Monday, January 23, 2017

Stormy Monday

For a Monday, this has been an odd day.  
I talked to someone from Monterrey, California and she said they were experiencing 25 foot waves off the coast there.  Then later today a friend of ours said there was a tornado warning for Santa Barbara with activity just south of Santa Maria, California.  That's where I use to live!  I've never seen a tornado warning for that area of California.  
Then even later during my work day I talked to someone from Alabama and she said they had ice and snow the other day and then the weather changed and now they have 70 degree weather.  She said during the late fall and spring they experience the craziest of weather, especially in the spring.  
Even here it's been raining more than ever.  Up north in Flagstaff, Arizona they received 24 inches of snow.  The radio announced that the schools were waiting until 7AM this morning to determine if they would be shut down for the day.
So, I don't know what's happening, but Mother Nature sure has been a busy girl.
Speaking of being busy.  Today was an interesting day at work as well.  
I kept getting all kinds of questions about things that are a little more complex to deal with and most people don't want to get involved with.  Anything that involves a potential error and the clean up of that kind of thing, most people run the other way.  Well, honestly, I don't blame them.  BUT, I didn't have that option.  I had to jump in and deal with several  different issues involving this kind of thing.  To the point that I was beginning to think there was a problem with the call routing or maybe someone wanted to see me stumble and make a mistake and they kept sending those calls my way.  You see, if you do something that causes a mistake and an error has to be filed with certain groups,  it counts against you.   There is a written report put in your permenant HR file, and it could potentially effect your paycheck and/or any possible bonuses that could be coming your way.   Not to mention the possibility of being fired if the error is large enough.  It's a big deal if something like this happens.  So, I can understand why some people shy away from those types of issues and conversations.
What I don't understand is why people, that do not want to deal with these types of situations, and want to pass things off to you, why don't they give you the entire story or picture when passing information on?  Why does everything come in pieces?  It's like they want to set you up to fall.  Last Friday and today I felt like these issues were coming from every direction and I didn't like it. 

I've been watching a lot of NCIS lately and one of the main character's on that show has all these general "rules" he teaches his new recruits.  One of those rules, I think, applies here.  In fact, two of those rules apply here and those rule are:  "There's no such thing as a coincidence." and "If it seems like someone's out to get you, they are."  and the last one....."If you feel like you are being played, you probably are."  
Those rules were just a little humor.  I don't really feel that way or buy into those Gibbs Rules 100%.  BUT, it has been an interesting couple of days that's for sure.  
When I got in my car to drive home today my right eye was really bothering me.  I think it was my astigmatism that was bothering the main cause of my eye issues.  It was my proof that I should have put my glasses on earlier today.   BUT, I didn't do it.  In my defense, my eyes weren't bothering me then.  Can you hear my eye doctor's voice in my ear?  I can....."Don't wait until your eyes are bothering you.  You need to wear your glasses all the time so your eyes don't get tired.  You may have great vision, but your eye strain and the astigmatism are what you need to pay attention to."  All I have to say is Arg!!!  

I recently got an over one ear headset at work.  Partly so my headset didn't mess up my hair, and primarily so when I had to wear my glasses and my headset at the same time (the old headset covered both ears and went over my head) I wouldn't get that closed in feeling and feel like I couldn't breathe.  I hated that feeling.  

Some would say when that feeling came on it was out of sheer exhaustion, lack of sleep, dehydration, hot flashes like you get with menopause, and an asthma attack.  To this day, I do not know exactly what triggers those episodes, but I am taking steps and measures to prevent them because they will send me fleeing my office quicker than anything else, except maybe if something were to happen here at home.

A couple of the steps I've taken to make sure I don't have those little episodes at work are to, cut out soda and drink more water.  AND I have a little fan at my desk that plugs into a USB port to keep me cool.

  I even found a small little cool mist humidifier/diffuser that plugs into your USB port on your computer.  How cool is that??!!  You can even add you favorite essential oils too.  Love it. This will help me with my asthma and keep my nasal passages from drying out.

I keep all these things in my desk at work so they are handy and ready when I need them.

We can't use things that plug into any outlets.  We get around that by using things that can plug into our computers.  It's a good thing we have about 4 USB ports. 

One of my co-workers found these mittens that warm up and plug into the USB port on her computer.  They were about $10 on Amazon.  You can use them with your entire hand covered, or you can use the fingerless portion.  Either way, your hands stay nice and toasty warm.  

I haven't gone as far as getting a pair of the gloves yet, but I do have gloves in my drawer at work as well.  Just not the fancy ones like my friend has.  

The other day someone asked me this question, "How do you juggle all you do?"  It kind of makes me laugh inside when people ask that.  I never really end up answering them, because I really don't know how.   Most days I feel like I'm drowning pretty much all of the time.  Like, I'm juggling about 7 balls in the air, and I know that if I make one small mistake, they are all gonna come crashing down.  It can be a lot of pressure to live like that.  There's so many responsibilities, so many people that look to me for support and an example.  My time is precious to me, and I don't feel like I spend it in the most wise ways least when it comes to how I feel my Heavenly Father would prefer.  (You know, I waste some time watching TV, when there are lots of other things I should be doing.)  

I wish I was better.  I wish I could be Super Woman.  I look at all the things I do, the people that I try my best to serve, and I don't want to let one of those so called "balls" go.  Not one.  Even though I know it's hard.  Even though it kills me and wears me out.  Even though, if I did let a few balls go, I would be a better person, able to serve my family more perfectly.  I would have more time to invest in them at a deeper level, not trying to keep some other, more insignificant (or what I think could be insignificant) ball in the air.  

Blogging could be viewed by many as an insignificant ball in the air.

As a blogger, I find this to be relaxing and fun.  It helps me to decompress, so to speak, each day.  It helps me get things out and off my chest.  You would think as a blogger everyone expects certain things.  That you have to do this and that, have this or have that.  Be here, be there, be pretty much everywhere.  But, you don't.  With blogging you can make it whatever you want it to be.  

There for a while, I tried to make a name for myself on Facebook.  I tried everything...with very little success.  On my page, I had a few likes and followers.  I worked hard to get where I was.  But I quickly learned that the higher up you get, the more balls I had to juggle.  The more I see it's all about a phasod.  Who cares about the number of likes on Facebook if I wasn't doing anything that helped to change someone's life for the better?

Every day, you wake up, you get ready for your day, you go to work and get on with your day, you come home, feed your family, do dishes, do laundry, feed the dogs, and do some clean up.  It's this whole routine you've established for yourself.  And sometimes, when you're truly alone, you look around and you think to yourself, "Is this my life?  Is this really it?"

Since I was sick for all that time, and then Kevin got sick so quickly and from completely out of the blue....I kid you not!  One day he's telling me everything is great, the next he is acting like an old man that sits with his head looking up to the sky and drooling, and cannot stand or speak so that anyone understands him.  If I didn't witness it with my own eyes, I'd say there is no possible way that could happen so fast, but it does!!!  I'm here to tell you, it really does.  Anyway, back to where I was going with this....I've been looking around since then and I realize that some balls I have in the air, while extremely impressive, help no one.  They don't help you.  They don't help me.  In fact, they have become a hindrance to what I could be doing.  I think it's important in our lives, every now and then, to do some weeding out.  After all, weeds grow faster than the beautiful plants and flowers.  

For me, that weed is social media.  It's an unruly weed and it's taken over my "garden", it's taking up my time.  Time that could be spent doing things to serve those around me more.  Time that could be spent doing better things with my time.  The truth is that I am a little prideful.  I find joy, dare I say it, even self-worth in the high stats that one can get from various posts.  

So, because it's an issue, and because I feel prompted to spend less time on social media, and because I've seen so much hurt and drama there this year, I've decided to give myself a time out from social media for a while.  

Cue the gasps!

It's a personal decision for me, and it's definitely not a right one for everyone.  But, the one thing that I want to say to you, my dear friends, is that, you don't have to play by others rules.  You need to do what's best for YOU.  Even if it sounds crazy.  Even if I lose all of my traffic.  Even if I lose impressive stats.  We all need to have the courage to simply do what's best for us.  For me, social media is not always the best for me.  It's a huge time sucker.  There's so much hurt and pain on those sites lately.  Especially after this last Presidential Campaign and Election.  People take great pride in voicing their opinions.  And I'm not saying that you should go out and delete your pages or delete your accounts from these sites.  All I am saying is that you can't just do what everyone else is doing, just because everyone else is doing it.  

Some might say that you can't run a successful blog without social media, and they may be right.  I may fall flat on my face and come crying back, but I want to take that chance.  I want to free up my time more, in order to be available for myself, my family and even you and those around me.  Social media isn't the reason I blog.  I blog because I wanted to have a way to share things with my family and friends as a way to preserve them for later.  I blog because I wanted to share my ideas and share my talents.  

So, today, I'm letting one ball go.  And I think to myself, if you are juggling too many balls like I am, which ball could you let go?  It's hard.  It's REALLY hard, but I encourage you to let just ONE BALL GO in your life....just one.  Which one is that for you?  How would your life easier, simpler.....if you just let one ball go?  

We received a short letter from our missionary today.  The other day I talked with our Bishop and we scheduled the Homecoming talk.  That was wild.  I also requested the time off from work so we can pick Curtis up from the airport.  I can't believe he will be home soon.  Time flies.  I've also noticed that Curtis has been a little pre-occupied lately.  That is a-okay with me.  I'm sure he is super busy and working hard.  Not to mention experiencing all kinds of emotions lately.  As time gets closer I think this young man is going to have a very hard time coming home.  I think it's going to hit him like a ton of bricks.  Curtis is our tender hearted son who would always surprise me and come and give me a big hug at precisely the moment when I needed it.  He was always the child I had to keep a close eye one because he never would tell us when he needed something like new shoes, a new coat, or a backpack, because he never wanted to put a financial strain on us.  It wasn't until I would finally realize and see things and I'd ask him, that he would finally tell me.  I hated that he would take on that burden himself and not allow us to help him.  I'm sure he is the same way while out on his mission.  For that I worry about him sometimes, probably more than I would my other children.  I just hope that if there was really something he needed that he would tell one of us here at home.  

More to come on our Elder's homecoming as we get closer to that big day.

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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