Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day 2016!

This morning we were all woke up by Kyle, just like he has done every single year since he could walk, except for the two years he served a mission.  Although, this Christmas was a little different.  He actually let me sleep until about 4AM.  That was nice.  I tried to talk him into letting us all stay up until five minutes after midnight to unwrap presents, but Kyle didn't like that idea.  I have to admit, it isn't the same when Kevin isn't home.  The kids unwrapped all of their presents and loved what they got.  Lexi got a Ukulele.  She had been wanting one for quite a while and can't wait to learn how to play it better.  Kyle knows how to play it a little.  Below is a photo of Kyle checking out the Ukulele.  

Here is Lexi with her Ukulele.  

Once everyone was done and we picked up the pile of wrapping paper in the living room and family room we packed up the presents for Kevin and I and headed to the hospital.  Kevin enjoyed unwrapping presents with us, but the big win in the present department for Kevin was this present from Kyle.  Kyle has said his goal is to some day buy someone a present that brings them to tears.  Well, I do believe Kevin was in tears after he unwrapped this present.
The present is an authentic signed Raider's helmet.  It's signed by Bo Jackson.  The helmet came with a photograph of Bo Jackson signing this helmet and a certificate also signed by Bo Jackson as well.  Kevin LOVED it!!!  
Then we got a call from our missionary and were able to Skype with him from the hospital.  It was awesome!  We got to talk to Curtis for about two hours.  We spent the time passing the computer around from person to person.  It was nice to see him and to hear some of his little jokes and comments as everyone asked questions and Curtis was busy being well.....Curtis.  
He said they have been super busy and he is very tired.  

While Curtis was talking with us he made sure to eat his Matta's food right in front of us.  That kid!  I asked him if he was sharing with his companions and he said he was, but I seriously doubt that he was.  Crazy kid!  Curtis also mentioned that he received word that he will be transferred this week to upstate New York.  He will have to travel about two hours to the very top of his mission.  For a missionary that started his mission and didn't make any moves for about 5 months, Curtis has certainly made up for it this last leg of his mission.  I believe this is his 4th transfer in just a couple months.  He says he is super excited to spend time with his new companion.  I guess he is a big Tongan missionary and Curtis says he is a lot of fun and super cool.  

As soon as we were done Skyping Kevin said he was worn out and wanted to take a nap so we all packed up everything and made our way home.  By about 11AM I received a call from Kevin telling me the last test results had come back negative and they were going to let him come home!  How cool is that???  I packed up some pajamas and things so Kevin had something other than a hospital gown to wear home and headed back up to the hospital.  

In all seriousness we could have lost Kevin this time.  If I didn't insist on him going to the hospital we could be telling a very different story right now.  Kevin was told he has a severe septic UTI and e-coli.  All of which are a bi-product of him being paralyzed from the waist down.  He is just more prone to these types of things.  Well, Sepsis is nothing to mess around with.  I've learned that there are three kinds of sepsis.  Just regular sepsis that they give the patient a 30% chance of death, severe sepsis and you have a 50% chance of death, then septic shock where you have an 80% chance of death.  Sepsis is nothing to mess around with.  With severe sepsis this is the stage where bodily organs start to shut down and become damaged.  So, I am glad I got Kevin in when I did.  The bad part about all of this is that there were no real signs a head of time.  The only sign that I can really recall that stands out was the pain Kevin was experiencing just prior to going into the hospital.  Pain and confusion are the two things I will be hyper-vigilant about from now on.  To be quite honest, I'm struggling today with trying to not get angry with the doctor that caused Kevin's spinal cord injury in the first place!  It's Christmas and anger doesn't solve anything and all it will do is eat me alive and we aren't going there!  It's not worth my time and energy.  All that matters is Kevin is getting the care he needs and we will do everything we can to make sure Kevin continues to get the care he needs.  I still have my husband and that is ALL that matters!

On another note....this week Lexi will be rushing around to get ready for the Pioneer Trek!  That should be fun.  It will be cold and hard, but it will be a good experience for her.  At first she was saying no she didn't want to go, but I think when her older sister told her that the trek was her favorite youth event, even over Girl's Camp, that helped Lexi decide that she should go.  YAY!  I was getting worried that I was going to have to become the kind of parent that had to threaten her with losing some privilege if she didn't go on the Trek.  I wanted her to make the decision to go.  We've never had to force our kids to go to church.  They just did it.  Sure sometimes they did miss, but church was always something they decided on and we have watched them learn and grow because of it.  If I would have had to become ugly with her it would have taken away her free agency and I didn't want to do that.  I always wanted the spirit to be a part of the decision making process and for the spirit to whisper to both of us about what is right.  I think it has happened.  Finally! YAY!!!  

Anyway, Kevin is now home, safe and sound, without even a port to administer IV medications or on IV solutions, which is a miracle!  (Everyone warned me that that could happen)  We truly have seen a real Christmas miracle!  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.   Merry Christmas!  

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