Saturday, October 8, 2016

Making Plans

This has been a strange couple of days.  Remember the exercise bike I picked out for my 10 year anniversary gift?  Well, the other day Lexi and I decided to finally put it together.  Since then her and I have been spending some time at night using it.  Lexi has been putting me to shame by staying on it for an hour at the top and hardest setting.  I've managed about 20 minutes each time at about three notches from the top setting.  I'll get there eventually. 

Last night I came home and was so tired I went to bed by 8:30PM. My eyes hurt and I was just worn out. Then today I woke up around 8AM and Kevin and I called our oldest daughter to wish her Happy Birthday (she is 28 today!), and then I went back to sleep and slept until 1:15PM when I heard Kyle shuffling around getting ready for work. I guess I needed all of that sleep but what a wasted day! I wasn't very happy about all of that, but Kevin and I had a chance to talk about the upcoming holidays and how we wanted to spend them. These holidays.....
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Halloween is pretty easy. It's on a Monday night so we will spend the evening passing out a little candy to the neighborhood kids. Nothing to crazy. 

Thanksgiving we have decided to have a big dinner here at the house and plan on having Danielle and Chance come over. Kevin has put in his requests for a few extra things this year. He wants a little ham and a certain kind of pickles. Other than that, everyone wants the traditional items. I have a couple requests for my stuffing. Several requests for homemade dinner rolls. Lexi and I will be making homemade pies together and the rest will be done the morning of Thanksgiving. It should be nice to have everyone here at the house together.

Christmas Eve will plan to do our normal get together with everyone on my side of the family that evening. We usually have some kind of light dinner and spend the evening opening presents and things like that. I'm hoping to play games or something fun like that too.  

Christmas Day we will spend the day here at the house and Danielle and Chance will come over to talk to Curtis that day. We are all excited about that! 

Our kids are getting older and we are at that stage in life when the holidays are taking another turn. It use to be that each holiday was about them as little kids and making kid friendly foods and getting kid friendly gifts. Now, it's more about getting together and spending time together. I'm sure we will be playing a few board games soon. We love doing that together. Who knows maybe we will take a vacation together in the near future. We would love to spend a Christmas with our kids and their spouses some time up in a cabin with snow all around. Wouldn't that be fun? 

We have lots to do to get ready for these upcoming holidays, but it will be nice to get together with everyone. We are all excited for all of these holidays. I love it when the weather cools down. October has become one of my most favorite months of the year. With November and December following behind. 

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon. 
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