Thursday, October 6, 2016

Small Small World!!

We received an email from Elder Schmidt today! All I can say is WOW! Before I share his email, let me explain. 

About eight plus years ago we lived in East Mesa.  We loved the ward and the stake and felt like we were part of one big family out there. Our kids were raised in that area from the time they were in Elementary School right up until they graduated high school. This particular ward and stake was also the place we experienced some of our scariest moments as a family as our youngest daughter went through having open heart surgery as well.  The ward was amazing and embraced us with open arms.  They were awesome! Eventually we had to leave that area because my husband's employer was relocating to California.  Well, long story short, we never made it to California and settled into the area we now live in, Central Mesa, which also happens to be the area Kevin was born and raised in. Of course, this ward has changed a little over the years, but many of the faces are still the same, and it's still home for Kevin.  Even so, it's been an adjustment for our family and in a lot of ways we are still adjusting.  One thing I notice about myself while living where we do now, is that I always seem to be on my worst behavior here.  I don't know what it is about this area, but the worst always seems to come out when we are here and I hate that!! It never fails, these things just happen. I have never been able to be on my so called "best" behavior around here. It's like I step into the twilight zone around here or something. No joke! We have lived here now, three times and it has happened every single time. Crazy, isn't it? 

BUT....Even though we love and miss our old ward and stake, we know that things will never be the same there, or like it use to be.  So much has changed.  Sure, we would always welcome the opportunity to move back to that area, but at the same time, we would have a hard time leaving here as well.  

So, yesterday Elder Schmidt sent us an email telling us that he is now in the South Bronx and his new companion happens to be the son of an old friend from our old stake and ward.  In fact, this young man's father use to be the Bishop of our old ward and is now serving in the stake presidency in our old stake.  His new companion is Elder Norton!!  As you can imagine, Curtis was thrilled to not just be back in the Bronx again, but also to be serving with someone from his home town as well. Curtis said they had lots of fun talking about the people and places of home. So, anyway...Curtis and his new companion are enjoying their time together and I can't wait to hear all the future stories I'm sure Curtis will no doubt share.  This is a good thing! The only bad thing about Elder Norton is that he went to Desert Ridge High School. LOL!

The other thing we heard through Curtis is that David Ray is now the new Bishop of our old ward. We use to go over to another friends house and play Phase Ten with them on the weekends. Kevin also use to serve in Young Men's with him. He also worked at AT&T when I did, just at another office. AND recently he went back to school and now he is a Pharmacist. How cool is that? Pretty awesome that he is now a Bishop! 

At home tonight, Kevin is up watching a football game with Kyle on the big screen. That's a first in a very long time. That makes me happy that he is up at out of that bed for a bit. Lexi has been listening to the music from the Broadway Play, Hamilton and she goes around the house singing all of the songs. We are going to have to find a way to go see the play when it comes to our area. It looks amazing and I can't wait to see it either. 

Today work was a little strange. Our offices in Orlando were closed due to the upcoming hurricane. So, their work was shifted to other locations and we all had to pitch in to pick up the slack. That office will also be closed tomorrow as well. The crazy part is that no one seems to leave the area until they absolutely have to. Crazy people! Another co-worker of mine starts her sabbatical tomorrow and next week is her birthday, so her family has planned a big trip to Orlando to go to Disney World. They were also going to go to the Bahama's as well, but they decided against it. Good thing! This friends husband happens to work for the company that builds and installs the dividing doors in each and every LDS Church building pretty much all over the United States. He travels a lot lately working with crews to install those doors throughout our church buildings. In fact, just before he took the promotion for this position one of the things he had to agree to was to not drink any soda in or around each church building. He isn't LDS, but they could be. They are a very good family and I can already see them dressing in white and taking their family to the temple. Wouldn't that be cool? They live on the other side of Phoenix, but you can bet that if that happened and they decided to join our church, I would be there for their baptism and anything else that came along. My friends boss is LDS as well. Funny how that happens, isn't it? ~smile~smile~

Speaking of religion. I need someone to help me understand something. Someone told me that someone of the Jehovah Witness religion could not touch a copy of the Book of Mormon. Is that true? A co-worker if mine happens to be a member of that religion so I asked her today. She said that isn't true, but I'm still not sure. Has anyone else ever heard this? I use to have a stack of Books of Mormon sitting on the window sill right by my front door purposely so I could hand those that come knocking a copy of it. Of course, as soon as I offer one they refuse, but still insist on leaving their printed messages. Frankly, I think it only fair that they take mine if I take theirs, don't you? Just a thought. Now a days, I don't have the stack of Books of Mormon sitting by our front door like I use to. I've decided if a person standing at my door took the book but truly didn't want to read it, then it isn't worth giving the books out. I would much rather give them to someone who truly wanted to know more and intended to read the book. I also do not push my religion on anyone that is not of my faith or try to make others feel bad if they talk about the things they do on the weekends that I would never do. I've never been the type of person to push my religious beliefs on anyone. In fact, I rarely talk about religion unless someone has a question and really wants to know. I never like to get into a gospel discussion if the other person intends to mock my beliefs because those things are too important to me and sacred, so I am not going to stand by while someone pokes fun at those sacred things. Know what I mean. So, when I ask this question about Jehovah's Witnesses, I really do want to understand. I do not want to mock them either. I just need to know, so I do not try to give them something they feel they cannot touch. Know what I mean? If you know the answer, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

So, I as many of you know I have been seeing a therapist lately. I think there are many reasons why I have been seeing her. Some of those reasons are to help get me through everything our family has been going through since Kevin's spinal cord injury. (Frankly, I think my entire family should see someone because we are all going through a lot.) One of the things my therapist has noticed about me is that I do not place much value on myself to the point that I have a very hard time talking about some of the good things that have happened. For example...the last time I was in her office, I mentioned a few good things that happened and then I immediately changed the subject. I didn't even realize I did that. So, my therapist made me go back and talk about that a little more. She pointed this out and we talked about why this happens and now I have a few things I need to work on where this is concerned. 

Over the course of our visits we have worked on several things. One of which is keeping my distance from certain people in my life. Well, for the past month one of those people has been trying and trying to come see me and I declined every single time they tried. This went on every single weekend for at least a month. Each weekend this person would ask, and each time I had other things I was busy doing. I didn't lie. I honestly had other things going on. Things like baking pies with Danielle or running errands and visiting my parents. Well, I honestly felt that this other person had ulterior motives to come visit. She tends to be the type of person to manipulate anything and everything to get what she wants and I'm done with that. I feel like I've been taken advantage of. Either they wanted to discuss their plans for the holidays or they wanted to discuss another person. To be honest, we will be doing our own thing for Thanksgiving this year and every other year from now on. We now have married children and we want to do our own thing. Plus, the last time we did the combined thing it wasn't good. So, we aren't doing that again. BUT, it seems like every single year this person always has to tell me what they are doing for Thanksgiving. Honestly, I really don't want to hear about it. Certain things have transpired every single time we go there, so we aren't going to do that again. Why is that so hard to understand? Why do you insist on inviting us when you know exactly what will happen? Is it that you invite us for the entertainment? Because that isn't going to happen anymore. So, their request to come see me, especially at this time of year, got me thinking this was some kind of ulterior motive to tells us about their plans for Thanksgiving. Arg! I held my ground and I never did see this person. My therapist was surprised that I held my ground and she even said she was proud of me. I was too.  As you can tell, there is a whole lot more to this story and I won't share all the details, know what I mean?  

Well, I should get going. I've got a few things to do before I head off to bed. Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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