has been happening.  I've just been busy helping my husband and have been staying here at the house while Kevin has been on the mend and trying to build up his strength.  Thankfully this morning the Kevin we all know and love was back.  You know the one that likes to joke and banter back and forth with all of us.   That's the Kevin I miss whenever he isn't feeling well.  Tonight he is actually singing with the television and seems to be doing a bit better.  More to come on that tomorrow.  We have to take it day to day around our home.  It can be frustrating at times, but it's all good.  

And for today's quote.......

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Well, I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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