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I've decided my family has made it their goal to stress me out. 

 Lexi and Kyle went out to go running tonight and they came home about five minutes after being out and Lexi was crying, having trouble breathing, and her chest was hurting.  I gave her about 5 minutes to calm down and had hoped her chest would stop hurting a bit, but it didn't.  I grabbed my shoes and my wallet and I was ready to head out the door to Urgent Care to get her checked out. She said she was having trouble breathing and I thought lets just hold on a minute here. She said she was making a funny sound when she was breathing, and she was coughing too. That's when I knew exactly what would help her. I pulled out my rescue inhaler and had her take two puffs and within about 10 minutes she was a lot better. Tomorrow I will be calling our primary care doctor to set up a follow up appointment just to be sure she is a-okay. All I need is for something crazy to happen to another person in my family and I just might have to run and hide just to keep my sanity. 

Seriously now....I would never do that!  BUT, it does stress me out a bit, especially since she's already had issues with her heart. We aren't doing open heart surgery again......EVER!!! I don't have it in me to go through anything remotely close to that EVER again.

After Lexi kinda calmed down, and stopped crying and relaxed a bit I started checking on everyone else....namely Kevin. 

He came out of the bedroom, to use the restroom, and on his way back I started questioning him. When I asked him if he was okay, he said, "well, I'm not on the floor yet, so I am okay."  That man!  That was my proof, right there, that the old Kevin was back and that's a wonderful thing! He's had me worried about his appetite lately, especially today. He wasn't eating and didn't want dinner. I was concerned until he told me he wasn't eating by choice and he was not eating with a purpose in mind.  I then reminded him that he probably shouldn't fast as long as he might normally fast in his current condition.  He already has to monitor pretty much everything he puts in his mouth, so I don't think avoiding food all together is a good thing either. Not since he can take a turn for the worst at a moments notice.  So, while Kyle and I ran to the store to get some bottled water, I made sure we picked up a candy bar for Kevin too.  Just to entice him. While he may be fasting and I don't want to do anything to keep him from that, I also do not want to be rushing off to the Emergency Room tonight either. 

Once everything calmed down in our home, I decided to go on a very short walk with Lexi. One, to get out and get a little exercise myself and second, to just make sure Lexi was really okay. I didn't want to go far because I didn't want to get "stuck" far away from the house and not be able to get her back if we needed to quick.  So, we only made it down to the end of the street before we turned around. Lexi did just fine. I think maybe she just did to much to fast earlier and she hasn't been running in a long time, so when she tried it tonight it got the best of her.  BUT...again, we will get her checked out and it's time to get her back to the Pediatric cardiologist for a full work up anyway. More to come on that.  

On to other things.

So, I am going to be completely honest here.

This weekend I promised myself that even if we couldn't make it to Stake Conference (there's no way Kevin could make it through that crowd and endure a two hour meeting right now.) that I would make sure I did what I could to keep the Sabbath day holy. That meant no shopping on Sunday.

It's a very real struggle for me.  I know what you're thinking. How sad! 

I guess I struggle because I work full-time, out of the home, and sometimes one day is simply not enough time to get everything done that needs to get done. You know Saturdays.  It's not the best excuse for sure and I know it.  

Well, we did really well at not shopping on Sunday and just spending the day taking care of my family.  I was so happy all went well and I reached my tiny little goal. 

Well, today I was reading an article about what it means to keep that simple commandment.  The article talked about our Sabbath Day worship in terms of signs we give to the Lord. It was this concept that really caught my attention and I had to keep reading. As I read on, I found that I needed to read those things and come to a new understanding of why it is so important to observe the Sabbath Day. The article humbled me and reminded me of a few things I had been wanting to have happen in my life and in the lives of my family members (the children) too, and it gave me hope and insight on things I could do to make sure those things happen in all of our lives. 

These are the things the article reminded me of.

I thought this was awesome.....

In many ways we show the Lord how obedient we are by our actions. In the scriptures they refer to this as the signs we choose to give to the Lord through our actions on the Sabbath Day.

I read Ezekiel 20:12-13....and a couple more verses as well.
This is the scripture Elder Nelson quotes in his talk titled, "The Sabbath is a Delight."  

If you continue reading the next few verses of scripture, it puts the idea of the Sabbath being a sign into context. The context being that the ancient Israelites were not willing to give the right sign to the Lord. They were not willing to keep the Sabbath, and as a result, the Lord basically says, they will not be brought into the promised land. And future generations were kept from entering as well. This, we know, is not the only reason, but in this chapter it is given as a major reason. 

So, by not keeping the Sabbath Day, it's just like holding up a sign to the Lord saying, "We do not wish to keep the Law of the Sabbath, just like Ancient Israel.  Then on the flip side of that sign, the Lord says back, "Message received, You are not ready to enter the promised land and to receive the blessings."

Now, remember how long the Israelites roamed.... and then contemplate, or think about, what kind of sign we, in our day, are giving to the Lord. Let's put it this way...Are we telling our Heavenly Father that we are not yet ready to receive the blessings that He has waiting for us? We might not be ready, and maybe that's ok...but let's not wait 40 years to be ready. Let's learn to keep the Sabbath Day holy now or as soon as we can, right??????

Can you imagine? My actions today make an incredible impact on future generations.  Take about responsibility!

As you can imagine I was a little shocked that this article, I just happened to stumble across, was touching so eloquently on the very things my husband and I just talked about the day before. It was at that moment that I realized that I was directed to this article for a reason, and I became very much aware of how much my Heavenly Father loves me, wants me to succeed, and is a part of my every day life, as well as the confirmation I received telling me just how important it is to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

There's more.

This just got to me and I became very much aware that I needed to correct my ways, and fast!!!

This is a quote by Mark E Peterson:  "No law in all scripture has been more clearly defined than that of the Sabbath. From the time of Genesis to our own day, there has been no subject spoken of more directly or repeatedly than the Sabbath.

"It is one of the laws most dear to the heart of God. Yet it is noted far more in its desecration than in its acceptance and proper observance...."

........(keep reading)..............

"Our observance or nonobservance of the Sabbath is an unerring measure of our attitude toward the Lord personally and toward his suffering in Gethsemane, his death on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead. It is a sign of whether we are Christians in very deed, or whether our conversion is so shallow that commemoration of his atoning sacrifice means little or nothing to us."  (The Sabbath Day," Ensign, May 1975. pp. 47-49)

By this time I was in tears and humbled.


As I mentioned before, the degree to which we keep the Sabbath Day holy has an affect on other people.

This is what you will find in the Bible Dictionary on Sabbath Day observance:

The importance of a sacred day for man to rest from his temporal labors,
contemplate the word of the Lord, and assemble for public worship is a major 
item in a person's spiritual development.  Furthermore, a decay in the national
religious life always follows any tendency toward carelessness in the matter of
Sabbath observance.  The existence of a weekly holy day is a most important
safeguard; it leaves a constant reminder to the individual of his need for spiritual
sustenance and his duty before God, and serves as a witness to the world that
there is such a thing as revealed religion.

The change from observing the last day of the week to the first day of the week is not so important as is the concept and principle of the Sabbath.  In either case, the Sabbath was symbolic of the mighty works of God: the creation of the earth, the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

President Gordon B Hinckley has said about keeping the Sabbath Day holy, Sunday is "becoming the play day of America...."  He also issued this warning to us as a people.  "Our strength for the future, our resolution to grow the church around the world will be weakened if we ignore the Lord in this important matter....We cannot disregard with impunity that which He has said."

That is another one of those things about the Sabbath that I had not thought about.  Not only does our Sabbath observance affect our spirituality and that of our nation, but it will greatly hinder our efforts to share the gospel if we disregard the things God has said about it.  

Naturally, if you think about it, the opposite must also be true, if there are blessings we desire, we need to keep the commandments upon which those blessings are predicated.  And we are promised in the scriptures that the "fulness of the earth" will be ours if we keep the Sabbath Day holy. So basically....any blessing after which we seek can only be helped by keeping the Lord's day holy.

I absolutely LOVED this about women in the scriptures....

In Luke 23:55 through Luke 24:1-9, we read about a group of women who followed after the body of Christ to make sure it was properly prepared for burial/entombment after his death. They prepared spices to use on his body, but seeing that the Sabbath was upon them, they stopped short of their task and waited until the next day to look after Christ's body.

The "next day" was Sunday (since their Sabbath was on Saturday), and when they came to the tomb, they found that his body was not there. They were met by two angels who explained that He was risen. These women became some of the very first witnesses of the Resurrection of the Savior BECAUSE they observed the Sabbath Day as they knew it.

HOW COOL IS THAT!!!????!!!!

Now, I know we all want to be witnesses of Christ and we can be. We can receive these same wonderful witnesses of Him, but sometimes we make things harder than they have to be. Sometimes receiving a witness is mainly a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Keeping the Lord's commandment to observe the Sabbath can help us do that.

I have to say, this really hit home for me because, now hear me our here.....and remember, this is just me giving in to a few bad thoughts I was having.......I have often wondered why I was, what I called "past over" for callings that involved being around other adults for a while now. In fact, I was beginning to think I was purposely kept from having a Visiting Teaching companion, or having a calling in the ward that would put me in a place to actually get to know other members of the ward. 

Now,let me stop myself right here.

After reading this. The only person I need to blame is myself. I know this isn't the case.


Right now, I'm doing all I can do right now. A big calling wouldn't be a good idea.

So, I get it.

Of course, that didn't stop me from allowing my mind to wander and fill my head full of crazy ideas.

Now, if I was where I needed to be and doing the things I should do(or in this case, should not do) on Sunday, then maybe my mind wouldn't go to these places, and I would actually be in the "right place" at the "right time"

I just need to remember this and never forget just how my actions or lack there of, affect receiving the things (blessings) I want and so desperately feel I need.

There was one more point in the article I wanted to point out.

This was a personal experience shared.

This was about a woman who's children's disabilities keep her family from going to church regularly, but she would still have her family dress up on Sundays when they were able to take the Sacrament as delivered by members of the Priesthood in her ward...and that is her personal sign to the Lord.  A sign that is just between her and the Lord and her and her children....which most signs are truly meant to be.....PERSONAL!!!

I learned so much from this article.  Things I should have remembered and things I probably would have remembered if I would have been where I know I needed to I could give my own personal sign to the Lord as well.

Our family situation may not change anytime soon.  In fact, if I had to guess, I would think it could actually get worse as time goes on. SO, there are going to be times when I flat out cannot leave my husband and I know the Lord knows this.


What I can do is make it to church more often, especially now that the schedule has changed and Kyle is available to be home while I go.

I can also do everything I can to make sure I do not shop on Sunday's anymore.  That means doing everything I can to make sure SPR is covered, that if I need gas for Monday I get it Saturday, that Kevin has all of his medications to last so I don't have to make a special trip to the pharmacy, and that also means running to the grocery store Saturday so we have everything we need so I don't go on Sunday.

It's going to take some extra planning and preparing on my part, but it is so worth it. As I said before, I want every single blessing my Heavenly Father wants to give me and has in store for me. I want my children and their children's children to receive all of the blessings they want and I want us all to reach the promised land!!  I also want to be a witness of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I so want these things!

Now I know, I decide, right here and now if I am going to show my Heavenly Father the right kind of sign.

I have said this time and time again that I am not perfect and I hope you understand this. I'm just trying to do the best I can and survive.  It's as simple as that.

I also want to invoke the blessings that come from keeping this basic and simple commandment.  I have a lot of repenting to do. What else is new, right?!  In all soberness. My eyes have been opened and now I see.  Now I know that I control my future and the future of my family.  It really is that simple.  Enough said.

In other news, we received a letter from our missionary, a few videos.  Letter first, though.....

Hey All,
This week was a good one. Elder Sxxxxxxxx is a little upset because his Steelers lost. We ares still working with a lot of less active and part member families. 

Last Sunday was cool. We had about ten new investigators show up to play basketball. They are all super cool. We are teaching a few of them and will probably start teaching the rest of them soon. Hopefully we can get their families involved as well.

Today we went bowling with Pxxx and it was super fun. The guy next to us was trying for the 900. he got two 300's but missed at about the 5th frame of the third one.

Something pretty cool is happening. They're changing missionaries schedules this Wednesday. It's a permanent worldwide change. We get an extra half hour of working out time and no more nightly planning. We plan in the morning and do our  personal study and that's it.  I'm excited! 

Anyways, hope you're all doing good.

Elder Schmidt
Sent from my iPad

Here are the video's.  One is of Elder Schmidt and his companion in the snow. The other is of Elder Schmidt's companion not liking spicy food. 

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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