Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Between coughing, sneezing, and trips to the bathroom, I haven't done much today but rest when I can and run for it when I had to.  Talking isn't fun because I cough continually so quick little answers are about all I'm good for right now.  Thank heavens for modern technology, so I can text family when I need to.  

I've had a headlight out on my car since last week.  I picked up the bulb for the car a while back, but was waiting for someone to help me put it in the car.  I mentioned it to Kyle and he said he wasn't sure how to do it.  So, I watched a YouTube video on how to change the bulb in my car, fully intending to do it myself....or at least try.  When I mentioned what I needed to do to, Kevin said he knew exactly how to change it and would do it for me.  Well today
Kevin went out and changed that for me this afternoon.  All I had to do was to pop the knob inside the car for the hood.  Kevin did the rest.  I was very grateful he was able to do that for me.  It's the little things sometimes that I am the most grateful for.  I love that man.  

The doctor yesterday was going to call in 6 of the 7 prescriptions (the seventh one was for Tylenol with Codeine and he had to hand write that prescription) I received last night in their office, but when I called the pharmacy there didn't have anything for me.  It was to late to call the doctor's office last night, so I ended up calling them first this morning.  I normally leave a message for the medical assistant, but I bypassed all of that and went right to the appointment schedulers.  They answered right away and had the medical assistant call in the prescriptions right then.  I think the appointment scheduler could tell I wasn't feeling well and she didn't even try to transfer me.  Thank goodness.  When I called and checked with the pharmacy a little later they said my total for all 7 prescriptions was only $7.00.  That was amazing to me!  Basically a dollar for each prescription.  I'm glad we are very close to finally meeting all of our deductibles, but I am not looking forward to starting all over again in January.  That is never fun!!  

I had another doctor's appointment scheduled for this evening, but I rescheduled that appointment.  It was with my therapist.  I know she appreciated that I didn't come into her office to get her sick.  Honestly, I never would have made it from the house to the car without having to run back inside for the restroom.  So, it was a "no-brainer".  Staying home was my only option.  Yesterday the doctor asked me if I was experiencing certain things.  (we won't go into detail) Yesterday I said no.  Today is a different story.  Of course I am.  Arg!  Not good.  Why? 

I'm tired.  I don't have much more to report.  Just trying to rest and let the medicine do it's thing.  Yay me!  I hate being sick but I know I will be better eventually.  Thanks to modern medicine.  What a blessing!

 Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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