Saturday, January 21, 2017

What A Day This Has Been, What A Rare Mood I'm In, Why It's Almost Like Being In Love.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I wanted a cabinet to put here in this spot in my home.

You know, along the wall underneath the empty window frame on the side of my doors in the living room.
I started thinking maybe later this year if I received a bonus from work I could maybe buy one if the price was right. So, I started a casual search on all the Facebook groups for buffets, dressers, and cabinets that would work for my space.  I even went on several websites like Wayfair,, JC Penney, Sears, and even Amazon looking for one I would love.  There were several on each site that I absolutely loved with price tags of well over $500 for the ones I really liked.  

I didn't like the prices I was seeing.

Well, low and behold something happened this weekend.

Danielle sent me a message Friday afternoon telling me about this friend and neighbor that was moving.  The friend didn't have room in the place she was moving to and had a few things she was giving away.  Danielle and Chance were at her home picking up the furniture she was giving to them.  They had to rent a truck to do it, so they called around and found out that Home Depot had the best rates for quick jobs.  

Well, while they were at their friends house she asked Danielle if she knew of anyone that would want her buffet cabinet.  She said she had asked another friend and they were all set to go pick it up today but they changed their mind.  Danielle said she knew I was looking for one, so she said she would give me call.  Danielle sent me a photo of the cabinet and said it was really sturdy and she knew I could dress it up, change the knobs, and make it my own.  

When I saw the photos I was thrilled!  I told Danielle I loved it, but I had no way to get it to my house.  Well, Danielle then proceeded to tell me about the truck deal through Home Depot and that they had the truck now.  So, I got in my car and drove over to the friends house to make sure I really wanted the cabinet.  You know how photos just do not do a piece justice and you have to see them in person to really know if you want it.  When I got there and looked at the cabinet Danielle and I said at the same time that the knobs had to be changed.  It was one of those jinxed moments.  You know the kind.

So, Chance and his buddy loaded the cabinet up onto the Home Depot truck, before Chance headed off to work.  They had me drive the truck back to my house because Danielle didn't feel comfortable driving it.  She said the last time she tried to drive a truck like that one was when her friend Brittney was moving and used a U-Haul truck.  She said she was all over the road with it.  We were going to drop the cabinet off at my house, then have Danielle drive my car and we would head over to Home Depot to drop the truck off, since Chance couldn't do it.  

When we got to the house I had Kyle come out to help us get it off the truck and in the house.  Kyle thought I bought the darn thing.  He was mad as a hornet and proceeded to tell me exactly what he thought as we were standing in the middle of our street dealing with this super heavy cabinet.  He hates it when buy something on one of those Facebook groups and then expect him to lift it and carry it into our vehicle and house.  I think he has a problem with the whole idea of second-hand.  (I don't)  BUT, in my defense, I haven't done anything like that lately.  I've purposely have not bought anything from any of those websites on purpose and because I'm trying to get rid of a few things....not collect more things.  
Except for a cabinet.  I did want this.  
Here is what the cabinet looks like right now.  It's pretty big.

These are some of the photos I put up on top of the cabinet so far.  

If you zoom into the photos you can see them a little better.  The empty black frame in the back use to have a picture of Kyle and a past girlfriend.  He took the picture out and shredded it.  I haven't picked out another photo of him yet, so the frame is empty.  I'm thinking we need one of him in his weight lifting glory days.  Don't you think?  I especially LOVE the photo of Lexi in curlers and glasses and making a funny face.  She laughed pretty hard when she saw it too.  I love these kinds of photos.  The candid shots of my family.  The one of Curtis, well, that's of him when he arrived at the Mission Home in the NY NY North Mission. He is standing with his Mission President and his wife.  I can't wait to add other photos of our family as time goes by.  This will be fun.  I need a funny one of Danielle and Chance too.  We have to include Chance!  After all he is a part of our family now too.  He took some really funny photos and posted them on Facebook of him singing and dancing while he was building a headboard with Danielle and his Dad.  They are pretty funny, but I want one of the both of them.  I'll have to look around.  More photos to come.

This is the inside of the cabinet.

It has these palm tree knobs on the cabinet doors that I plan to eventually change.

And these palm tree medallion things on each cabinet door that will be removed and replaced with something more "my style".

Then I also think I will do something with the inlay piece of the cabinet doors as well.  I'm not sure exactly what, but something.  Maybe paint them a solid black or something.  I know what I could do!!!  I could stencil them like I wanted to do on my old coffee table!!!  Yay!!! I love that idea!!

This is a close up of the cabinet doors right now...

Don't you think they would be cool with something like this done to the front of them?

But,.....More like this since it's a cabinet front and there will be the cabinet door plain edges. 

What do you think?  I'm excited!  I have a little project now.  I can't wait to get it done. AND the best part.  It will only cost me the price of a little can of dark stain and the cost of some masking tape and the cost of a couple sponge brushes.  I'd say, if I shop around I could get all of those supplies for less than $10!!  AND....oh yeah, the cost of a couple knobs.  I might just fill the holes where those "lovely" little palm tree medallions are screwed into the cabinet fronts instead of putting something new on them.  That way I can stencil the entire cabinet front and not have to worry about spacing for a new medallion.  And save some more money.  ~smile~smile~ You can't beat that!  I have a new cabinet, and redone the way I want it all for less than a total of about $15-$20.  Love it!!!  

These are the kinds of things that totally make me happy.  In fact, my entire living room is made up of bargains like this.  My couch was given to me.  Those doors behind my couch were free.  The big set I got from a neighbor a few streets over.  I saw them on the side of their house and I took a chance and knocked on their door one day.  The the two smaller doors on either side of the larger ones, I got off of Craigslist.  We were collecting doors to use as a back drop at my nieces wedding reception.  So, my nephew picked up the two smaller doors.  Then my brother in law took his sander to the fronts of the doors and gave them the shabby vibe they have now.  Then after each wedding reception, the doors have lived in my living room.  (they have been used for five receptions now.  Three for family members. The other two were not family members)  Then the two black chairs I bought a long time ago from someone who lived in Queen Creek for $60 for both.  They are burgundy chairs that we found two perfect black slip covers for at a Goodwill and used the chairs at our daughter's reception.  Then the little side table on the one end of my couch I also got off of one of those Facebook groups years ago for $20.  The bench I use as my coffee table I also bought on a Facebook group.  I bought two of them a long time ago with the intention of eventually using either on our back porch and at my daughter's reception.  I paid $20 for each.  Then when we had the reception, the two benches became the base for the canopy over the cake table.  Remember this?

Here are the benches before we decorated the canopy.

And here they are decorated.  Front and side view.

Then on the other wall, I have my sofa table.  That was a table Kevin and I bought when we bought our first and only home back in 2007 or 2008.  I got it for our living room and I think it is the most expensive piece of furniture we own in our living room.  I think it cost us about $150 at the time.  All the other things I have in my living room were either free, re-purposed from something else, or bought second hand at a thrift store, or bought on sale some place else. 

This is the other wall....

So, I'm here to tell you that you do not have to spend a lot of money to make a room look nice.  

Now, I know my living room may not be decorated to your style or standards.  Frankly, I am quite proud of this room.  It fits my likes and my style choices and I totally enjoy the hunt for something out of the ordinary and inexpensive.  I also LOVE taking something and tweaking it to make it my own.  All the furniture alone did not cost over $250 in our living room.  (Add it up!)  Then with all the other furnishings, I think we never got over $500 total.  That thrills me!  It makes me giddy just thinking about it!  

I will take more photos of my cabinet after I make the changes to it.  I can't wait, but realistically, it may have to be a couple of weeks before I jump in and get going on it.  Besides, it's been raining and I don't want to get started and have my little project ruined by rain or have the wind pick up and blow dust all over the wet paint or stain.  That would not be good.  That would make me cry.  

What projects are you working on, or what pieces have you found for a deal?

In other news.....

Kevin had his appointment with his physical therapy/rehabilitation doctor this past week.  I think Kevin shocked the doctor.  We found out some information about Kevin's condition that he shared with the doctor and then when Kevin told him he had been in the hospital for a severe septic UTI and E Coli, all the doctor could say was, "Wow!"  When Kevin told him about the information he had about his condition the doctor was mad because if the other doctor's would have done their job, Kevin never would be a patient of the rehab doctor today. I think Kevin blew the man away that day.  Now Kevin has a lot of "fun" tests coming up.  They are going to test all kinds of things.  Then he has a new doctor to go see as well.  They also want to schedule another MRI.  So, by the time they are done with all their poking and probing, not to mention all the medications, we should be done with our family deductible of $5800. by the end of February.  Yikes!  That's a lot of money to come up with out of pocket in a very short amount of time.  So, we will see what happens.  I'm just glad Kevin got in to see his doctor and I'm glad he is not messing around with things and has scheduled all kinds of things to try and help and prevent Kevin from having all the trouble he has had recently.  Of all the doctor's Kevin sees, this Rehab doctor is my absolute favorite.  He is amazing.  You should have saw him at the hospital right after Kevin was butchered by that surgeon.  This doctor picked up the pieces and what was left of my dear, sweet husband and was a miracle worker.  The work he does must be very difficult at times seeing how these injuries, stokes, and illnesses change his patients lives.  He comes in with his team of specialists and does what they cannot do for themselves in a very literal sense, and he never stops.  He has a full floor of patients he sees at St. Joseph's every single day and multiple times a day as well.  I'm sure there are over 30 beds on that floor and this doctor visits every single patient on that floor.  Then he has an office in the building next door where he sees patients for their follow-up appointments.  AND he runs the outpatient Physical Therapy Unit as well!  I'm telling you, this man is simply amazing!  I love him!  Kevin loves him.  My children love him.  He does amazing work and we are so very grateful he does.  AND if I had to guess, I would bet he is Mormon.  He always dresses like a missionary.  You know the look, white button down collar shirt.  Conservative tie.  Dark pants, dark socks, and very comfortable yet smart looking lace up dress shoes.  The kind of shoe you would probably purchase at Pomeroy's in down town Mesa.  He can speak multiple languages, he speaks German and Spanish, and he always talks about his wife and children in a very "Mormon-like" way.  If he isn't Mormon, then my next guess would be Catholic, but I really think it's Mormon.  If I would have known about the languages the last time I got to go with Kevin to his appointment, I would have asked where he learned to speak German or Spanish.  Then if he said on his two year mission for his church, I would know for sure.  Questions you should have asked, if you would have know, and could have had the chance.  ~smile~smile~

Bottom line, I'm just glad Kevin got in to see his Rehab/Physical Therapy doctor.  We now know we are on the right track.  More to come as the tests are done and Kevin goes back to this doctor and his pain specialist.  The pain specialist is pretty awesome as well.  That man can look at an MRI and tell you exactly what is happening with Kevin's body.  He has looked at Kevin's MRI's and then described to a "T" the symptoms Kevin has right down to the tingling sensation he has in his toes.  If I didn't actually see it happen I wouldn't have believed it myself.  He is a hoot to talk to, does some crazy things on his off time, and will quote Star Wars and other movies when you visit his offices.  He is also the guy that told his back office staff, and Kevin heard this as he was leaving his office, that that surgeon who butchered my husband "really F'd him up bad!!!"  Yes, he used the exact word to his back office staff.  NO, I won't repeat that word!  That was shocking to hear a doctor be so opinionated when patients were around.  I know some doctors have quite the "potty" mouth, but they usually clean up their act around patients and you would never know.  Not this guy.  He says it like it is.  Well, at least to his staff.  He does clean up his potty mouth around his patients.  

In his off time he travels around the world with these big time groups that do the real mid evil times fights with the actual weapons that they used back in the day.  The people don't play act in these fights.  They really fight.  So, this doctor travels around and he stitches up wounds, administers medications, and patches people up enough before they head off to a hospital or just enough so they can finish their fight.  He was talking about it one time and he had some pretty wild stories to tell.  He is from the Ukraine to and speaks with a fairly thick accent.  He is super funny and Kevin really enjoys going to see him.  They have fun talking.  Kevin even likes his office staff too.  He talks sports with the male nurse, and sports and movies with the doctor.  It's a good thing.

More to come on Kevin as he has these tests done and we learn more.  I'm just glad he got in to see this doctor and he has the ball rolling to keep Kevin from having further issues.  That puts my mind at ease.  

We have Stake Conference twice in a row this month. Tomorrow Lexi will be going to a special youth choir rehearsal right after the General Stake Conference Meeting because next weekend Elder Ballard and Elder Rashband are coming to speak to our youth and our stake.  So, Lexi could have a front row seat, close up and personal with two Apostles.  (as her Young Women's leaders put it.)  This will be good for her.  It would be amazing if she got the chance to meet both of these men, but we know that might not happen too.  Either way, it this conference and singing in the choir will be a good experience for Lexi.  I'm excited for her.  

I should get going.  I've talked (typed) your ears (eyes) off today.  LOL! 

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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