Sunday, October 23, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Kevin and I woke up super early this morning and got in the car to take a little drive.  It was nice.  I had to add some money to our SRP card before we were out of power and I needed some air in my car tires too.  It's always easier to add air to my tires when someone else is in the car to watch the dash gauge as the air is added.  Kevin stayed in the car while I added the air to each tire.  My tires were pretty low and I wanted Kyle to go with me yesterday, but it didn't work out before he had to get to work.  I'm glad QT has free air, and besides it's better to do things like this in the day light anyway.  After we were done with my two little errands, Kevin and I drove around a bit and talked for a while.  When we got back home, Kevin went back to bed and so did I.  I woke up again when I heard Kyle waking up for work around 1:15pm.  I slept longer than I thought I would and missed church.  Arg!

Kevin and I did talk to Social Security again.  This time we talked to a supervisor.  She wasn't any better than a regular representative.  She first said they show Kevin has been approved for benefits, and they are working on all the back pay, and back pay and benefits for our daughter as well.  But then her answer on how long it will take before we actually see these benefits was pretty vague.  So we will see what happens.  I also called the place that is suppose to be helping us with this whole thing.  I pretty much told them I wanted to fire them and I thought they were scamming people because they haven't been any help at all. (trust me I was in no mood to be nice since I wasn't feeling well.)  I also told them I wanted copies of the document my husband signed sent to my email.  When I was done talking to the representative who answered the phone she said she would have their director give me a call.  He called about 15 minutes after and I said the exact same thing to him and told him that I knew more about Kevin's case than they did.  I said any information they received from social security was obtained after I initiated every call to them.  They have never called us and their previous reps told me the case was closed as far as their offices were concerned.  I said, yeah closed until the big payday.  I told them I thought their whole business was a scam and I wanted to fire them.  I basically wouldn't let the guy get a word in edgewise.  I was mad.  In my opinion, they are the only ones that stand to gain if Kevin's case drags out for months or even years and it wouldn't surprise me if they were doing everything they could to make sure things get dragged out as long as possible.  I did also tell that director that I do plan to speak my congressman and let them know just how awful I think they are.  Not to mention social security as well.  It seems to me that since Kevin's case has been approved now for months (or so they say it has been) why on earth can't they make the payout?  It doesn't make sense to me.  I have half a mind to call an attorney to have them review the document Kevin signed as well.  

I have legal benefits through my employer and they have been helpful in the past when we had our trust established, wills, and advanced medical directives drawn up.  

Speaking of that.....
I have to say, it was pretty awesome.  All of our documents came to us in this leather binder.  
With out trust documents in one section.... (sorry for the fuzzy photo)

Our wills in another section.....

There are separate sections for our durable power of attorney, our medical power of attorney, and extra pages for the funding of the trust, along with all the contact information for our attorney, and places to put all the life insurance information on every family member as well.  Pretty cool, right?!  I love it.  It's all in one place and safe and sound in a lock box at the bank.  Each one of our children know where the documents are kept and they all know what to do in case something should happen to Kevin or I.  No, it isn't always easy to discuss but I would rather have the uncomfortable conversations now than them not know what to do or where to go.  Knowing this is done puts our minds at ease a little.  
I'm having fun getting rid of some of the things we have around the house.  Mostly things left over from our oldest child's wedding reception.  I think I'm having just as much fun getting rid of the stuff as I did getting it.  Recently I sold the wrought iron set I had on my front porch, with a couch, two chairs, a coffee table, an end table, and all the cushions. I thought I would have trouble parting with it, but as it turns out, I didn't!  Yay!  It's the best way to de-clutter.  Here is the set I'm talking about.  

As it turns out, I ended up selling it to one of the old admins for one of the Facebook groups I belong to.  She had a wrought iron set that she had gotten rid of and said she regretted getting rid of it.  So, she was thrilled when she saw this set.  I bought this set off of one of the Facebook groups without the cushions and ended up selling it for what I paid for it with the cushions.  I could have probably sold it for a lot more, but I wanted it gone.  It sold and was off of my front porch within two hours.  Love it!  

I have a bunch of other things I will be getting rid of here in the near future as well.  One of which will be my giant coffee table.  It just gets to cluttered and it makes it hard for Kevin to get around in the living room so it has to go.  Plus I am doing some rearranging of furniture in the living room as well.  Fun fun!  I also have a couple things I want to have picked up by the city soon as well.  De-cluttering is a lot of fun and I am motivated to keep going.  Eventually it will be nice to get a couple new things to replace the things I want to get rid of, but that isn't going to happen for a while I'm sure.  

Well, tomorrow is Monday and I've got a few things to do to get ready for work tomorrow and Madam Secretary is on in a few minutes.  Gotta go.  Take care and we will talk again soon. 
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