Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More fun

I officially give up.  I surrender.  This stuff has been bad!  I went back to the doctor again today.  He says that there is fluid building up in my lungs which can only mean one thing.......pneumonia.  Yay me!  He ordered another chest x-ray, gave me more antibiotics (this time something I've never had before that will knock out the chest congestion and the sinus congestion) , more of those lovely Tessalon Perles (I love those things), and something to stop the itching since the rash is back once again in full force, on top of everything else.  The doctor said to call him if anything changes for the worse.  He said I don't need to come in, just call the appointment schedulers and have them get an urgent message to him and he will give me a call right away.  He said he would give me another round of steroids for the rash but he would prefer to wait a bit since the steroids will weaken my ammune system more, but he will call something in to the pharmacy if it doesn't get any better.  He has been amazing!  I really appreciate him.  So, more rest for me and hopefully this will be the end of all this crazy sickness stuff.   

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