Sunday, January 8, 2017

On the Mend...

I think I'm improving.  At least I can move without my body going one direction and my stomach going another today.  Being sick with the stomach flu is not fun.  But, being sick when your husband is paralyzed and needs your help is even worse!  Since Kevin's last hospital stay he has been down and most days wipe him out completely.  For him to be down and as weak as he has been over the past several days, that's sick!  While the two are not related, his illness and now mine, both have knocked us down so hard and it has not been fun.  It's been difficult staying away from Kevin and relying on my children to check on him.  Thank goodness this happened while Lexi was home and while Kyle is working his normal shift again.  (He's been doing some required/mandatory training at work and so he has been working days)  I'm so glad this sickness I've experienced only lasted this weekend, at least I hope it's just the weekend.  Time will tell.  Being this sick meant nothing got done this weekend, except rest.  Not for lack of want, but because we just plain couldn't do a thing!  This was not an easy flu!  And so, where Kevin and I couldn't, others did.

  • The kids did a "service project" for us.  They took care of Kevin and I.  They cooked, cleaned, and entertained themselves together, spent time together, prayed for us together and even fed the dogs without being asked.  So far, Lexi and Kyle are healthy except for a slight headache.  Ugh.  No other signs though.  Thankfully! 
  • Danielle was going to stop by yesterday so she could pick up a present I got for Chance for his birthday.  I've had it since well before Christmas and I am anxious to get it to him.  Well, things didn't quite work out and Danielle didn't end up stopping by.  It's a darn good thing she didn't.  I'm sure she doesn't need to catch whatever this stuff is.  Anyway, she had a fun day with her hubby yesterday going to a hockey game.  He loved it.  Happy Birthday Chance!  
  • A friend of ours picked up where I left off with a few things.  I don't know what we would do without him.  I can't thank him enough for going above and beyond every single time. 
We've been blessed!  

A few other random thoughts:

  • As many of you know, I'm not a size 2 girl.  That being said, I've often wondered what people think a fat girl wants.  Surprisingly it's not food.  Although, rolled tacos from Filberto's or a Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's are awesome in their own right.  What she wants is what every other woman in the world wants.  To be loved.  To have a happy family.  To be good enough.  Admittedly, some days I have to ask myself, "Good enough for what?!"  or "Good enough for whom?!"  Now, before you get hung up on me referring to myself as "fat" think about this.  Instead get hung up on why we crave so much to be good.....and even more good enough.  Any one tired of trying so hard?  I am.  I will tell you who I want to be like.  My Savior, Jesus Christ.  I will admit, I'm still trying and learning and working at it each and every single day.  All this time, I've wanted something more than to just strive to be more like him.  I wanted to be more like So-And-So, and What's-Her-Name.  I thought that if I were more like them, I'd certainly be more my Savior, because in my eyes So-And-So and What's-Her-Name are.  I wanted so much to impress them and the more I know of them, the more I have come to know that they are not who I should be looking to try to be.  That was an eye opening discovery for me.  A freeing discovery.  What an impression that has made.  Now, all I want is to be me and learn more about my Savior, and strive to do those things only He would do.  Can I do it?  I think I can.  Will I make mistakes along the way?  Most definitely.  BUT, thankfully He has a plan in place and He has planned on me stumbling from time to time.  Isn't that awesome!  He loves me, and that is enough for me.
  • Recently I hung this barn door kind of thing up over my mantel shelf in our living room.  See the piece behind the clock.

             Well, my family gave me a hard time for even thinking about doing this.  
             You see, we had this old cabinet that was falling apart on our back porch and I 
             decided to take it apart and use the front piece.  It came apart easily and 
             all I had to do was paint it that lovely brown color and viola!  I have the piece I
             wanted and it didn't cost me a dime.   My family laughed at me as I was working 
             on this piece, but once it was done and hung up, they really like it.  They think 
             I didn't know what I was doing.  I guess I proved them wrong.  I like it.  So, it                      just goes to show you, don't let "critics" stop you from pursuing your goals.                         Because all to often, they will LOVE the end result.

Well, Sick Sondra is stepping down now.  Enough said.  In closing I would like to leave you with some photos of our missionary.  They had Zone Conferences last week.  The photos downloaded to my blog post a little funny.  You will see them in reverse order from how they were taken.  Sorry about that.  In some it might be hard to find Curtis, but if you look hard enough you will see him in each photo.  Trust me.  He is there....just keep looking.  

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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