Saturday, December 17, 2016

I've Been Better....

It's 2:31AM and I decided to get up and get in the shower since I couldn't sleep anyway.  I think that my body has finally taken a turn.....for what, I'm not sure yet, but a turn none the less.  I don't want to whine, but I'm stating a few facts about this past few days.  Fist of all, I can only remember about two other times in my life being so sick.  One was with pneumonia when I was very little that landed me in the swankiest "hotel" the Air Force had for children at the time, the base hospital.  The other time was right after Kevin left on his mission and I got sick with something that kept me down and in bed for a straight two weeks.  That's unheard of for a recent high school graduate. Now this!  I have far to much to do to keep this family going and I don't have time to get sick.  After all, I'm trying to be General Manager of the Universe, why now?  I guess this is my wake up call.  You know the call trying to teach me that you do need to slow down on occasion and worry about you!  

And then, there's this past five days, which I've added to the "Experiences that I Don't Care to Relive In my Lifetime! list.  I've been spending my time in the family room, as far away from Kevin as I could keep.  Kevin has been a little loopy from all the pain meds, I've been trying to hack up a lung or something kind of sick all week, doesn't my body know that the caretaker and Super Hero Mom doesn't have time to get sick when it's care-taking time??!!  And Kyle, my son, bless his wonderful heart, he has been doing it all for everyone lately.  

I do believe today I've taken a turn for the worse.  I'm wheezing and it feels like there is an elephant sitting on my chest today.  Arg!  Needless to say, I've taken all the medications I was given for my allergies and asthma today as directed to the letter, used my Dulera inhaler first thing this morning, then I've kept my rescue inhaler in my pocket where it's close so I can use it as I need it.  I am at least, sitting up.  I just got out of the shower and I am not gasping for air.  That's improvement!  Happiness.  

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about this, in terms of being sick, but they say all things are for our good and give us experience......

I will say there is certainly plenty to be grateful for through this entire ordeal.  
  • Things could certainly be worse.  I'm grateful my doctor has been pretty amazing and has done his part to keep me away from that place.....the hospital. 
  • I'm thankful for a plethora of texts, emails, voice mails, and even cards in the mail from friends.  Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers.
  • My kids have been pretty amazing through all of this.  Kyle is determined to make sure everyone gets their shopping done.  Not to mention he has taken his Dad to several doctor's appointments because I couldn't.  Or running errands for me to pick up medications or basic supplies at the grocery store at all hours of the day and night.  He's made plenty of 2-3AM trips to the store for us!  Lexi has helped out around the house with things her Dad needs while I've been down, with things I need as well, and she has taken care of the dogs by making sure they are fed, and they aren't even her dogs.  
  • For Amazon!  I totally love being able to order online.  There's no hastle of fighting the crowds in stores.  The items come to your door, and I know Amazon has saved many lives by not getting certain people out on the roads or in the stores to fight with other shoppers over that last fifty cent television the store doesn't even have in stock and will have to give out a rain check for anyway.
  • The PA that checked my lump on my throat/neck, initially commented that he just noticed it during one of my many visits to his office.  When he saw it he snapped into action fast.  He said, that wasn't there the other day when you were in here.  He said, let me get the doctor to take a look and the doctor agreed and said, let's take a closer look.  He came in put on gloves, had me open my mouth, he put his fingers in the left side of my mouth to feel for anything inside...there was nothing. Then he suggested several lab tests and an ultrasound.  Well, the results came back.  The lump is still there, but it's not cancer or anything that requires further action at this time.  Can you hear me singing, HALLELUJAH????!!!!  They want to keep a close eye on it.  I have to let them know if I notice any changes, like if it gets bigger.  I'm just glad they caught it and took action so quickly.  I feel I am in good hands with this group of doctors.  They are awesome!
  • I don't know how she knew, but my wonderful Relief Society President keeps close tabs on me and checks in on me often.  This last time she was offering to have meals brought in since I've been sick. We've had offers from others as well.  My Mom, my SIL, my daughter have called or text several times to offer whatever they could do to help.  
  • On that same note, yesterday was delivery day for the Schmidt's.  Every few minutes yesterday a package was dropped on our doorstep.  Today has been the same way.  Kevin has two Aunts that live here in Mesa that sent us some yummy treats. Yesterday we got cookies from Cheryl's and this morning we received popcorn from the Popcorn Factory.  So, as soon as the box was opened I made sure Kevin knew what we received and I immediately handed him the phone so he could call them to thank them.  Now we have lots of Christmas tins to add to our decor.  ~smile~smile~

  • I listened to (okay, I dozed through a lot of it, but did hear bits and pieces) of the entire LDS Christmas Devotional.  Honestly, even if you are not LDS, this devotional is always amazing and focuses on the real reason for this holiday season.  It's full of great music and amazing messages and focuses on the entire family.  It's truly amazing!  I'm so grateful for these words of wisdom that I can listen to repeatedly when I can. 
  • On the lighter side, I'm not eating much at all.  I'm certain to have lost a few extra pounds by this weekend for sure and I'm not even following my "diet" right now.  I'm just going for whatever sounds good when I feel like eating.  This isn't the diet I'd recommend but it's made a difference, I'm certain.
  • Since I've been sick Lexi has become my little photographer.  Without her I wouldn't have the photographic evidence of anything Christmas related.  She has been taking all kinds of pictures.   AND....she has been the one to set up the Christmas tree and also decorate it.  I can't get over how simple it was for her.  It looks amazing!  Other than the tree and a couple little Christmas signs sitting on the TV cabinet in the family room you wouldn't even know it's Christmas around here.  I mentioned before, we haven't even gone into the garage to get out any of our normal Christmas decorations this year.  Partly because I am usually the one to bring out the six large totes I have of decorations.  We don't even have lights on the house this year.  It's weird!  So, I am very grateful for Lexi's help in getting the tree this year!  The funny part is we aren't even missing those other decorations...not one bit.
  • Since Christmas 2015 that big 4x8 sheet of wood for the Christmas village was leaning up against one of the walls in my living room.  It usually lives in the garage but with two tables in the dining room and a dog kennel it was always difficult to navigate through all of that to move that board out.  We have an area near the kitchen and around a bay window for a table, but then there is this other area that I have our hutch set up at and our actual dining table sits there.  The entire area is quite large and it allows us to set up 4 of those long banquet tables for our entire family to sit at whenever we did Thanksgiving dinners here.  It gave us a table that 20 people could sit at together and we still had room for another large banquet table for food in that space.  I loved that!  Back to what I was getting at.....  Well, the kennel was moved for cleaning and we found a new place for the board for the Christmas village....yay!  Kyle put it away well before this last Thanksgiving, finally!  Our intentions were to set up the Christmas village in our dining room this year. Well, the board is still put away and it doesn't look like there are any signs of Kyle getting the village out any time soon.  So, I think I am going to have a year without a giant board in a space I don't want it in for a change.  Yay!!!
  • For my sweet husband who always comes up with some awesome gift ideas around this time of year.  I've had a hard time in that area for some reason, but Kevin has been amazing!  So, I let him run with those ideas and he is doing the ordering and everything.  Love it!  
  • I had to laugh at myself the other day.  Like I mentioned before, my kids have been amazing through all of this.  In fact, the other day Kyle went out to pick up food for him and Lexi.  Kevin and I weren't hungry and the kids wanted pizza.  It was the perfect time for them to get it because frankly Kevin and I are sick of pizza.  Little Cesar's is right around the corner from us, it's super cheap, and my kids have had pizza so much that now something Kevin and I use to enjoy has become something we completely dislike now.  It's the same way with lasagna now for us too.  Several years ago when Kevin was home after one of his surgeries the ward brought in food for us.  I kid you not, we ended up with lasagna every single time someone brought food.  By the end of that we haven't had lasagna since.  Now when I bring up lasagna as a dinner idea my family flips out.  Back to where  I was going with this.....Well, they bought two pizzas.  One was pretty much gone between the two of them, and there was one full pizza left and I told Kyle to put the one that was left in zip lock bags and get it into the fridge.  Well, I went in to the kitchen to get a drink and found the almost empty box on the counter, an empty soda bottle, the box of zip lock bags, a dish towel and  a bottle of hot sauce on the counter.  My first thought was, "The counter is dirty."  No complaints from me!  I'm just grateful that my kids were fed and taken care of while I rested or tried to.
It's taken me hours, but, I felt good enough to get up and down to write this in bits and pieces.  It's now 12:52PM Saturday.  That's improvement.  No spell check, no proofing.  What you see is what you get.  No quote but the that's okay.  Enough said. 
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