Monday, October 24, 2016

Tender Mercies

These past few weeks have been filled with many tender mercies.  I know I write about things like this often but I didn't want to let this time go by without mentioning that I felt humbled and blessed by the many kindnesses and acts of compassion that have been offered to our family.  It's been amazing, truly amazing!  If I could share just a few.

Last night I thought I was finally at a place where I was well enough to get back to work.  Apparently I was wrong.  This morning I got up, showered, and got semi dressed and then it started again.  I coughed and sneezed and couldn't breathe to the point that I was back in the shower to clean myself up again.  Not one of my finer moments for sure!  When I could speak again, I called my boss, took several puffs on my inhaler, and tried to lay down to rest.  Whatever this stuff is, it's kicking my bum pretty well!  One minute I think I can actually function normally, and then as soon as I try my energy is drained completely.  I'm coughing all the time and everything else that goes with the coughing.  We won't go into those details though.  

Like yesterday, Kevin and I were both up early.  I had to go get SRP so Kevin went with me.  We also put a little air in my tires.  We were back at the house by eight that morning.  As soon as we got inside the house, Kevin went to lay down and I did the same thing.  I slept until Kyle was up making noise while he was getting ready for work around 1:15PM.  I never sleep that long!  Never.  

At around ten this morning I got call from my boss.  She wanted to make sure a couple of things were taken care of and to make sure I didn't try to come back to work until I was better.  I let her know I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and was hoping they would be able to fix me so I could be back to work hopefully by tomorrow.  I appreciated her call.  I have to say, she is pretty awesome!  Tender mercy number one.  She really does take good care of me and the rest of our team and I appreciate that.  

This afternoon I spent an hour and a half in the doctor's office.  I was a little worried about seeing the new doctor in the office since this would be a first for me.  Well, I'm glad I did see him.  He was pretty amazing and really took the time to check me out.  As it turns out I have an upper respiratory infection and a kidney infection.  He said, it's no wonder I feel like my energy is draining from me.  I walked out of there with seven prescriptions.  Three of them were refills.  One for my thyroid medication.  The other two for my two inhalers.  He said I needed to make sure I had those close to use when I needed them.  The four new ones were two different kinds of cough medicine.  One for day and another for night.  Then two medications for my kidney infection.  By the time I was out of there I was ready for another shower and a nap.  That wore me out.  He, of course, said that if I get worse to either come back, or get to Urgent Care right away, especially if I have an asthma attack.  Seeing him was tender mercy number two.  For me not feeling well, he really made me feel like he really cared and did everything he could to help me and I appreciate that.

One tender mercy came in the form of offers to come bring us a meal and/or run errands for us from my sister-in-law.  My brother's wife blows my mind!  She is pretty amazing and I appreciate her so much!  The other tender mercies we've received have come from members in our ward.  One from our bishop who seems to know exactly when to check in with us.  He just seems to be in tune when it comes to things like that.  The other was a visit from our Relief Society Presidency.  No, I didn't hear them ringing our doorbell.  We have turned it off so it will not disturb Kevin when he is sleeping, so I missed them.  I did get a nice text message from our Relief Society President the next morning checking up on us.  She to knows the right time to check in with me.  I have to say, when all of these people sent their messages I began to cry.  Not because I was in need of immediate help or some tragedy had happened.  But, simply because this was a tender mercy from above.  Heavenly Father saw my simple need and before I could even ask for help, or reach out for some words of encouragement, he sent it in the form of angel friends.  Within a few minutes those feelings of doubt disappeared.  But more than that, I was basking in the knowledge that those tender mercies continue to bless our lives every day!  

There have been others, but I choose not to mention them as they are deeply personal yet oh so very special and dear to our family.  Our lives are far from perfect.  In fact, I would venture to guess that we fall short most days.  Yet somehow through it all, through these tender mercies we are reminded just how well our Heavenly Father knows each of us personally and collectively as a family.  That he knows our needs and the desires of our hearts, and that He is right here with us through everything we are going through.  What greater witness could we ask for?

I share these things because I want to remember that wonderful feeling that I was blessed to experience but even moreso because again, was the simple act of a friend who was "in tune" enough to think of our family when they were clueless that I really would "need" something.  I believe that our prayers are answered every single day.  However, literal angels do not always answer them so quickly.  It is always through the acts of those around us.  And I've said it a millions times before,....nothing feels as good as knowing that you've helped brighten another's day.  It's through others that the tender mercies that we are blessed with each day in our lives occur.  What awesome blessings!!  

It's been a busy day and I'm worn out.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  

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