Friday, December 23, 2016

Curve Ball!!

The day before yesterday I went to the doctor and was ready to go back to work.  Well, Kevin apparently had other ideas.  That night I drove Lexi over to a friends house around 4:30pm.  When I got home and around 5:30-6pm Kevin started to throw up.  He kept doing it until at least 8:30-9pm.  When I threatened to take him to the Emergency Room he flat out refused to go.  By almost 10pm he was still throwing up and I decided to call his doctor.  I made a deal with Kevin and he agreed that we would do whatever the doctor said.  The doctor called me back around 11pm.  When he called I explained what was happening and the doctor said yes it would be a good idea to get Kevin into the Emergency Room.  Well, if it wasn't for Kyle being able to help get Kevin into the car we would of had to have an ambulance here to take Kevin in that night.  Kyle got Kevin into the car and I drove to the hospital.  When I got there I parked by the front door and and went inside.  The lady at the counter informed the triage nurse and she rounded up three grown men to help get Kevin out of the car.  We didn't even have to through triage.  We went right back to a room.  Within a few minutes of Kevin being in the bed they had taken several vials of blood and had taken the first set of blood gases.  Within a half an hour the student doctor was in to see Kevin.  Within another 15 minutes the Emergency Room doctor was in to check Kevin over and to tell us both that he has sepsis.  The doctor explained that this is serious and he will be admitted.  Then he explained the concerns.  He said we are going to have to watch him closely to make sure he does not crash on us.  If he does they will have to put in a central line.  They said we are concerned that his blood pressure will drop, among other things.  Then they took a urine specimen.  It was confirmed that Kevin has yet another bladder/kidney infection.  They said this one is really bad.  They also did a chest X-ray.  The chest X-ray came back clear.  Within another 20 minutes the orderly was there to escort Kevin to his bed upstairs.  BUT, because of Kevin's condition they had to have a nurse also escort us.  They don't want anything to happen without at least a nurse with us.  Once we got him in his room the orderly got a call for a STAT CT Scan for Kevin.  Thankfully they did not get him out of the ER bed and they had a nurse escort him down for that test as well.  When he got back they lifted him into his bed upstairs.  By the time Kevin was in his bed he was into his 3rd IV bag of fluid and had had his first dose of antibiotics.  As soon as he was settled in bed, he slept.....and slept......and slept.  Danielle came up to the hospital to see him and to stay with me.  We sat in his room talking for a bit.  By around 6pm that night Kevin finally woke up.  He had slept for more than 12 hours straight.

Now, before Kevin started throwing up he was fine.  He was talking and up from time to time without any issues.  Or so I thought there were no issues.  I asked the doctor and the nurse about the signs I had missed.  They both said sometimes there are signs and you can't beat yourself up about not catching them.  It happens to everyone.  I thanked them for all their help.  They were great!  Well, when I finally left the hospital that night I spent a little time on the Internet reading up about sepsis.  It said confusion is one sign that someone has it.  Well, a few days ago Kevin had a few episodes of confusion.  Then that morning when he started throwing up he was asking me about some things he and I had never ever talked about before.  It was crazy.  Lexi was sitting on the couch next to me and heard the conversation and was just as surprised as I was.  So, if there was a sign, those two episodes should have been my give away.  So, Kevin is still there in the hospital.  They are testing him for all kinds of stuff and we had an infectious disease doctor come in today to check him out.  Kevin still hasn't eaten now for two days.  He took a bite of jello today but that was it.  I will admit I am worried about him this time.  Really worried.  I've heard some crazy stories about sepsis and the things it can do to people from aortic valves needing to be replaced and kidneys failing to death.  I will admit this scares me.  BUT I am hopeful Kevin will pull through this with flying colors and not be harmed by the sepsis in his body.  Isn't sepsis something someone gets from being in the hospital?  So, how does someone get it without having like an open wound?  How does that happen?  I have so many questions.  Before all of this happened Kevin said he kept having dreams about his father who passed away over ten years ago.  I asked him about what his dreams were about and we talked about that for a bit.  I said, well as long as you aren't seeing your Dad and talking with him about going with him then he shouldn't worry about having dreams about him.  But, I have to tell you...I'm a little concerned in light of what has happened over the past couple of days.  Kevin officially has me freaked out!!

Needless to say, I have not gone back to work this second time yet.  Friends who have dealt with sepsis, many times, say Kevin is in for at least a week long stay at the hospital and could end up coming home with IV's and need home health care.  Kevin isn't Kevin right now.  He normally cannot lay flat on his back.  He is laying flat in the hospital bed right now and he is a okay with that.  That never happens because of all of his back pain.  Plus he is very tired all the time.  We also have to wear masks every time we go into Kevin's room.  That's so no germs spread.  Looks like we will be Skyping from a hospital bed this Christmas.  Kevin said to me today that he refuses to be in that bed to talk to his son, but I have serious doubts that he will be able to come home until after Christmas.  If he does come home, that will be a Christmas miracle!  

I've received several Facebook messages, text messages, and phone calls checking up on all of us today.  Thank you so much for all of your kind words and offers to help.  They are very much appreciated.  I appreciate those that are saying prayers for and in behalf of all of us.  Prayers wishing Kevin a speedy recovery, prayers wishing that I do not get stressed out, and prayers so that the kids are taken care of and in good hands as well.  I have to admit, this is the time that the feeling of being a little overwhelmed kicks in...especially during the holidays and I bet all of us are feeling that from time to time.

Kyle and I ran to the grocery store late tonight just so we got it done and had some food in the house.  Tonight was going to be my big shopping night for our Christmas Eve and Christmas day food, but we cancelled all of that with Kevin in the hospital.  While we were there I overhead a conversation.  "Are you done?" "Are you kidding?"  It's more like "Have you started?"  I just smiled and felt so bad for those people.  Thank goodness I have Kyle here helping and constantly asking me, "what about this person?" and "what about that person?"  "Don't worry Mom, I'll run and grab this or that."  He has been amazing and I love him for it!  This was the first time in a very long time that we have gone to the grocery store without a list.  Now that everything is home I realized a few things we missed.  Holy cow!  I tried to pick up a few things I thought Kevin might be able to eat when he got home, but I totally forgot something like saltine crackers and chicken noodle soup.  We walked right by that stuff and I didn't even think about it.  That's why you always go with a list.  Arg! 

After the kids had gone to bed, it hit me.....I decided to sit down once and for all with my several pages of list and eliminate a few things that I knew were done.  It makes me feel better to check those things off at the end of the day.  Well, as my family has informed me, "we'll still be alive if it doesn't all happen."  that's what I love about my family.  We can roll with the punches and no one gets mad or upset.  It's great.  They are awesome!

So, today, an encouraging word for all of you out there.  Take an hour.  Make an hour.  Make a few lists.  What's left to buy?  Who arrives when?  What's left on the calendar to get done?  What are your assignments for those events?  What will you eat?  When will you prepare those dishes?  Then, look at it and eliminate anything that you'll "still be alive" without.  Also, add one thing.....take time for YOU!!!  MAKE TIME FOR YOU!!!  Remember the old saying, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"  Go ahead.  Make your day!  Do something for you, even if it's only to take fifteen minutes alone in the car to think in silence before driving home.  For me, it's to sit in front of the Christmas tree with the lights on and listen to the quiet in our home after everyone has gone off to bed.  It makes all the difference in the world!  Mom's need the fullest buckets of all during the holidays!  If your own bucket is empty, how will you keep filling everyone else's bucket?  Enough said!  

Since we Mom's all need a few words of encouragement and might be feeling a little down during these holidays I decided to share several little quotes tonight.  I couldn't decide on just one.  I hope at least one lifts your spirits and at least puts a smile on your face.  Take care and we will talk again soon.  BUT, if not right away, Merry Christmas to all of you and a very Happy New Year's too.

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