Friday, November 25, 2016

Missionary Letters, Turkey Day, Sickness, and Shooting

Last week when I made it out to church I had one of the ladies from our ward stop me to tell me how proud she was of me for the way I am handling things.  She said I was doing a great job.  She also said that her and another lady had wanted to stop by to see me, but had not been able to make it over yet.  Then as she walked away another lady came up to me to tell me the same thing.  It was completely out of the blue and totally unexpected.  I don't know exactly what I have done that made these two sisters stop to tell me this, but it really brightened my day.  

It's interesting to me how messages like this come just before another little trial in my life.  Well, that trial came in the form of more sickness.  First the rash that started that Sunday night that took me to the doctor again.  While I was at the doctor my throat wall killing me.  Well, that must be the beginning of that lovely flu going around because I now have it.  I'm telling you!  I have been hit hard with all of this.  What the heck is going on?  Just as soon as I think I'm getting better something else happens.  I think these two ladies telling me these things couldn't have come at a better time.  I needed their kind words to get me through this sickness stuff.  

This quote about sums it up.  I love it!  It reminds me that if the Lord could be here his fridge would have his home teaching list and maybe even a visiting teaching list right on it as a reminder of his stewardship.  That makes me smile.  

Thanksgiving was very low key.  Danielle and Chance came over.  I had Danielle heat up the ham and bring drinks.  The turkey was super easy.  I put it upside down in the roasting bag and got it into the over and I didn' t have to even baste it.  It was super tender and the meat just fell off the bones.  It was great!  Chance helped me get it out of the pan and into the serving container.  The rest of the turkey day dishes were super easy.  Lexi helped with the rolls and the cheesy potatoes.  All I had to do was brown the sausage for the stuffing, boil water for the corn, heat up the green beans, and warm up the gravy.  Thank goodness pies were already made with the help of Lexi.  She's been quite the helper.  Then when Danielle got to the house and she could see just how sick I was she wanted to know why I didn't have her do more.  I should have.  Thankfully my two kids and husband have been awesome with helping.  As it was, while everyone was here enjoying eat others company I nearly fell asleep sitting on the couch, but the sneezing, hacking, and couching would not let me drift off.  It's probably a good thing I didn't because around eight Lexi had a wire from her braces break off and it was poking into her cheek.  So, we called the emergency line for the Orthodontist.  He immediately called us back and agreed to meet us at this office within twenty minutes.  You should see my face.  It's so red and so sore, but I got into presentable sweats and ran Lexi to his office looking like death warmed over.  Thankfully his office was a little dark and I didn't go much further than the front door. 

  Thankfully his office is just around the corner from our house because I don't think I could have driven much further.  He had Lexi fixed up and out of his office within 5 minutes.  He's a very cool dentist.  I felt so bad pulling him away from his family on Thanksgiving, but he said they were on their way to his office anyway, so it wasn't a problem at all.  I'm so glad he was able to fix the braces.  

When I got home I tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't drift off. By around ten I finally fell asleep but woke up again around two.  I immediately called my boss.  She must think I've died or something.  Holy cow!  I spent the day resting on the couch sneezing, hacking, and coughing while Kyle, Lexi, and Kevin took off to go shooting.  They have been wanting to go shooting for a while now.  So, I'm glad they got the chance to go. I just wish I would have been able to go too.  As it was,the quiet house was nice.  I opened the front door and the dogs sat next to the open door while I rested and blew my nose about every five minutes.  Ugh!

As soon as everyone got back from shooting they said they were able to shoot at a very discounted rate.  I guess when the employee of the shooting range came to move the rest so it was low enough for Kevin to shoot he knocked Kevin's loaded gun onto the ground.  Kyle said he tried to grab the gun before he moved the rest, but the employee wouldn't let him move it. Thankfully the gun didn't go off.  If it would have I'm sure someone would have ended up in the hospital.  Not cool!  Needless to say, the range only charged them for one person to shoot instead of three and threw in a box of ammunition as well.  He apologized and thankfully no one got hurt and the gun works just fine.  Wow!

Tonight my nose has finally stopped running every five minutes.  Now it's more like every fifteen.  I drank some herbal tea with the juice of one whole lemon in it from time to time today.  Then this afternoon Kyle stopped by Jamba Juice and got me a nice smoothie.  That was awesome.  Thank goodness there are lots of leftovers so no cooking today.  Everyone has just grabbed things as they got hungry.  Tonight Kevin came out and Lexi helped him load up a plate of ham, stuffing, fresh veggies, olives, and a couple rolls.  He was pretty happy with all of that.  He's now resting in bed watching something on TV.   Kyle is out with friends and Lexi and I are just watching shows on Netflix trying to stay warm.  The dogs are fast asleep.  

Tomorrow I don't plan to do too much.  Mostly more of what I did today.  I've made a little shopping list for Kyle so I don't have to leave the house until this super bright red nose goes away and I can leave the house without feeling like I'm going to infect the world.  If this is still not much better by Monday I will go back to the doctor, but I'm not sure how much more he can help.  I've already have quite a bag of prescription medications I'm currently taking.  I'm already on my second antibiotic, my second round of steroids, two inhalers, two cough medications, medicine for my allergies, something to take for my asthma, and I also had Kyle pick me up another box of Advil Cold and Sinus today.  So, I'm pretty much taking everything known to man that could possibly help me.  I'm sure the doctor could do something.  They have been totally amazing!  I'm so grateful for them.  In fact, the other day when I was in there again and they were examining my mouth for this change on the left side of my jaw and throat I got to see the man that initially diagnosed Lexi's heart condition.  He was the man that came in to check me over and confirm that the other doctor was seeing.  While he was there, I meant to explain what he had done all those years ago and thank him for catching it.  It's been some time since I saw him because I tend to stick with certain people in our doctor's office simply because they have availability when I need appointments usually after work.  So, when I go in like I have been I just tend to stick with those individuals.  Anyway, if this change in my jaw and throat turn out to be something I will make an effort to make sure that doctor knows exactly what he did all those years ago as well as thank him for helping me.  I need to remember to do that.

We received a letter from Curtis last week.  We even got a photo and a couple video clips.  Here is that letter.  I have to say, Curtis is getting pretty good at playing the piano.  Wow!

Hey Everyone,
This week was pretty good.  My companion hit his year mark so we went to cross Bronx, which is a place that has pizza the size of two heads.  Here's a photo of one of their pizza slices.
Our roommate, Elder Santi Banez is a funny guy.  He's been wearing a single tie this whole time on his mission and on his year mark he decided to change the tie.  We had a little ceremony for it.  Here is a video of some of our silly ceremony....
(There should be two videos.  Hopefully both uploaded.  If not, check back later and I will try to upload the other one again.)

It was pretty funny.  A few days ago we went to a diner called George's.  It was awesome.  The people love missionaries so they gave us some free stuff.  We all got the George's special.  It was a huge pancake, two pieces of french toast, two pieces of bacon, two pieces of sausage, three eggs, and french fries.  All for $8!!!  Six missionaries got it and six missionaries finished it all.  We think we should have got a t-shirt or something for that.   Ha Ha 

Tomorrow we are going over to some members home for Thanksgiving dinner and then over to some senior missionaries home after wards.  On another note, this week we are gonna try and go to the temple with a recent convert.  She's so awesome! She's gonna go do a baptism for her Grandma.  We also set up some baptismal dates with a few of the people we've been working with.  The work has been going really good which is always exciting!  Hope you're all doing well!


Elder Schmidt
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I ordered a couple banners for when Elder Schmidt returns home.  One I'll hang up on the house and the other we will carry at the airport.  I love how they turned out.  They both have his name, his mission, and the state flag for where he served.  The one is vertical and we can hang it from the roof of the house.  It's the front shirt, tie, and name badge of a missionary.  The tie tack is of the angel Moroni and the tag has Elder Schmidt's name.  At the bottom of the banner there is the state of New York flag and below that it states the mission he served in and that he is returning home with honor.  The second banner I ordered is horizontal.  It also shows the missionaries shirt, tie, and name badge with all the same details with the state of New York flag as well.  Both banners match each other and I got them both for 50% off from the printing company so I feel pretty good about that.  I can't wait to put them up.  You can see the banners below.  Kevin just laughed at me.  He knew I got a great deal on the printing otherwise I never would have ordered two and I would have waiting a bit.  BUT, I couldn't pass up the deal and well, I like having two.  It will be good.

Next month we get to talk to Elder Schmidt.  We are all pretty excited about that.  I think we all look forward to talking to him more than we look forward to opening presents.  It will be a fun time.  This is the last time we will talk to him before he comes home. I can't believe he will be home soon.  It hardly seems possible. 

Well, I've chatted away quite a bit tonight.  Well, with that, I leave you will a quick quote.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

(P.S.  I hope you could understand what I had to say above.  I'm a little loopy lately.)

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