Saturday, November 12, 2016

The past few days.

Can I just say that I am done with being sick!  DONE!  It seems like I have a fairly good day and then the next day I'm down all day long.  Today was a down day.  I slept ALL day today.  All day.  So frustrating.  I called the doctor again.  I think it's time I get the steroid.  I'm not happy about that, but I don't think I have any other choice.  We've tried everything else and I'm still struggling so the next step is the steroid.  If the doctor doesn't call soon, Urgent Care here I come!  (I've seen him so much I'm thinking of inviting him and his girlfriend over for Thanksgiving....Ha Ha.  He's like a member of the family now since he knows me so well now.)  Arg!  I'm not happy about that, but if it will make me feel better, okay.  One thing I am grateful for is that my husband has not gotten sick.  In fact, he has been pretty healthy so far.  Lexi has a slight cough, but nothing like mine.  Let's hope it stays that way.  It wouldn't be good for them (any of them) to get sick over the Thanksgiving holiday.  

Kevin has been all over the place lately with Kyle though.  The other day they went to Home Depot, Lowes, Bass Pro, and Walmart to get some things for around the house.  Today they went to another place.  I'm just not sure where.  In guess, today he went and picked out an anniversary present for me.  Our 29th Wedding Anniversary is next week. It doesn't seem like it's been that long at all.  Kevin decided to give me my gift early.  I guess to lift my spirits or something.  He got me this cool little tool.  It's a pen that allows you to write on a tablet and your notes and images can be transferred as you write or draw to your computer, tablet, or phone.  Here is a photo of what it looks like.

 It's pretty cool.  I love it.  I haven't used it yet, but I will soon.  I never use to be the type of person to get into all of these tech gadgets, but look at me now.  I can't wait to try it out.  I'm sure you will see me post something using this eventually, once I figure out how to use it.  Fun, fun!  Thanks Honey!! 

Over the past several months I have been hunting all over the place (online) for a large boxwood wreath.  All the ones I have found cost over $250 and there is no way I plan to pay that kind of money for a silly wreath.  This is the one I like the most though.  This person sells them on Etsy for $250 and they are only big enough for a door.  But look how full it is.  I love it.  Even though I love it, there is absolutely no way I would pay that price.  Especially since I can make it for far less.  I just need to look around for the right materials at the right price.  I love being able to shop for things like this online.  It's great!!  

Remember how I mentioned that I was changing things up on my doors.  Our Stripling Warriors picture will be hung in our dining room, along with a couple of the things I had on the doors with those antique frames.  I'm wanting a large boxwood wreath to hang in the middle of my four old doors in my living room.  And low and behold, I finally found a great source for boxwood online that fits into my tiny budget and viola,.... I now have a 30 inch boxwood wreath for a fraction of the price those folks on Etsy are selling theirs for.  AND mine is a larger size too!  Sure, theirs looks slightly fuller than mine, but I'm okay with that.  Mine is larger and cost much much less.  I am a happy girl!  Take a look.....

I then had Kyle add my large letter "S" to the inside of the wreath.

And here is a better shot of the what my wreath on the doors looks like so far with the plug in lanterns I've had on the doors for some time now.  Kyle helped me hang the wreath.  I'm not finished with the doors yet.  Once I am feeling better I plan to add the metal pieces to the top of the doors that match the ones on the top of the door on the far left.  (you can barely see it...but they are black)  Plus I have a couple more things to add to the doors eventually.  When I am feeling better, but so far I am pleased with the wreath.

Tomorrow Lexi will be going with her older sister to help out at a boutique Danielle has a booth at.  Danielle has been making and selling jewelry for quite some time now and has worked very hard to be ready for tomorrow.  I just wish I was up to going.  I'm trying to avoid cooler weather so as not to have a coughing fit, which leads to other things.  We won't go into all the details.  Plus I have a few things that will require me to stay close to home just in case.  I have this stuff I'm drinking that could have an adverse effect on me.  That's another reason to stick close to home.

Kevin called his doctor today.  He has an appointment next week.  Yay!  I have mixed emotions about him going back to the pain doctor.  I don't like Kevin on all that medication, but at the same time I know he needs it for the pain.  It's hard to deal with either way.  I know Kevin would prefer not to have to take anything.  He always says it would be nice to either not be able to walk and be confined to a wheelchair without the pain, or be able to walk and have to deal with pain, but not to have both.  Most SCI patients do not deal with pain because the complete SCI blocks the pain, but not for an incomplete SCI.  Those folks suffer a lot!  Meaning....Kevin.

Lexi has marathon dental appointments coming up.  Kyle took her to get her braces on.  Check out her silly mouth photo.  She took it herself.  

 I signed all the forms for the dental work well in advance so Kyle could take her.  I'm so glad they were able to work around me and being sick as well as my work schedule.  In about a week she will go see our regular dentist to have a tooth extracted that the Orthodontist could not remove easily.  He tried I guess without using a shot to numb the pain, but it hurt too much.  So, we will leave it for our regular dentist to take care of at her next appointment.  All in all, she is doing pretty good with braces.  She has been in quite a bit of pain, but over all she is doing pretty well.  

We received a letter from Curtis this week and several photos and a video from someone he and his companion are teaching.  The letter was short and sweet.  Here is that letter....

Hey Everyone,

This week was fun.  We had Stake Conference in Kings Bridge.  It was fun to go back to my first area and see a lot of familiar faces.  I'm glad I had the chance to do that.

We had a really fun lesson with one of our investigators and his new girlfriend.  She has been meeting with the Sisters.  It was an awkward appointment because the girlfriend kept telling our investigator that if he didn't want to be baptized and get married in the temple that he can just get out of her place.  Ha Ha.  We happened to be in HIS house though.  

So, Donald Trump is President now?  That's interesting.  Is everyone moving to Canada yet?  Just checking.

Well, today we are doing a pancake day at the church with all of the missionaries.  We're also going to play some gatorball and just pretty much party it up.  Woo!!  

Talk to you soon.  Christmas is coming up super quick!  This is the last time before I get to say, "I'm leaving on a jet plane."  Wow!  I can't think about that right now.  Ha Ha.


Elder Schmidt
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It's been a crazy week, but here are a few things I am thankful for this week.

**the election is over!  My prayer now is that we will all be able to recognize the tender mercies the Lord has extended us and that we will not squander them.  I pray for our leadership and I pray for the people of this country.  I pray we can find our way to be united as a nation once again.  

**that I love in a country where I can vote and make my voice heard without fear of government reprisal.  

**for all the pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon scents and tastes of this season.  I love them and can't wait to check them all out.  More of the scents and not so much the tastes though.  A friend of mine told me about this lifestyle change that will help give me more energy that I am going to try out just as soon as I am feeling better.  I'm super excited about it.  It will be good.  It's all about "clean eating" and getting away from all the processed foods.  I'm telling you, this will be a big change for this girl and this family because let's face it...I'm not going to cook seperate meals for everyone.  So, the whole family will be changing their lifestyles with me.  Lexi is super excited about it.  The men in the house, not so much.  They will grow into it once they realize how much better they feel.  And besides men just have to say the word "diet" and they lose major pounds.  It's not fair.  So, we will see how it goes.  I plan to start as soon as I can get back to my normal routine.  Sure, this is a crazy time to try something like this, but if I am careful at Thanksgiving, I should be able to stay on track without any problem.  Wish me luck!  Yay! 

**for the month of November and this season of Thanksgiving.  I love that so many of my friends are participating in the 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook.  It's always a great practice to count your blessings.  

**for the amazing time had watching LDS General Conference last month!  I learned a bit, but mostly it was an incredible time of refreshment for my weary soul and I remember feeling rejuvenated and lighter than I was in months past.  That's always a wonderful thing.  

**for the way our church is organized.  Some time ago I had a non-member ask me why we couldn't just pick the building and congregation we worshiped at.  I had to explain that you attend the building and with the people who live in your area.  Sure, you can pick your area, but once you do, you can't bounce around from building to building until you find leadership and a congregation you like.  It just doesn't work that way.  And besides, the leadership changes fairly often in the LDS church.  It's designed to work that way.  It's a good thing.

**for bittersweet memories of childhood Thanksgivings when life was simpler and my extended family was still alive and we would gather together.  I miss those days of knowing I was a part of something bigger, of having everyone at the same table, even us kids.  Now with so many of us gone and our families growing leaps and bounds or in other parts of the country it just makes it hard.  

**for my children.  Especially the two that still live in our home.  They have been such a huge help to Kevin and I.  I couldn't do it without them.  They are awesome!

**for my husband that knows me so well and goes out of his way to remind me just how much he loves me each and every day.  

**for my therapist that helps me remember things and encourages me to do better.  

**of course, for each and every one who stops by my page.  Thank you.

Have a blessed and thankful weekend!
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