Friday, January 27, 2017

Schmidt Family Hospital Ward

Today we spent another day of dental "fun".  Kyle isn't doing much driving lately especially after taking the pain meds.  The swelling has come down some, but not as much as we were hoping.  So, we will see if he will be able to have the root canal tomorrow.  More to come on that.   

Let's talk about a few things that make me happy!!!......

Since I've been home dealing with two people on pain medications I decided to take a minute this evening after the both fell asleep to check out a couple ideas for my buffet cabinet.  These are a couple of the finishes I found.

I like option two.  I just need to figure out how to make it look like it does in the photo.  I love that Home Depot can match paint colors so I can get the exact background color as the rest of the cabinet.  Then I can use a dark stain and a stencil to get the effect I want.  I still haven't found cabinet knobs I like, but I haven't really been able to do a lot of looking lately.  Maybe this weekend.  

I did happen to find a couple of cool letters to put up in my family room.  I've decided to change up my gallery wall a little.  This first letter "S" is about 15 inches tall and was used on a sign someplace.  I think it will work well for my next project.  

This second letter "S" is about 48 inches tall and was also used on a sign.  I found a great source for sign letters I wish I would have known about when we were looking for them for my daughter's wedding reception.  

Both letters need to be cleaned up a bit, but that won't take much.....just a wet rag and a little cleaner.   I'm excited because I can used either the front or back of each letter.  The back of the smaller letter S is white, and the back of the larger one is black and has these awesome rivets all along the outside that I love.  So, it's going to be a hard decision to decide which side to use and where to put at least the larger one.  I know exactly where the smaller one will go.  I have this type set tray I plan to hang up and a few other things I found that will be a nice change in our family room.  

More to come on that.

Then, I found a this cute little ladder, it's about four feet tall that I thought I'd clean up and hang on the wall in the corner of my family room.   I want to use it as a blanket ladder.  I had made one, but I like this ladder better.  I love the character of this ladder and it's all wood.  Yay!  Once I hang it on the wall, I will have plenty of space to hang up the thicker blankets we have in the family room.  I'm excited to get it up on the wall.  

I also found this railing.  It's 55 inches tall and the posts are about five inches thick each.

And these tall spindles.  They are 50 inches tall and are about 3 1/2 inches thick.

Before Christmas I told my family I wanted a wreath/sign stand like the ones below, but I really didn't want them to pay the prices I was finding.  I really wanted them to help me make my own.  I started searching online at the various home improvement centers for fence posts, but I didn't want to pay their prices either.  As you can imagine I was super excited  that I was to find the railing and the spindles...and so many of them!!!  Yay! are some examples of what I want to make with them.....

I really like the legs and the door knob used as the hook on this next one.

This one comes with the sign too and it's priced with the sign for $75.  (There's no way I would pay that amount!!!  Especially since I can make it myself for much less.)

All the ones I found for sale were priced between $55-$75 and I knew if I kept looking I could find a post to make my own.  Little did I know I would find enough posts to make five of them!!!  So, I might make a couple for myself and then sell the other three.  The posts I found are quite sturdy and tall, so this will be a fun little project.  I also have a collection of finials I could add the the tops of a couple of them.  

I find it interesting how my little projects are adding up lately.  I also think it's interesting that if you just have a little patients things fall into your lap.  I love that, and I didn't even have to spend much money.  I could make three of those wreath/sign holders and sell each of them for $50-$60 and make a nice little profit, especially since the posts I have are much taller than the ones everyone is selling.  I could even cut mine in half and make between five and eight of them to sell.  See what happens.  My brain will keep going and won't shut off until my little projects are completed.  

I also have a plan for the wall in our dining room.  I just need to find the perfect oblong shaped metal platter to work with.  I found this quote I want to either stencil onto the platter or make vinyl letters for it instead.  I saw the quote on a platter on one of those furniture websites and at the time when I probably would have just bought their version but I couldn't because it was out of stock.  That was a few months ago.  Now, when I visit their site, the platter doesn't even show up on their page.  I saved a photo of the platter I loved and so now, my only option is to reproduce it myself.  So, I'm hunting for a nice flat oblong metal platter with handles measures about 24 inches tall, about 14-16 inches wide.  I don't want anything super expensive so I won't be bothered with painting it.  I would hate to take a nice silver platter and ruin it with paint.  That would make me sad.  

 I was showing a friend of mine at work some of the projects I've worked on over the years and she was impressed that I re-purposed things and could turn them into fun pieces for my home.  Now she has me searching for a nice sofa table for her.  She wants one that has an industrial vibe to it with a drawer or two.  

Speaking of photos....

Here is a photo of Kyle and his puffy cheek before we left for the dentist yesterday.  It doesn't look as bad from the front view, but when you look at him from the side, it is puffed up about one to two inches off of his face.  It even started to effect his eye as well.  Today he looks like someone hit him.  Just below his eye it's all red.  I think it's crazy how a toothache can do this to someone.  Poor kid!  

Not much more has been happening around here.  I wanted to go to the adult fireside tonight as part of our Stake Conference, but I can't leave everyone just yet.  I can't leave Lexi to deal with our little hospital wing we've got going on here.  Fun.  Fun.

I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  

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