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Today we remember Pearl Harbor.  There was a moment of silent descended over Pearl Harbor today at 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time, marking 75 years to the minute when the first Japanese ware planes filled the skies December 7th, 1941, to lay waste to the Navy's Pacific fleet and usher the United States into World War II.  There are only 5 remaining survivors of the U.S.S. Arizona.  Hard to believe.  We owe all who serve in our nations military a profound debt of gratitude for their dedication and service, especially those who lost their lives to serve and protect this great country.  

Now, on to answer these fun questions...............

1. Let's talk holiday decorating. On a scale of 1-10 where do you fall? (1=Scrooge and 10= Clark Griswold). What's your favorite corner-room-table-space to decorate? Is it done?

I'd say I'm about a 7 and my favorite thing to decorate is the tree.  It's not the size of the tree that I like, but it's the fact that it isn't really Christmas around here until we get the tree decorated.  Yes, mine is decorated.  The only thing I want to do is add the box around the base instead of a tree skirt this year.  We are trying something new this year and going with something more like this....

2. Is there a nativity scene in your decorating somewhere? Post a picture or, if it's special to you in some way, tell us why. Or do both-it's Christmas!

Yes, there are several nativities that we decorate with.  However, we haven't got them out of storage yet.  I mentioned before that we are keeping it super simple this year.  So, if those boxes come out, I will share a photo them.  The nativity I like best is one my Sister-in-law, Becky, have us several years ago.  I put it up every year.  Then we have collected several little nativity scenes over the years as well.  We usually put them all out together on one table each year.

3.  Do you live in a social neighborhood? If so are you glad? If not do you wish you did?

Yes, we live in a large neighborhood, but I wouldn't say it's all that social, if you mean seeing your neighbors face to face often.  We know all of our neighbors, but generally a wave as we pass in our cars or across the street is about as social as it gets.  We talk to a few of our neighbors in the street or on the sidewalk from time to time, especially when it's a little warmer out.  I think neighborhoods have changed so much over the years and with most it's not a lot of socializing.  I don't think we run over or stop by without checking first and sometimes that can be just too much trouble.  I haven't even given it a thought but perhaps I should try being a bit more social myself here with my neighbors.  ~smile~grin~grin~  After all, I am a VERY social person.  LOL!  (not really)

4.  As the saying goes, 'there's no time like the present'. How does that ring true in your life right now?

Well, this is pretty much my motto.  If something needs doing, then why in the world would I wait to get it done.  ~chuckle~~Unless of course there are extenuating circumstances like we've experienced recently.  I think being patient over this past year has been the hardest thing for me.  Waiting for funds to pay certain bills.  Waiting for funds to take care of a few things around the house.  Waiting for funds to bring even my water bill current so I could have them schedule a bulk pick up.  That was hard!  I didn't waste any time taking care of a lot of those bills when that money came it.  I even had to call my bank because their fraud protection group freaked out because I was paying bills so fast.  It was a great feeling to get those things taken care of, especially to get caught up with tithing (I love that I can pay it online now! So awesome!).  I think that one bothered me the most.  I spent many a sleepless night agonizing over that one.  While paying tithing in a big chunk isn't the ideal way to pay it, I'm so glad we did.  I sleep better at night now.  

I've thought a lot about the word "present" lately.  In fact, the on our Stripling Warrior's painting says, "It's true Sir, All present and accounted for!"  This is my picture....

These are the words that came with the print.....

Seldom in the annals of history has there been such an inspiring example of unwavering faith in God as was exhibited by the valiant young sons of the Ammonites. These two thousand and sixty young men were a “Great support” to their country's defense. Though they had never fought, the scriptures tell us “they were exceedingly valiant for courage . . . . . and true at all times in whatsoever thing they were instructed. They were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God, and to walk up rightly before God.” (Alma 53:20-21) Their mothers had especially influenced their faith. Their commanding officer, Helaman, called them his “sons,” “for they are worthy to be called sons,” he said. (Alma 56:10) They called him “father", such was the love and respect they had for him.

This scene depicts the moment when Helaman (shown on his horse) learns from a subordinate officer that all two thousand and sixty of his beloved sons have survived a terrible battle in which everyone of them have “received many wounds.” This was the second time this had occurred, though many other soldiers in the army had perished, this “little band” under Helaman's leadership, lost not a single man. Speaking of this unbelievable occurrence, Helaman states, “two hundred out of my two thousand and sixty had fainted because of the loss of blood; nevertheless, according to the goodness of God and to our great astonishment, and also the joy of the whole army, there was not one soul of them who did perish.”
“And now, their preservation was astonishing to our whole army, yea that they would be spared while there was a thousand of our brethren who were slain, and we do justly ascribe it to the miraculous power of God, because of their exceeding faith in that which they had been taught to believe — that there was a just God, and whosoever did not doubt, they should be preserved by His marvelous power. Now this was the faith of these of whom I have spoken. They are young and their minds are firm and they do put their trust in God continually.” (Alma 57:25-27) Helaman had also stated in his epistle to his commanding general, Moroni, that “as the remainder of our army were about to give way before the Lamanites, behold those two thousand and sixty were firm and undaunted. Yea, they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them.” (Alma 57:20-21)
It is my hope that in painting this poignant scene from the Book of Mormon, it will enable us to stand with them in their ranks, to absorb their marvelous spirit, that we many be one with them, and they with us, “all present and accounted for” in the final battle against the forces of Satan in these last days. 
— Clark Kelly Price
  I love it!  It reminds me of so much.  It reminds me to keep the faith.  It reminds me to never give up.  It reminds of that I can make it through anything.  Most importantly, it reminds me of our children and making sure that we help them make and keep all of the sacred covenants available to them.  We are well on our way and that makes me happy.  I still haven't hung that picture back up yet.  It bothers me not having it up because I know that the things we have displayed around our home really do influence my family.  I know this because my children mention these things when they bear their testimonies like our current missionary son did in his testimony just before leaving on his mission.  He said there was a picture we have down the hall in our home that kept coming to mind whenever he thought about prepare for his mission when he felt it just wasn't going to be able to happen for him.  You don't know how happy I was that something as simple as a picture on the walls of our home had such an impact on my son.  So, I need to get that Stripling Warriors print back up again.

  I'm planning on taking the top off my china hutch since it just gets cluttered with stuff all the time, and then I will be able to hang the photo above the bottom portion in our dining room.  I saw a families dining table that had a name on each of the chairs around the table, one for each family member.  I love that idea.  Their chairs had the names carved in the tops of each chair.  I also found this cute quote about no empty chairs that I want to put up as well.  I just need to cut some vinyl to do it.  I'm waiting until I get some things situated in that room first before I cut the vinyl.  I can't wait though!  (I know, I'm rambling....sorry)

I've also been thinking of wrapping presents.  I want to pick up some wrapping paper and at least wrap the few presents I've already bought.  I need to get going on this shopping thing.  I really don't get a big thrill out of wrapping gifts, but someone has to do it.  Waiting doesn't make it anymore appealing to me, so I just need to jump in with both feet and "get er' done!"  Yep, there's no time like the present!!

5. Do you dread Mondays? Why or why not?

I'm not going to say I LOVE Mondays, but I do like that it's the beginning of a new week and I use my Mondays to prepare for the week ahead in the hopes that things will go smoother that way.  I've always liked new beginnings and I'm looking forward to a new year as well.  the only thing, new weeks and new years, they all add up and are a sure sign that I'm getting older.  UGH! ~cry~cry~

6.  Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis-which on the list is your favorite holiday plant? Are any of these on display in your home right now?
I'm a poinsettia kind of girl!  I love the red ones, but the other colors interest me as well.  I have a big one on my front porch right now.  It's in need of a little water right now, but the weather outside is perfect for it.  Love it!  

7. Share a favorite quote from a Christmas movie.
Okay, so it's not actually a movie quote, but it's a good one don't you think???

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
We received a letter from our missionary today.  

Hello Everyone,
This week was filled with crazies!  Ha Ha.  We went to a crazy member's home who had us set up her TV.  She kept stopping us midway to say prayers and she prayed to a lot of different people.  We went to her house later and she had us set up a telescope and she kept saying, "father show us the moon!"  I was dying!  She fed us some nasty salmon and rice and said she we had to eat it all over and over again.  It was interesting, but she came to church the next Sunday.  
That same Sunday and after church we ran into a Hebrew Israelite!  I don't know if I ever told you about these people but they are these black guys that believe that pretty much every one who is black is saved and that Christ and Adam and everyone in the Bible are black.  Anyway, he had us read from Revelations 1:15-16 which talks about Christ's feet being as brass in fire and I wanted so bad to ask him what happens when you heat brass up?  It turns white.  But, as he went on trying to bash and say we were wrong about everything, this cray lady stands up and starts yelling at the guy about pretty much all the things we would have yelled at him if we weren't missionaries.  After a while we all got in a train and the lady kept laying into him and then she got off.  Then the guy tried to talk to us again.  Then this girl on the train to my left slid over next to me and talked to the man and she had some awesome points.  We ended up getting that girls contact information and the Sisters are gonna teach her.  So the Hebrew Israelite guy only talked to us for about 2 out of the 10 minutes he was with us in total.  Ha Ha.  I love crazy Bronx people!  
This week was also full of service.  The new initiative has been fun to share with people and get others really motivated to help others.  We've handed out hot chocolate, moved people, and are going to do a car drive today.  We have a lot more planned in the future that should be really fun.  It's great!  This is my favorite part...the service.  Hope you all are doing well!!!
Elder Schmidt
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I'm sitting her watching Lexi put together her bookcase all by herself.  She is determined to get her room just the way she wants it.  The other day she asked me if we could paint her desk a color sometime.  I asked her what color and she thought black would be a good color.  I was surprised she wanted to go with black.  I though maybe grey or a blue, but she wants black.  Black would go with all the other furniture in her room so, we will have to see what we can find in the way of paint.  Everyone that paints furniture does it in this Anne Sloan chalk paint and then they wax it.  I'm not sure I like that idea.  Lexi's desk is all wood and I'm thinking a dark stain might work better.  We'll have to go check out our local home improvement center to decide and of course, Lexi will have to come with, but that's a project that will have to wait until after Christmas.

That's about it for me.  Take care my friends and we will talk soon.
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