Saturday, January 14, 2017

Define Old

Last night, I was lying in bed, reflecting on my day and I began to realize just how many times the world "OLD" had come up in conversations.  

The verdict is still not in. My kids have been hounding me to get a brand new microwave. You see, a few weeks back Lexi and I decided to try to wax our eyebrows. Lexi had talked with her older sister and found out that she was waxing her eyebrows and thought she would give it a try. Last I had heard Lexi was going to let Danielle wax them for her on Christmas Eve or Christmas, but that never happened with all that was going on with Kevin. The bottle of wax has been sitting in our bathroom ever since. So, Lexi and I decided to try it out ourselves. We read the instructions and it said to microwave the open container of wax on high for 30 seconds and continue to microwave it until the wax was melted in 30 second intervals. Well, the first 30 seconds, and about 10 seconds into it, the microwave started sputtering and sparking inside. So, we turned it off. We cleared it out and unplugged it from the wall, and then we tried it again.  Same thing happened. This is not the only crazy things this microwave has been doing. Whenever you microwave anything, and once it's done cooking and you have shut the door to it, it will start up on its own again until you open the door and slam it shut. It has even turned on out of the blue in the middle of the night too. It freaked me out one night. I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up to the sound of the microwave cooking all by itself. I turned it off and unplugged it and went back to bed.  We've had this microwave for about five years, maybe less. It's clearly possessed,....and it may be time to write it's eulogy. I'm scared!!  The worst part of the children referred to the appliance, that I purchased brand new less than five years ago, as "old".

My latest project...I've been re-organizing and de-cluttering my dining room, island cabinet, and hutch. I've totally stacked all kinds of decor items and stuff all over the table since the holidays and it's time to go through it all. With five totes to put everything in, I thought I'd surely end up with at least one or two left for something else. Wrong! I filled all five of them with stuff and I'm not done yet.

I've totally enjoyed looking through these things, funny photos of my kids I use to have on my desk at work, dolls my mother in law gave us, cute little signs. I'm falling in love with some of the things all over again and wondering "What the HECK was I thinking? to a few others. All of a sudden, I became very much aware of how terribly outdated some of the things I have are.  How quickly some things become,....there's that word again,......"old"!!!

Lexi came into the family room the other day when her older sister stopped by. She asked me if she looked "old". She said she didn't want to look twelve anymore because people always think she is so young. Danielle was talking about how that still happens to her and that people still think she is sixteen. I assured them both that one day they will be grateful they have a youthful appearance. Then they let me know that I didn't look "old", I looked like I was only 35. I remember being frustrated like them years ago. Kevin and I went into a casino one time just after Curtis was born and I got carded at the dollar slot machines. I was so mad! For once I wanted to be "old" looking.  
As we watched TV last night, I came across this YouTube clip of Dolly Parton and Bette Midler singing one of Dolly Partons songs. Clearly Dolly has had a lot of surgical enhancements over the years. She still looks 33.  For some reason as I watched this, it brought back an entire conversation that I had with myself when I was twenty-two, pregnant and noticed a friend at her thirty-third birthday. "Thirty-three is old. I can't imagine being that old and having a baby. I'm so glad that we started young." (Little did I know what my future would hold!) As I neared my own thirty-third birthday, thirty-three didn't seem so old anymore! 

How old is "old" anyway? I knew a eighty-something woman who still jogs, plays tennis, swims, dances, and enjoys life to the fullest. My grandmother, in her early 70's, would walk daily, garden, travel, attended school, and was a docent at a museum. My mother, in her 70's still does a lot of crafts, runs all the errands, does most of the cooking and cleaning around the house, and takes care of my Dad and two sisters. Mind you, my dad and sisters help her when she will let them, but she doesn't want to not stay busy. She likes doing these things for everyone else. People like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are in their late 70's. (I love their Netflix show called Grace and Frankie. It's so funny!) Goldie Hawn is just barely in their 70's. Oprah is in her sixties. None of these women seem old. Fifty is today's thirty! I have friends in their late sixties who tell me that it only seems like yesterday that they were in high school, college, and dating their spouses. Their minds aren't any older today than they were then, it's only their bodies that remind them of the time past.  

I remember making the conscious decision, as I approached my big 
3-0, that I would look forward to and not live my life dreading "old"! While I'd love to be a few inches taller and to carry a few less pounds (okay, more than a few), I'm grateful each day that I've lived, for the lessons I've learned, the trials and experiences that I have had. I don't mind getting old. Each day that passes is a part of who I am today and who I'll become tomorrow. This body is the only one I get, so I'm going to love it, no matter what. I want to grow old with grace and look forward to what the next day has to offer - good, bad, or ugly. I have to wonder, if and when I'm eighty, will I think I'm old yet?

A few thoughts:

1. It's raining out and I'm loving it!

2. It's chili and fry bread weather. YUM!

3. I'm was searching the Internet for the perfect dresser or cabinet to put in a specific spot in our living room. Then it dawned on me, I have a cabinet already. It's the bottom of my china hutch. I just need to move it to the new spot, and figure out where to put the top of the hutch. I'm thinking about it. It might be a touch too big. I'll let you know what I decide.

4. Check out these super cute dolls my SIL made. Someone on Facebook asked if anyone knew of someone that could make one of these so I mentioned KeriAnne.  Here is my SIL's. They are seven inches tall and she custom made it to match the girl's missionary. How cool is that?  Love it! 

5. It's hair dying day! I'm a little nervous about this. I haven't dyed my hair since just before my daughter's wedding last April. You should see all of my grey! Wow! 


Have a good night.  Take care and we will talk again soon (tomorrow maybe). 

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