Sunday, November 27, 2016

A not so quiet Sunday (hack / cough)

No church today.  Thankfully our Bishop moved our appointment for Tithing Settlement to another day next week so we didn't have to cancel on him.  He beat us to it. Kevin was hurting pretty bad and I was still coughing and hacking.  The sneezing didn't start again until after I left the house to go through the drive through at Walgreen's to drop off yet another prescription.  Now I can't stop sneezing.  Arg!  I must have about 20 different prescriptions now.  You should see the line up. Thankfully the antibiotic and the steroids are done today, but I'll be back to the doctor again tomorrow if things don't drastically improve by tomorrow morning and who knows what he will want to do next.  Ugh!

This afternoon Lexi decided to get the Christmas tree out of the box.  It goes together super easy which makes it nice that she could put it together all on her own.  There are three pieces to the tree.  The base is one piece, then the bottom of the tree and the branches all fold out and get shaped on their own, then the middle, and finally the top.  The only thing Lexi needed help with was the top.  We still need to get the rest of the decorations out of the garage, but it looks pretty nice already, don't you think?  I can't wait to see it all decorated, but we will have to wait for Kyle to get those boxes out before that will happen and Kyle just started getting sick so it may be a while.  (In fact, last night he called home from work to tell me he was planning on calling out today if he wasn't any better.  This will be his first time calling out sick since he started that job almost exactly a year ago.  I feel bad for getting him sick.  Now I'm really worried about Kevin and Lexi getting this.  If Kevin gets it he will for sure end up in the hospital.  Not good.  We need to get us all some flu shots for sure and soon.)  This is a new tree for us.  Our old tree was multi-colored and the lights stopped working on it in some places several years ago.  We've needed a new tree for a while now.  I would have been fine with making due with the old tree, but Kevin insisted on a new one.  I'm so glad he did.  This one is so much easier to deal with and I love it already and it isn't even decorated yet.  Lexi took some photos of the tree.  What do you think?

Below is a close up of the branches.  I love the different kinds of branches with the pine cones.  It will make decorating it very easy and fun.  Once we get the decorations on it I'll share a photo or two of our tree then.  I'm thinking of following in my mother and grandmother's footsteps and doing an all gold tree. My grandmother use to put up two trees.  One was decorated all in gold.  The other was a small pink tree in her family room.  My Mom has a traditional tree in her family room and then a full sized skinny tree in her dining/family room-den area that is all gold.  Both trees are beautiful.  So, we'll see what happens as we pull out the decorations.  I was also considering gold and blush pink together, but I'm not sure yet.  It all depends on what I have and how creative I'm feeling when the decorations make it out of the garage.  I'm betting I won't feel much like becoming creative and will just pull out the gold, white, and clear decorations I already have and just use what I've got.  I'm still spending most of my time camped out on the living room couch sneezing, hacking, and coughing myself silly.  Look out doctor cuz here I come again.

Well, I'm pretty worn out and I need to take some medicine and get some rest. Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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