Friday, December 2, 2016

The Weekend

It's been a busy day.  I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor and then a chest X-ray and an ultrasound of my neck.  I'm hoping both come back with no issues.  That is no fluid in the lungs and no lumps, bumps, or funky stuff in my neck.  After all the appointments and tests were done, I ran to the pharmacy to try and pick up another prescription, but the line was super long so I came home.  On my way home I received a nice text from our Relief Society President asking how I was doing and if I would let them bring meals in.  I thanked her for the nice text and said we didn't need to go that far to have meals brought in.  Now that Kyle, Lexi, and Kevin have what I have no one is hungry and we aren't eating much anyway.  Mostly drinking cold drinks or warm tea with lemon.  This evening was a bit of a change.  Everyone was hungry so we brought something in.  It was easier than me cooking.  I've been avoiding the cooking so as not to get everyone sick.  They don't really want me to cook right now anyways.

This evening after my Mom text me to check on me, I thought I'd spend a little time in our family room.  I'm trying to decide if I want to let Kevin and Kyle change up the wall decorations and do the whole man cave thing.  Kevin has a lot of sports stuff he would like to display and I'm thinking I'm ready for a little bit of a change in here anyway.  Although there are a few things I don't want to change.  Like the temple picture.  All but one of our children have gone through the temple and I don't want to mess with our mo-jo, so to speak.  Lexi is the last one.  If you zoom into the temple photo above the TV you will see photos next to the temple of each of our children that was taken the day they went through the temple for their own endowments.  I even have the pink card they are given in the frames for Danielle, Kyle, and Curtis.  Then next to the photos I plan to post their wedding photos when they are sealed to their eternal companion.  I have Danielle's up.  I also have the plaque Kyle received for his mission.  He is letting me borrow it until he moves out.  I'm hoping Curtis will let me do the same thing with his.  

On this wall I have my most recent photos of each of our children.  As you can see, I need new photos of each of them.  We're working on that.  On the other side of the window there are a few things I have absolutely no problem taking down, but Kevin and Kyle need more room than just a corner.

Then above the sectional you have this.  All of this takes up most of the wall.  I'm thinking it's time to change this wall up a bit.  I'll save a few of the things and maybe put them up in the master bedroom, but a lot of it can go.  

So, what do you think?  Let them hang the signed jersey Kevin has along with a lot of other sports items?  They are the ones that spend most of their time in this room playing video games or watching movies.  I think it's only fair that they like what they see on the walls too.  We'll figure it out.  I'm leaning towards letting them.  

On another note, this week I am thankful for....

  • As I sit here this evening listening to the wind and watching the clouds roll in, I  am thankful for my warm home to keep me safe from the elements.
  • That by some small miracle we have received answers as to why our lives were changed forever when my husband received his spinal cord injury over a year ago.  He has an incomplete spinal cord injury that has now been deemed permanent.  I say small miracle because if it wasn't for the help of some awesome people, we still would not know what happened and why this happened.  Answers are what I am grateful for.
  • That my son was able to sign up for medical benefits since he is over that legal age of 26 and had to take out his own insurance.  Now he can get checked out.  He's been complaining about his ribs for about a month now.  He thinks he has a crack. He says he is going to spend January 3rd at the doctor's office getting that and his knee checked out.  Poor kid.  I tried to take him in, he wouldn't let me.  
  • That my tests keep coming back okay.  Something is still wrong with me, but they are ruling out one thing after another...and some of those things have been big, bad, and ugly.  They are waiting for the results of a recent test that I had to see what's going on.  Crossing my fingers it's nothing crazy.  I honestly do not think I could handle anything else.
  • My husband hasn't been as "loopy" as he use to be on the pain medications this time.  That's huge!  I need my husband present in my life.
  • That we are doing just fine not having cable or satellite television service.  We haven't had cable for about two years now and we haven't missed it yet.
  • That we are keeping the Christmas decorations simple this year.  Kyle picked up a blue light bulb for the porch to represent law enforcement and our support of them, then all the other decorations will be our normal bright white lights on the house, without blinding any pilots in the sky.  Kevin use to tease me with all the lights I use to put up.  I'd still like to find something to put up on the house where we hung the ASU pitch fork last year, but I haven't found anything I like yet.  We may have to make something again.  That is once I feel better.

  • That this is Friday!
  • For fleece lined leggings.  Have you tried those things?  Oh, my goodness!  The comfort level is off the charts!  They sell them in a 2-pack for a little over $7 at Walmart, and they are great to wear around the house.  Love them!
  • For Christmas music!  I love that I have all these CD's my Dad put together for us so I don't even have to do anything but plug it in.  
  • For my children.  Kyle calls me just about every night on his way home from work, and if I'm not available he calls Kevin.  Then whenever he leaves the house he calls.  Curtis spends the full time he is allotted on his P-days talking to all of us.  Then Danielle will call home to check up on us as well.  Lexi just likes to hang out with out and spend time with us.  I'm sure when she has the chance she will start calling home as well.  Love it!
  • For all of you!
The rest of this weekend we will spend encouraging Kyle to hang up our outdoor lights and resting.  No big plans other than to try and make it to church on Sunday and then work on Monday.  Let's hope all goes well.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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