Saturday, October 22, 2016

Let's Get To It!

Let's get right to it......

1) What would you say is your strongest sense?
I think it's a toss up between seeing and smell, though I am getting to the age where I still can see pretty much anything, except things that are very tiny in a poorly lit room.  Some things are just difficult to see.  My eye doctor says I have 20/20 vision and if it wasn't for the eye strain (mostly from working on a computer) and the astigmatism I wouldn't need glasses at all. 

2) Do you believe in the idea of a "sixth sense"?  Why or why not? 
In a spooky sense, no I do not believe in a sixth sense.  

In a spiritual sense, absolutely I do believe.  In fact, I call it the gift of the Holy Ghost.  As you may know, the Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead. He is "a personage of Spirit".  He does not have a body of flesh and bones.  His influence can be everywhere at once.  His mission is the bear witness of the Father and the Son and of ALL truth.  Furthermore, the Holy Ghost purifies, or sanctifies, us to prepare us to dwell in the presence of God.  The Holy Ghost purifies our hearts so we no longer have the desire to do evil.  There is a difference between the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  His communication to our spirit carries far more certainty than any communication we can receive through our natural senses.

3) When do you most feel like a slave to time? Explain. 
Probably during work.  While I don't have a set schedule every single day, I do have certain tasks and assignments that have to be carried out within a certain amount of time each and every day.  So, yes, I would say my work days are all about watching the clock to make sure those things are done on time every single day.  

4) Have you ever worked in a restaurant? How would you rate the experience? If you could own a restaurant what kind would it be? 
I have never worked in a restaurant and have absolutely no desire to do that now.  I have served in  many kitchens over the years at church and that pretty much cures me of ever wanting to work in any type of food services.  It's interesting how mean and unforgiving some people can be when it comes to their food...even at a church.  BUT.....if I were to ever own a restaurant, it would probably be some kind of family place where families can come have some good food and not spend a lot and not have to worry about bringing little kids.  

5) Ever traced your family tree?  Share something interesting you learned there.  
My dad does a lot of Genealogy.  In fact, he has worked very hard at it for many many years now.  My father was adopted and so he had his adoptive side to investigate and his birth side to investigate.  For the longest time I thought my family was German through and through.  Well, my father set me straight the other day.  We are Scottish, German, and Slovak.  The German portion coming from my Mom's side of the family as both of her parents were German.  In fact, my Great-Grandparents immigrated to the United States when my Grandfather was about 9 years old.  This is what my Dad says about his side of our family...
My grandfather was born in Maine, but his father was born in what is now Slovakia, but was Hungary for hundreds of years.  My grandmother's family all came from Scotland.

6) What did your childhood bedroom look like?
I remember my bedroom in Texas had these crazy big blue sheets.  That's about all I can recall of that bedroom.  The bedroom I had after that, changed over the years, but I remember pale purple walls.  That was my favorite color as a child.  

7) Anyone who knows me knows I love_______?
To do crafty things.  Although, I haven't done much in the way of any kind of craft since my oldest daughter's wedding...or much before that either.  I think about doing something all the time, but either don't want to spend the money or just don't have the time these days.  I did spend about $3, to decorate our front door for Halloween.  That is, if Lexi will help me put it up tonight.  I should get out our other Halloween things, but I just don't have it in me to haul in the big totes.  So, we are going a different route this year.  We are making this....

First we need to figure out the fuzzy uni brow.  I think I've got some black fur someplace around here.  The rest of the supplies we picked up at our local dollar store.  

These ghosts will be super easy with round tablecloths.  I just need to figure out their round heads.  

I love this spider web!  I have black tape left over from the wedding.  

As it turns out, we may just wait for Monday night to put up our decorations.  I'm still not feeling well.  I need a little more time before I am up to all of this.  

8)  Insert your own random thoughts here...
Not much to report here.  I've a little "under the weather" but feeling better.  Kevin is feeling a little better.  He even went out with me this morning for a quick drive.  That was nice.  Lexi and I tried to go for a walk through the neighborhood last night, but I had to come home early.  I guess I'm not completely over whatever this stuff is.  We tried to get Kevin to go out with us, but he didn't want to go.  Eventually we will get him out....especially now that the weather has changed.  

We received an email from our missionary.  Here is his letter....

This week was a busy one. We did get to go on a split with some of the Elders in the district.  It was fun.  I went up to co-op City with Elder Mxxxx and we taught this less active/part member family and they seem golden!  

We met this cool family last Saturday and they were super awesome. When we walked into the apartment we saw an AS flag and Elder Nxxxxx and I just looked at each other and laughed.  They said that they want to move to AS next year.  The lesson went super well except we forgot to extend a baptismal commitment!! We felt dumb after wards, but we are going to make up for it this week.  They are gonna get baptized.

We also met with an investigator that we've been teaching for a while now.  He has some stuff that he needs to repent of and it might put him in jail, but he comes to church every Sunday and he wants to be baptized.  We're just letting him go through the repentance process and we're teaching him about repentance and the atonement.  He says he knows what he has to do and that he is going to do it even if it gets him killed.   

We've also been teaching these investigators from Burkina Faso n West Africa.  We have a slight language barrier because they speak French and a little English, but there are some members in the area who speak French.  We also might Skype a return missionary who speaks French to help us out.  

That reminds me, using our iPads has become really cool.  We are having lessons through Facebook and also Skype and FaceTime.  We've started to record videos of us teaching and messaging it on Facebook to others, and we've gotten some awesome feedback.  Using Facebook has also made daily contact the easiest thing ever!  We can message people or send them a video and so much more.  I'm glad that our mission is starting to finally settle into using technology.  It's changed a lot even since I first came out to the mission field. 

Well, I have to go now.  We're going to Manhattan for the Temple.  Hope you all have a great week!  :)


Elder Schmidt
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Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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