Wednesday, October 19, 2016


This will have to be quick.  I woke up this morning and could not breathe.  I was coughing and sneezing and let's say, other things and leave it at that.  I spent the day in bed and still feel cruddy.  Thank goodness for inhalers and other medications.  Otherwise I don't know what I would have done.   Tonight I'm still down resting and trying to stay warm.  I'm not sure if this is the same stuff others in my office have had or not.  Whatever it is, I hope it goes away fast.  But that's not why I wanted to leave a quick post.  Tonight I received a message from an old friend from the stake we lived in when my Dad was stationed on Vandenberg AFB.  This was a friend I made in seminary.  She was in the other ward in our building and went to the other high school in the area.  Her and I talk from time to time and now her and her family live in Utah.  Well tonight she sent me a message telling me she got her temple recommend back and she was saying it was because of me.  I of course corrected her and made sure she gave herself credit for doing all the work to get it back.  I had nothing to do with that.  She then said I was her inspiration.  I have to say, if that's the kind of inspiration I can be with one simple little blog and/or Facebook posts then I will never stop posting.  In my opinion, this turned what has become a very awful month into a completely amazing month!  Sure, life is hard and I/we have been given the challenge of doing hard things.  Things that others would never do.  We have endured hardships, tragedy, and pain collectively and alone, yet we continue on because....1) I don't ever want my husband to think I would ever give up on him because I know he would never give up on me.  2) The things we do today might just turn out to be the inspiration our children need to be able to endure hard things in the future.  3) We as the Kevin & Sondra Schmidt family ARE worth it and we will get through this together.  4) Because our Heavenly Father tells us it will be worth it!  
5) Because somehow through it all we are setting an example for others on the outside looking in.  This is why we have tied a knot in our proverbial rope and are hanging on for dear life.  We can and we will be victorious!!!!  Enough said.

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