Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 in Review

Here's another look at our year in Review:
  • January -  Danielle was just getting use to the idea of being engaged to Chance and we were in high gear to get moving on the wedding plans.  By this time she was way ahead of the game.  She had her dress and had an appointment the first week in January to get it altered, had the photographer scheduled, and we had the Temple scheduled for the sealing and our church building scheduled for the reception.  We were trying to find a different venue, but it didn't pan out.  We did find out that Arizona has a winery!  Did you know that?  
  • February -  My dear friend Bev surprised me with a sneak delivery of a couple of her a-MAZ-ing cards for Valentine's Day!  She always does these word rhymes and they are super cute and brighten my day each time I receive one.  She is simply amazing.  Also tucked inside the card was some cash.  How she knew to drop these cards off at precisely the right moment we needed a little help, to this day I do not know, but she knew!  She was such a blessing throughout 2016 and I so appreciate all she does for me and I will never forget her.  I save every single card! 
  • March -  The company I work for offers each employee a one month paid sabbatical every five years of employment.  So, I planned and began my second sabbatical the month before our oldest child got sealed in the Temple.  Since I would be planning and decorating for the reception, I needed as much time as I could get.  It was really nice to have all of that time, because I don't know how we could have done it all with me working.  This is an awesome benefit!  On March 18th our missionary reached his 1 year mark of his two year mission in the NY NY North Mission! 
  • April - Our oldest child, Danielle, married the love of her life, Chance on a beautiful spring morning in the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple.  We didn't lose a daughter, we gained a son!  AND.... sacred covenants were made!  This was an exciting day indeed!!  We also took a very quick trip to Montana for an Open House for the new, happy couple.  It was nice to see Montana for the first time.

  • May - Kyle and I celebrated our birthdays.  Nothing crazy.  Just a little get together here at the house with cake and family.  This year I turned 49 and Kyle turned 26.  We celebrated Mother's Day too.  May is a pretty busy month for us. And,....our missionary sent us this photo of him and his first encounter with road rash.  Nice job Curtis!  
  •  June - Kevin and Lexi celebrated their birthdays this month.  Kevin turned 50 and Lexi turned 17.  We did the usual cake and family as always.  AND we celebrated Father's Day too.  Another busy month for our family.  My parents also celebrated their 51st Wedding Anniversary together.  Isn't that awesome??!!  We were also in full swing for the summer as well.  Temps of 110 degrees were the norm. AND Lexi went to Girl's Camp too!  
  • July - We had a wonderful Fourth of July Celebration over at Danielle and Chance's home.  We had a BBQ, went swimming, and played a game or two.  It was one of the hottest days of the year, but it was still a lot of fun.  That evening we came home and watched fireworks in our neighborhood while Kevin took it easy and rested.  
  • August - Lexi started school as a Senior!  By this time, we were ready for the summer heat to start to let up.  Thank goodness for my cool mist humidifier!  It literally saved the day....each and every day all summer long!  I don't know what I would have done without it.  This was also the time of year that we started to experience some of those "lovely" dust storms and monsoon rains we get here in Arizona.  We all enjoyed staying up and watching the rain from the comfort of our front porch. 
  • September - Can you say, car repairs!!!  This was the scariest thing that happened to me!  Nearly losing my front axle while driving on the freeway!  Talk about a scary experience!!!  Luckily my Relief Society President was there to help and got me in touch with a great mechanic!  She literally saved my life that day.  The mechanic said I he didn't know how I was able to drive it all the way down to his shop, much less on the freeway.  Scary stuff!  We also celebrated our missionaries 21st Birthday.  Even though he wasn't here with us.  We did manage to send him a little care package.  (This photo is of Curtis Elder Schmidt before his mission.  This is him and his little sister being silly when I told him I wanted a nice photo of him.)
  • October - Our oldest child turned 28!  That's right...Danielle.  This was also the month we started to really feel it cool off outside!  I have to say, it was a most pleasant, mild fall too.  Halloween at our home this year meant staying home and out of the cold weather.  I was sick and we didn't feel like going anywhere.  We didn't even pass out candy.  That's never happened before. 
  • November -  Social security finally kicked in for Kevin.  This meant a few doctor's appointments Kyle would take him to since I was still sick and not moving.  I finally got well enough to go back to work and then got sick again.  Thanksgiving I thought I was going to die.  I was so sick!  We got through it and everyone had a great Thanksgiving even though I was off trying to just breathe in a corner.
  • December - I was still not quite better.  It took a while and right at the moment I was ready to go back to work, Kevin took a turn for the worse and landed in the hospital.  It doesn't take much for a paralyzed man to land in the hospital.  This time with a severe septic UTI and E-coli.  Not good.  All in all, we did get to Skype with out missionary on Christmas day from the hospital and that put a smile on my husband's face!  He was sad he had to be at the hospital on Christmas.  Well, he was blessed with his very own Christmas wish when they let him come home that afternoon.  Although, this wasn't our ideal Christmas, we still felt very blessed and grateful we were together, and that was better than any gift under our tree.
Some other things:

High points:  Hands down it would be watching our oldest child make the last sacred covenants she will make here on this earth with her Heavenly Father.  There is something so wonderful about watching your children reach that goal.  There is nothing quite like it!  It's awesome!  

Low points:  I'd say car problems and having to fight and wait for Social Security to finally begin.  Holy cow!  That is a process.  We still aren't finished with that fight.  Now we have to fight for Lexi's back pay.  Arg!  I'm telling you, it never ends.  I'm still traumatized by that whole ordeal, can ya tell?  Honestly, I asked Kevin what he thought was the low point of the year and he said the car issues and Social Security, as well.  Although, if these are the worst things that happened to us this year, we're doing pretty well!!

Lessons Learned:  Next time you have a wedding reception to plan, don't try to do it all yourself.  Asking for help doesn't mean you are weak or lacking.  It's just means the job is simply too much for one person to tackle.  RELAX and ENJOY!  Drink lots of water.  Don't worry so much, things will work out eventually.

Things I'd like to forget this year:  Besides the car/freeway scare, I'd say having to watch my husband adjust and learn to deal with a life changing disability all because a doctor messed up.  I wish this never would have happened to him.  This has changed all of our lives forever!  Will I let it make me bitter?  No, of course not.  I will, however, remember how incredibly blessed we are and focus on that.  

Funniest thing this year:  I'd have to say, watching the video of our missionary playing in the snow (snow angels and all!) while his roommates watch from the comfort of their apartment.  Silly kid!  We've watched that video over and over again and each time we all crack up!  That is so Curtis!!

2016 has been a year of learning and growing.  All in all, it's been a good year.  We're hoping for an amazing 2017!  We have lots of plans for this New Year.  Now, I'm not one to usually share my resolutions.  Too much accountability there and I'm hard enough on myself!  

We did hear from our missionary today in bits and pieces.  He broke his glasses so we had to help him with that.  When he left for the MTC I made sure he had copies of all insurance cards, his eye prescription, as well as all kinds of other things.  Do you think he still has those things?  Of course not!  Well, I had just cleaned out the drawer where I keep the eye prescriptions so I knew exactly where they were.  I emailed a copy of his prescription and he ordered a new pair of glasses through a place called Zenni Optical.  That website has been such a huge blessing in our lives.  I cannot thank my father for sharing it with me.  Thankfully Curtis was able to find a decent pair of glasses for about $10 and he will have them shipped to him right there in the mission.  You can't beat that price, especially when I am down to our last bit of money and needed to get SRP for the house.  There is no way I could have handled much more, and Curtis can't see without his glasses.  So, he had to have them.  I just hope there get to him soon and he is able to work while he waits for his new glasses to arrive.  I'm telling you, that kid is good for at least one pair of glasses a year.  So yeah, Zenni Optical is a blessing!  
We also have an email from his mission with his travel plans for his return flight home.  It's coming up.  We aren't going to share much because we want all his energy to be focused on continuing to work hard and serve right up until the very end.  We couldn't be more proud of our son.  He is turning out to be an awesome missionary who loves the Lord, those he serves, and those serves with.  What more could a Mom ask for?  I absolutely LOVE this!  Here is that video.

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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