Friday, January 13, 2017


Ten things I am thankful for today:
  1. that the Spirit can speak loudly in the softest whispers to my soul.
  2. that I remained calm and didn't get worried while my paperwork was being reviewed.  (I still can't believe it!  And they came back with results so fast.  I was expecting a long wait and a not so positive outcome.  Pinch me please.)
  3. that Lexi is feeling better today.  She had that stomach flu I had last weekend
  4. a husband that loves me for me.
  5. modern technology that helps me in my day to day life so much.  I can get answers at the touch of my fingers in seconds.  OR send reams of information in seconds across the country.  It's amazing!
  6. Sprite!  It really tastes good on your stomach when you are sick with the flu
  7. my son for encouraging me to work hard and get out there more
  8. my youngest for wanting to just spend time with me.  
  9. for amazing doctor's offices that go above and beyond for our family
  10. for the comforts of home on a dark and grey day
Nine things I've cooked in the last few days:
  1. Omelets
  2. Breakfast burritos
  3. Tacos
  4. Baked Chicken
  5. French Fries
  6. Hamburgers
  7. Biscuits and Gravy
  8. Chili
  9. Fry Bread
Eight things I'm doing today:
  1. Taking Kevin to the doctor...that is, if he doesn't have the stomach flu
  2. Cleaning the bathroom
  3. Making Chili
  4. Making Fry Bread
  5. Cleaning the Dining Room Table off
  6. Dishes and Vacuuming the living room and family room
  7. Running to pick up some totes and Chlorine for the pool
  8. Working on a couple new pieces for the gallery wall in our family room
Seven things I've got to do before I go back to work next week:
  1. Dye my hair.  I've had two bottles of hair dye sitting in my bathroom for months now!  I'd say for about six months.  Time to use it!
  2. Clean out my purse
  3. Clean out my car
  4. Wash the outside of my car
  5. Get some quick meals made and in the fridge for the family to just grab and warm up in the microwave
  6. Make sure Kevin has all of his medications 
  7. Make sure my family keeps their cell phones turned on and not on vibrate.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reach them when they have their phones turned down or on vibrate!  I get scared to death every time!
Six people I couldn't live without, aside from my family:
  1. My Bishop
  2. Our Relief Society President
  3. My therapist
  4. My friend Bev
  5. My doctor
  6. Kevin's doctors
Five things on my want list these days:
  1. New dining room furniture or even "new-to-me" (especially a new buffet cabinet)
  2. a new treadmill
  3. some wood from Lowes for a project I have going.
  4. a new washer and dryer 
  5. a new car.  
Four things we are watching on TV these days:
  1. Lethal Weapon
  2. Madam Secretary
  3. Ransom
  4. Bull
Three things I am praying for right now: 
  1. That if Kevin has the stomach flu, that it will go away quickly without requiring him to go back to the hospital.  We are watching him very close today.
  2. Our missionary.  He is always in our prayers
  3. Our oldest child and her new marriage, her new carrier goals/changes, and that they will be able to make a smooth move to their new home...and that it will be everything they are hoping for.
Two things on my mind:
  1. Last night Kyle decided to extend a challenge to me.  He wants me to start walking or running this two mile stretch for one month and the challenge is that whoever improves their time after one month wins.  I agreed to the challenge, half heartedly of course.  You see, Kyle is banking on the fact that I will quit halfway through because it will be too hard to keep up with while going to work and doing everything else too.  He's probably right, but we are going to give it a try anyway.  Besides, it will be good to get out and get some exercise.  And Kevin could come too if he wanted.  Lexi says she will do it with me.  More to come on this.
  2. How does one dog find and shred as much paper as Kyle's dog can find and shred? Holy cow!  I've never seen a dog be so destructive in all my life.  He needs to get out and go on walks with his "Daddy" or something.  I told Kyle this and his response was tht he would have to take the other dog out too.  I even offered to walk one of the dogs so we could take them out together.  Kyle insisted that we didn't have two leashes, but I know we do.  In the mean time my living room floor continues to look like snow has hit inside the house.  Frustrating!!  If Lexi and I could walk both dogs on our own without losing our arms or being dragged along the neighborhood on our faces we would attempt to walk them without Kyle, but one dog is just to darn big and the other is to darn strong.  It would never work.  What to do?  I'm not sure.  Arg!!
One quote for the day:  

Did I tell you what my kids got me?  I had this one.

And then they found me this one...

Today's quote is from the movie...."Just keep swimming!"  Love it!  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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