Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The ABC's of a Schmidt Family Christmas

Today's entry is all about the ABC's of a Schmidt Family Christmas.  It's serving two purposes as I write.  One to try and get my mind off of coughing and the other is just for a little fun.  My family may add their little comments here in there too.  Thank heavens they are just in a joking mood because Christmas really isn't like that!  At least most years.

A is for Advent Calendars. Filled with candy and treats.  Isn't this crazy Christmas sock advent calendar super cute?  My SIL has one hanging in her home and I just love it!  Mine is old and I need to update it to something more fun like this.

B is for Baby Jesus.  The Reason for the Season.  (Or B could also be for Budget shot to heck!)

C is for Carolers.  Each year the youth in our ward load up onto a flatbed truck filled with hay bails and they drive through our neighborhood and stop at each members home to sing.  It's one of the things I look forward to each year.  

D is for Decorations. Most years we have lots and lots of decorations.  This year we are keeping it simple with just a few.  We haven't even got out the totes and totes of Christmas decorations I have stored away in the garage this year.  How crazy is that?!  So, yes, we are keeping it super simple this year.  

E is for eating, entertainment and excitement!

F is for Family, Friends, and Festivities! 

G is for that good feeling in the air.  Hopefully for the whole month of December.

H is for Homemade goodies.  We've kept the goodies to a minimum so far and everyone is a-okay with that.  A little peppermint bark and some chocolates is it so far. 

I is for It's a Wonderful Life, and all of our favorite holiday movies!  From Home Alone to Christmas Vacation.  We love finding a movie to watch the afternoon of Christmas.  It breaks up the day and we love it!  It's a great way to spend the afternoon.

J is for Jingle Bells.  The sound never gets old.  It always reminds me of Christmas and Santa's Reindeer.  Love it.

K is for Kisses.....That is Peppermint Kisses, Almond Kisses.  Thank you Hershey's Chocolate!  

L is for LOVE which is shown more than at any other time of the year and LIGHTS shining everywhere you go!

M is for the Magic in the air!

N is for Nativities.  this is ours this year.  We only put up one.  Remember, we are doing things super simple this year.  No over the top decorating for us and it's been wonderful!

O is for Ornaments!  

P is for Picture Perfect windows and Presents all wrapped up in pretty paper and bows.

Q is for Quiet, the few moments before everyone awakens on Christmas morning, the sound outside of that special morning, what a wonderful moment it is.

R is for Recipes, old and new, tried and true.

S is for Santa, Snowmen, and sweet scents of Christmas.....Pomegranate candles, apples and cinnamon baking.  Yum!

T is for Traditions carried on throughout the years

U is for all the love, thought and energy that is wrapped and placed lovingly UNDER the Christmas tree.

V is for the beautiful Christmas Village arranged around the train tracks and watched by all each year.

W is for Wreaths, there's always so many that we love.

X is for the X's and O's shared under the mistletoe

Y is for the Yummy things and Yahoo, it's Christmas!

Z is for Zonked....that's me the day after Christmas.

Other Rambling Thoughts:

We received another letter from our missionary today.  It was a short letter.  We found out when he plans to call on Christmas Day.  It's gonna be early that day.  Here is his letter....

Hello Everyone,

This week was good.  We had some good lessons.  We taught a guy named Fxxxxx who is from Burkina Faso, pretty much half our teaching pool is from there.  It's tough to teach him sometimes because he speaks pretty much only French.  We try to use google translate and those things as much as possible.  We are finding quite a few new investigators as we're out and about.  It's cool these last two days pretty much any time an appointment fell through, another one just fills it's place.  Pretty awesome, right?!

Today we were gonna go to the city but there's to much to do and we aren't gonna have enough time to do anything there. It's okay, I've seen a ton of stuff there already.

How are all of you doing?  Any other fun things going on?  Hope you're all doing well.


Elder Schmidt
Sent from my iPad

Well, time to get going.  Take care my friends.  Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.  We will talk again soon.

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